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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Zara Khaki Star Print Shirt

Another star print shirt...guilty as charged, what can you do. In my defence this one is linen and a little more 'baggy', i will always love star prints and i think it's classic! Also wearing my snazzy Olivia Burton watch from Hengelo that goes so well with all of my outfits, especially loving the khaki with the silver, so pretty! I wore this outfit at the weekend, it was so lovely to have a extra day for the bank holiday. On Saturday Nick and i went to Bicester Village for a bit of retail therapy, it's so hit and miss with their pieces and what they get in, but this weekend it was especially good and there were bargains galore - alas i came back with no treats as i was being too indecisive but i could have spent a small fortune! On Sunday we had a chilled day running errands then had a spa night to unwind which was so lush, then on the bank holiday Monday we went over to Ledbury Carnival with my sister and her boyfriend to watch the floats, listen to some live bands and have some lunch - it was such a fun day! Also loving this Radley Willow tote bag, the leather is super duper soft and it 'slouches' on my arm giving it such a gorgeous shape - the gold lettering is so classy too and it has such an understated, chic vibe to it.
Did you have a lovely bank holiday weekend?

*Zara shirt, here*
*Maniere De Voir trousers, here*
*Radley bag, here*
*Topshop boots*
*c/o Hengelo Boutique Olivia Burton watch, here*
*Boohoo necklace*
*Bracelet, gift*


Monday, 29 August 2016

The Monday Piece - Olivia Burton at Hengelo Boutique

This week's Monday Piece is on Olivia Burton at Hengelo Boutique! I have an outfit post coming up wearing the watch but wanted to show it in all of it's glory first! Hengelo Boutique are one of my all time favourites, they constantly update their online shop and instore boutique with on trend, classic pieces from well known brands, i'm always checking their new in sections to see what styles they have to offer. Olivia Burton watches are mega famous and they are super popular with us bloggers, with their pretty styles and made to last designs it's no surprise they are highly coveted. Olivia Burton watches are affordable, wearable and bursting full of British style, designed with a mixture of vintage and contemporary inspiration they have a gorgeous selection of watches for women.

I fell in love with this silver mesh hummingbird watch when i saw it online, encapsulating a penchant for nature, the design features a striking illustrated hummingbird print dial - i adore the modern silver plated mesh strap, it looks so unique and feels amazing on the wrist, it's not bulky and is so classy and simple. Hengelo have lots more Olivia Burton watches included leather strap styles, vegan designs and different prints and colours! Keep an eye out for a new outfit post featuring this very pretty piece soon!

*c/o Hengelo Boutique Olivia Burton watch, here*


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Ever Glaze Extended Wear Review

Nail varnish is one of my most purchased cosmetics, i love to mix it up and it's so easy to match outfits and moods to your nail varnish colour! Ever Glaze are part of the worldwide famous China Glaze brand, so i couldn't wait to paint my nails with the new extended wear polishes and give them a go! The colours are amazing and so vivid and bright, they're also really true to how they look online and on screen which for me is really important as if i pick a sparkly neon pink then i want it to look just like that.

The application is beautiful and so smooth and clean, the brush isn't too thin or thick but just right and fits the natural shape of the nail so well, so it glides on leaving no odd sticky mess or residue. The varnish itself is super slick and thick without being difficult to work with, i found the 'Will you be mine?' neon pink with subtle glitter flecks to have a more matte finish than the glossy shades - this i absolutely loved as it dried very quickly and had an amazing finish where you could see the glitter in the light without it being over the top - this is definitely my favourite shade and one i'll for sure be purchasing in the future!

The other shades were more glossy and shiny, the 'Fig-ure it out' shade is a very deep, dark, sexy plum colour which made my nails super shiny and sassy, the nail varnish lasted 4 days without chipping, then i had a tiny little bit on the ends where the colour started to rub away slightly - however they lasted a good week before i had to redo them which is amazing as i have a really busy lifestyle, working, exercising, and being here there and everywhere - plus all of the other polishes i tried from the Ever Glaze extended wear range lasted at least a week too, so i was really impressed with the results and lasting finish! I also tried a couple of other colours too, 'French Press' is a dark bronze colour with an almost metallic/subtle glitter finish - i loved how this colour had different dimensions to it and the high varnish shine finish looked really smart, although it's dark it has a real neutral look to it and it's a shade that can be worn with different outfits and colours. A classy, simple red nail varnish will never go out of style and this Ever Glaze shade 'Tomato-Tomatoe' represents this - it's a bright red lacquer with a high shine finish and classic look, the application and finish makes this red polish more luxurious than other high street brands and has staying power too!
I'm a big new fan of these Ever Glaze extended wear polishes, they last well, dry quickly, apply easily and have the most beautiful finish, it's love!

*c/o Ever Glaze nail varnish, here*


Monday, 22 August 2016

The Monday Piece - O Basket Bag

This week's Monday Piece is on this O Basket Bag! The ladies at the O Bag Store in Solihull very kindly gifted me with a bag when i popped in over the weekend to see their store so i got to choose my own bits to make up this cute little bag! I fell in love with the O Basket bag as i love the shape, it's like a little bucket and hangs so sweetly from my arm and hand - i tried a few different body colours, including khaki, grey, sand and black, then added different inserts to them to see how they looked - i liked the simple patent style insert, and the linen too, but was instantly drawn to the faux fur styles as they look mega plush and are so soft, i think it adds i different dimension and extra bit of texture and i love how it pops out of the top of the bag.

