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Monday, 25 July 2016

The Monday Piece - Studded Summer Accessories

This week's Monday Piece is on studded Summer accessories! I adore a little embellishment to break up my simple, classic styles so have been wearing these ASOS sandals and Fred N' Mates belt constantly - a little outfit from the weekend, wearing my fave kind of relaxed shredded shorts, they are short shorts but why not, it's Summer after all! They have a similar pair on so take a look, plus they do denim skirts which look just as great with studded accessories. Also doing my best windswept J-Lo impression in these snaps...I spent the weekend at a food festival trying lots of free cheese and tasty stuff, ate the biggest paella and snacked on the juciest watermelon ever, and of course a bit of retail therapy too!

*Boohoo shirt, here*
*Primark shorts*
*c/o Fred N' Mates belt, here*
*ASOS sandals*
*Saint Laurent sunglasses*
*Bracelet, gift*


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Feeling Your Best For Summer

We are finally having some decent weather over here in the UK, so we're all excited to show some skin and get out and about! As Summer gets closer and holidays are booked, i'm always keen to feel and look my best - when i'm fit and feeling good i feel my best and have more confidence so i like to maintain my healthy lifestyle throughout the year. As i've mentioned before i go to the gym regularly, swim, and do lots of walking and general moving about, but sometimes i feel like i need a bit more of a push to go that extra mile and get me looking my best. There are so many gadgets that i've got my eye on to help me with my fitness and health goals, the new Fitbit smart watch looks so sleek and flashy, i love it, and the bright colour would look great with my sleek gym kit!

I also have my eye on some kitchen gadgets too, i would love a gluten free bread maker as it tastes so much fresher when it's home baked, plus gluten free breads in the supermarket are pretty grim so i rarely buy them, i think i need to invest! I often get bloated and so many foods effect me, it's mega frustrating as i'm coeliac and have to be so strict with what and where i eat, but even non glutinous foods can upset the balance meaning a constant trial and error situation with foods - making a huge difference with my general well being and confidence.

Slimming Solutions have a huge range of products and ideas to help you along your fitness/weight loss/confidence journey, including waist trainers designed to streamline your silhouette meaning you can look and feel more confident every day. They have different designs to help you with various parts of your middle, including high compression workout waist trainers designed to smooth and shape your body whilst you work, improve posture, elongate the midsection, provide back support and aid weight loss and postnatal recovery. Their reviews are amazing too with users claiming to have lost inches off their waist in just a few weeks!
Check out my full want list below of all things health and fitness i'd like to get my paws on :).
Fit For Summer

Monday, 18 July 2016

The Monday Piece - Transformulas Marine Miracle Cream Review

This week's Monday Piece is on Transformulas Marine Miracle Cream Review! I could not wait to give this miracle cream a go when it was popped through my letterbox a few weeks ago, i'm always looking for a decent all round moisturiser to protect as well as prime my skin, and had heard good things about Transformulas and their celebrity clientele so my expectations were quite high. The Transformulas philosophy is 'beauty without surgery' and the Marine Miracle cream claims to flood the skin with rejuvenating nutrients and works to help relax the dermal layer, resulting in less movement and fewer expression lines - so i was interested to see how it performed on my skin with regular use.

From your mid twenties onwards your skin begins to lose its even tone and smooth texture. Its support structure collapses and wrinkles gradually appear. Reduced blood flow means that cells arenʼt nourished properly and toxins build up. This process happens to us all but is heavily influenced by environmental factors like sun damage, poor diet, stress and a lack of skin care - i'm a non smoker, i regularly exercise, eat well and don't drink, but still my skin isn't that great and was in definite need of assistance as my complexion was dull, lack lustre and prone to an occasional breakout, plus with lines creeping in around my eyes i wanted it to be tighter and firmer!

Transformulas Marine Miracle has massively improved my skin in even just a few weeks of using the cream - it's smoother, fresher, tighter and i've been having less breakouts too - plus my complexion is so much brighter and clearer, it's giving me extra confidence and i feel i can now go foundation free if i fancy as it's evened out my skin tone beautifully. I love the consistency as it's a thick cream but is so light when applied, it doesn't clog pores and feels like an ultra-light non greasy moisturiser. Plus it's great under make up as it is so smoothing, meaning an easier application and flawless finish. With ingredients including giant sea kelp, algae, sea salt and lysedine, this cream really does work and is now a permanent element of my skincare routine, i 100% recommend! Also now desperate to try the Transformulas lip plumping lip gloss which looks amaaazing as do all of the Transformulas products!

