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Saturday, 11 August 2012

What I wore today - mint lace and dangerous sandals

Bonjour! What a lovely day it's been in the UK. I had a nice lie in this morning, then did a big tidy up of my flat (god only knows how two people can make it so messy), and then I went into town with my boyfriend where we had a nice lunch and bought a tent for future camping adventures. I do love camping, even if it's just for a night or two I find it so peaceful and just lovely. Plus campsites only charge a few pounds a night so it's super cheap to get away from the city. I also bought a new pair of clippers to shave my guinea pig, he's a long haired breed and needs lots of trimming and grooming to keep his coat relatively short and practical, bless him. So I'll be shaving him a bit later on and giving him a bubble bath - which he loves it by the way.
I retried on the office nighthawks, I was so prepared to part with my £80 but sadly they weren't 'quite' right...the size three boots did fit but they weren't that comfy, plus I felt they even made my baby feet look big, so not sure what they'd look like on a larger foot either, maybe they looked slightly odd on me as i'm a but if a short ass at 5 foot 4. So in the end I didn't buy them, I believe in the motto 'if in doubt go without' and I totally feel I've made the right decision. My search continues for the perfect winter boot...if you've seen some nice ones be sure to let me know in the comments please!
Loving my recent Zara sale purchases, as i'm sure you've noticed, this mint lace top is my favourite, super light material, great colour, peplum style and a sheer back - what's not to love?!

*Zara top £15.99 sale, jeans £15.99 sale*
*River Island spiky sandals, £15.00 sale*
*Topshop necklace, £12.00*
*Primark friendship bracelets £2.99, orange bracelet gift from Barcelona*


  1. Those sandals are amazing! Love them! xo

  2. Great outfit :D
    I go by the motto "if in doubt go without" aswell haha, my Nan used to say it :) x

  3. I really like the mint aqua lace top! It fits you well too!

  4. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  5. LOVE the minty lace top -and what cool accessories!

    Let's follow each other!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  6. Love the sandals!

  7. Isn't it amazing how messy two people can be? I'm always astonished at how much mess my bf and I make in our place!

  8. Hi sweetie!! I love the necklace and the top! You look beatiful with this color, it suits you!!

  9. Awesome sandals! I love the outfit!

  10. i love your top and sandals! :D x

  11. The sandals are amazing ! Love your necklace and top !

  12. LOOOVE your top and spiky sandals, looks great!
    check out my blog?:)

  13. Hi pretty girl,
    sorry I was so busy at the last 2 weeks. So I dont have so much time to looking to the post.
    This is outfit is really beautiful. love your lace top and the amazing colorful shoes.
    Have a great sunday
    xo, Petra

  14. love that top <3 gorgeous color! and those sandals are soo fun! i'm obsessed with them

    Alexa <3

  15. your sandal is so cool!!!! very pretty:)

    have a great week;0


  16. i love the sandals! gorgeous! i am following you now if you like follow back xoxo ES

  17. Those river island sandals are so perfect! They have such fun kitschy vibe to them which is really rare to find, especially in something that's executed so well.

  18. wow those sandals are way original an very cool!
    Sheree x
    thanks for visiting me hon!

  19. awesome outfit!

    You were just nominated for an award on my blog! Make sure to pick it up and follow all the rules (:

    xx Joelle

  20. Wow that top looks amazing on you, shame you didn't like the boots but better to know now than when you buy them.

  21. wow, amazing sandals! And cool blog! Would love if you'd like to follow back! Hope to see you around soon <3


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