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Monday, 25 January 2021

The Monday Piece - Bridgerton Filming Locations

This week's Monday Piece is on Bridgerton filming locations! If you are completely enamoured by the romance novel-inspired series Bridgerton, which Netflix dropped over the Christmas period, Rabbie’s is now offering bespoke private tour itineraries to give you the full regency experience and leave you swooning, once it is safe to travel.

Rabbie’s offers one-off itineraries and experiences where you can pick from over 100 on-site locations to visit, this could be inspired by your favourite character, for example. The specialist team will help Bridgerton fans with requests based on the things you would love including a tour of filming locations of the iconic series watched by 63 million people already. You may for example want to promenade around Castle Howard in Yorkshire also known as Clyvedon Castle, home to the Duke and Daphne or Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, where you can take in the iconic Marble Hall.

Your Bridgerton experience will include a dedicated tour guide who will provide insights on the filming locations. You could travel to the Grade I listed No.1 Royal Crescent in Bath which was the picture-perfect Featherington home in the series. This historic city has always been a thriving and popular spot for the upper-class society. You could also visit other filming locations there in order to be fully immersed in the glittering social scene which was on screen. This includes the spots where two balls were filmed in the Holburne Museum and the Guildhall which provided extensive fodder for Lady Whistledown’s newsletter. Also, did you know that where the society ladies had their luxurious dresses made by the Modiste is actually a cafĂ© tucked away down a charming street in the centre of the city?

Your Rabbie’s private tour guide could take you across several stately homes in England. In London this could include visiting Hampton Court, home of Queen Charlotte or the Bridgerton residence which is in fact Ranger’s House in Greenwich which now houses a world-class art collection by Sir Julius Wernher.

With social distancing measures in place, reduced group sizes and increased cleaning measures, Rabbie’s offers worry-free journeys so you can enjoy the Bridgerton experience without concerns :).



Monday, 18 January 2021

The Monday Piece - Jacquemus Mini Chiquito Bag

This week's Monday piece is on Jacquemus mini chiquito bag! As you know... Handbags are my vice. I've been spying on these little leather goodies for a while but have never given in, until now! The new colours for S/S were too pretty to resist. It was a tough choice between the classic white leather and the bubblegum pink leather but with a large selection of monochrome pieces stashed away already, I thought why not go for something with a little more spice - I'm so glad I did as it's do versatile. The spring colours are sold out in most places but you can still grab them from Luisviaroma, so if you're thinking about it then go for it. Obviously they are tiny however all of my daily essentials fit snuggly inside and also I've got smaller bags and I love the minimal asthetic sooooo I'm into it :).


Monday, 11 January 2021

The Monday Piece - Disney Villains Ranked

This week's Monday Piece is on Disney villains ranked! Thanks to lockdown measures across the globe we have all been undoubtedly consuming an awful lot of television, including watching (or rewatching) our favourite Disney classics. We are all guilty of falling in love with some characters more than others, and sometimes we even develop a soft spot for villains.

Interested in discovering which Disney villains steal our hearts the most, OnBuy.com utilised SEMrush’s search analytics tool to discover which classic Disney villain is the most popular around the world!

Some of the findings include:

  • Scar from The Lion King ranks as the world’s most loved baddie with 119,030 monthly average searches!
  • Jafar from Aladdin came second with a whopping 42,680 monthly average searches
  • Hercules baddie Hades came fifth place worldwide with 31,770 average monthly searches
  • Scar is the most popular Disney villain in 18 countries including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany
Who is your biggest Disney baddie :)?

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