*c/o Transformulas Marine Miracle cream, here*


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Personality Perfect Match App Review

I do love a fun new app, especially when it can be applied to real life, the Personality Perfect app is a new app designed to help people improve their lives based on their personality! I've downloaded the app to my iPhone and have been using it to find out more about myself and personality, it's been a steep learning curve! Personality Perfect is an interesting idea and i love a bit of psychology and learning about why we behave and act like we do, and what types of people we are most likely to get along with each other based on their own individual personality traits - though it can be a little nervy delving into something like this as you may find out you and a loved one/best buddy are not so compatible after all...though i'm sure every relationship and situation is relative so it's interesting to see if you would be affected by the results or not! This insight can be applied to big lie choices too like university and major career paths, as well as being used for crucial personal interactions and decisions in romance, friendships and parenting. As well as helping in daily interactions with others including colleagues, clients, family and friends.

Of course there is science behind the app, everyone wants to learn about themselves knowing the result given is going to be scientifically accurate, the TypeExplorer personality test shows you what it means to be you. The assessment is based on the 16 personality types that were developed by psychologists and sociologists, based on the work of Carl Jung in the early 1900's. Tests that draw on this theory sort people into 16 different categories that are organised by four pairs of opposite types. In addition to the insights provided by each individual pair, the 4-letter type as a whole can provide additional information when the specific combination of types is taken into consideration. These personality types are great indicators of how you usually behave, and they also provide interesting clues about how you’re seen by others.

The app is so easy to use, you simply download and enter your name and email address, then take the personality test which took me around 2 minutes to complete - you then get your results which give your personality traits! There's also a 'MATCH' button you can then click to invite others to complete the test on the app, this then connects your results and details how compatible your personalities are.
You can take the free personality test on the website as well as downloading the app on iPhone and android to start learning about yourself and your loved ones and peers - it's so much fun, of course you may take the results with caution but it's worth having a look to see! My results were pretty spot on in terms of how i view myself, i've posted them to my Twitter page if you'd like to have a sneak peek!

The Personality Perfect app is free and available to download here, let me know when you join and we can connect!


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Why ChloBo Charm Bracelets Make The Perfect Gift

Why charm bracelets make the perfect gift
I don’t know about you, but I always get really stuck when buying people gifts. I end up spending hours trying to think of a really cool idea only to fall back on the usual ones like a bottle of prosecco, chocolates and a nice scarf. Those are all presents I’d be more than happy to receive, but the problem is they’re just not very personal. In today’s post, I thought I’d tell you about my latest gift idea and why I think it beats all other. Charm bracelets are fashionable, stylish and most of all, they something about the person receiving it. Let’s see if you agree!

You can match them to a personality
No matter what kind of style your friends go for, there will always be a collection to suit them. The boho jewellery collection at ChloBo for example, is perfect for those in your circle of friends who like to be a little bit quirky and prefer jewellery that’s a bit different to most other people. By picking a charm bracelet, you still get to pick one that has a symbol of something they love, but in a style that they’d feel comfortable wearing. Similarly, for people who prefer that understated look, ChloBo also have a wide range of charm bracelets that are simple bands with a subtle gem stone addition.

You can use them to tell a story
Do you have a funny story from your relationship that will always be the "remember when" anecdote? Is there something about them as a person that makes them stand out to you like no one else? If so, charm bracelets are a great way to tell that story. It could be that they’ve been through incredibly difficult times recently, and you want to show them how awesome they are. If this is the case, a dragonfly charm is the symbol for courage and strength, and you could add some grey agate to their bracelet, which is said to balance energies and bring good fortune.. Or, it could be that they’ve always been the person you turn to when you need advice, in which case the angel is the symbol of guidance and faith, while using the black horn gem stone is believed to bring wisdom.

They’ll go with any outfit
From purely a practical point of view, charm bracelets are the perfect piece of jewellery to buy someone because they go with any outfit! Whether your friend prefers silver, gold or rose gold, you can pick a bracelet that matches the colour of their other jewellery and then they can mix it up with their favourite pieces. For example, if your friend wears coral every summer, the Aventurine bracelets in the new Luna Soul range from ChloBo have a beautiful peach tinge to them that would go perfectly. Plus, in a way, they have a gift for life. Not just because it’s something physical and precious that they can keep, but because each year you know exactly what to get them!

What charms would you put on your bracelet?


Monday, 11 July 2016

The Monday Piece - Hats and Bags Want List

This week's Monday Piece is on hats and bags want list! A little update of things i've been spying online, i'm looking for a new hat - it has to be ultra chic, cool and a little cute too so any of the below would satisfy my needs...the fluffy cap and ultra light grey fedora are two of my favourites. Always forever lusting after sassy bags, the Rebecca Minkoff backpack is a bit different and i love the silver hardware, and the suede Balenciaga is almost too good to be true! Has anything caught your eye lately?
Hats and Bags Want List

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Rokoko Wrap Bodysuit

A super quick outfit update from this weekend! I picked up this Rokoko wrap bodysuit in the ASOS sale, i love the simple style and it's great with jeans or shredded shorts! Rokoko are my ideal brand - it's all pretty simple but with quite a few boho/western pieces so it's pretty cool, i recommend checking them out. I've had a mega chilled weekend spending time at the farm picking strawberries and shopping for tasty things at Waitrose, as well as running the usual errands!

*Rokoko wrap bodysuit, here*
*Topshop jeans, here*
*ASOS sandals*
*Boohoo necklace, here*
*c/o Fred N' Mates belt, here
*Prada bag*
*Michael Kors pom pom*
*Bracelet, gift*


Monday, 4 July 2016

The Monday Piece - The TLC Effect

This week's Monday Piece is on The TLC Effect! I've always been active, whether it's going to the gym, team sports, or even working out at home, i love to keep fit and stay in shape - so naturally i love my workout wear and want to look great whilst working out! TLC Sport is fitness wear i've worn for years, my Mum is a fitness instructor and swears by their fantastic quality, great fitting and affordable range and has been wearing their styles for over 15 years so i was always pinching her stuff for myself to work out in.

TLC have developed some tummy tuck leggings, designed to hide your muffin top and make your hips, legs and bum look smoother and tighter.
They are amazing and look and feel fab, they are ultra thick and firm so they really do tighten everything and suck in your thighs, tummy and bum, they are mega stretchy too and contour to your shape beautifully. I've compared the fit of the TLC leggings to my current pair of gym leggings and they make my muffin top disappear and change my shape completely - i love them! They fit like a glove and are so comfy to work out in, i'd totally recommend them! When i took them out of the packaging they looked tiny and i never thought i'd get them over my calves but they stretch so much, so definitely stick with your usual size. If you're looking for amazing quality fitness clothing at an affordable price then definitely head over to the TLC website to check out their styles, plus they have an amazing sale too!

*c/o TLC Sport gym leggings, here*


Sunday, 3 July 2016

Fun In The Sun Accessories

I adore fun and cute accessories so i've been browsing some of my favourite stores to pick out some fun in the sun accessories! I have a little obsession with Hello Kitty, she's such a babe and i love the Kitty merchandise churned out - this limited edition bag is by Olympia Le-Tan is unbelievably cute and fun...but the price tag is just insane at £365...and that's in the sale, eek! Also loving the Kate Spade banana bag for its cheeky kitsch look, it's such a sweet treat! The Charlotte Simone hat is something i've been coveting for a while, and is an accessory that can be worn and styled for every season, plus her pieces are always amazing quality and are a bit different to standard high street versions too!

Shoes are everything and lately i've been after some fun sandals and sneakers for casual Summer outfits, this lace up style womens sandals from Jones Bootmaker are on trend with their gladiator style and can be worn with everything from shredded denim shorts to white boho dresses. Vans high tops never go out of trend and are mega versatile and comfy for chilled days or running around doing errands. Pink accessories are great for adding a little colour and often feature in my want lists, the pink Ray Ban are a little garish but super fun and cute for holidays, sun and lazy days by the pool!

Are you coveting any fun Summer accessories?
Fun Accessories Want List
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