The insert can be interchanged and screws into the inside of the bag, they have different colours too so i tried the grey and caramel colours before deciding on black for a smart and sleek look! I then swapped the handles and decided to choose the silver chain with a black leather strap - i'm obsessed with the black and silver combination at the moment so i absolutely love this! The fabric of the O basket body is moulded from a soft and tactile material called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), it is also waterproof, lightweight and resilient, and most importantly it wipes clean - ideal for me as i'm guaranteed to drop/spill something on it!

I've worn my O Basket Bag with my tie up Zara leggings and a draped chiffon top i picked up recently from Label Lab at House of Fraser - it's such a fun bag to wear and it's so light too, plus it's suitable for all year round and all weather which makes it super versatile!

*House of Fraser top, here*
*Zara leggings, here*
*c/o O Bag O Basket Bag, here*
*c/o Johnny Loves Rosie necklace, here*
*c/o Boohoo sunglasses, here*
*New Look boots, here*


Sunday, 21 August 2016

O Bag Solihull Store

I recently popped over to Solihull to the Touchwood Shopping Centre for a morning with O Bag. I love my handbags and am a big accessories girl, so i was super excited to go into the store and see the bags i'd heard lots about plus i'd seen loads of the local Italian girls in Verona with this brand hanging from their arms which looked oh so chic!

The O Bag brand was established in Italy in 2009 by a vibrant and experienced group of extraordinarily innovative individuals who sought to create colourful and quirky objects of desire, you can get the O bags in SO many colours from pink to turquoise and black to bronze, so there's a colour for everyone and every occasion. Numerous colours and mix and match handles and accessories allow customisation to suit your style, outfit and taste. Following on from the original O bag 'classic' came the O bag mini, O bag beach, O pocket, O basket, O chic, O folder, some limited edition handbags and shoulder bags and more colours and accessories. The choice of accessories is huge, you can choose between rope handles in different colours, leather handles in different lengths, chains and buckle straps - then there's the inserts that range from luxurious faux fur, patents, linens and canvas, my favourites are the faux furs as i love the extra texture! But that's not then get to choose the attachment drops that again come in different materials, colours and prints, plus any added extras you might want too!

The customisation means that you can produce something unique and suited to you're tastes, meaning you could have the only version of you bag which is so cool! I spent a little while mixing and matching colours and styles before finally choosing the one i wanted to keep, the manager Claudia is fab and the sales assistants are amazing and very patient and helpful which makes all the difference - plus they all know the brand really well so they can assist with anything you might need. Once you have your bag you can then mix and match the handles and inserts as they each screw in on the inside of the bag, so you simply unscrew and switch - this is so ideal for travelling and being on holiday as it means you can just pop in a few extra handles/accessories to totally mix up your look instead of taking three or our handbags you'll only use once! I love the concept and the bags are mega cute, i love the versatility and everyday style of the Classic O Bag, and the Basket O Bag suits my style as it's a little smaller with a bucket style shape!

For a luxury Italian handbag the price point is really good, as explained you can buy all of the bits separately to make up the handbag, the bodies start at around £30, and the handles around £15, then you add anything extra you want so it depends on what style you're after as to how much you spend! You can also buy the classic styles ready made if you fancy something simple and timeless.
I'll be posting all about my O Bag soon so keep an eye out to see how i style it!

For full details on the O Bag store at Touchwood Solihull click here.



Saturday, 20 August 2016

Star Print Shirt

Star print is one of my absolute favourite prints, it's a bit emo and i think that's why i like it, so when i saw this on Boohoo i had to snap it up - it's quite oversized and long so i've tucked it in, it's mega comfy though and i'm a fan of the shape as it can be worn a few different ways. This is the outfit i'm wearing today for a little shopping at Touchwood Solihull shopping centre for a blog event and lunch at Wagamama with Nick - the boots are a bit over the top lets be honest but i'm a fashion blogger and i wear pretty much anything i want so here they are! I bought them last weekend from La Moda for an absolute bargain at £15.00 so i couldn't really say no at that price, and i love them so much, they're sassy and i know it.

Also loving this two piece necklace from Johnny Loves Rosie, it has a choker style gold collar with jewels on each end, then a rope style tie for a twice as nice finish - i went to their blogger breakfast a few weeks ago to preview the new collection and there are so many goodies coming for autumn/winter, including lots of velvet which is so good! If you haven't had a mooch on their website then you definitely should because it's amazing and full of awesome accessories!

I finally updated my blog to give it a more fresh look, with a couple of extra dimensions, let me know if you like it!

*Boohoo shirt, here*
*Topshop jeans, here*
*c/o Johnny Loves Rosie necklace, here*
*c/o Fred N' Mates belt, here*
*La Moda boots, here*
*Saint Laurent sunglasses, similar here*
*Bracelet, gift*


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Breath Co. Review

I love keeping my mouth as fresh as can be, whether it's brushing my teeth before running out of the house in the morning, or grabbing a mint after a meal, i like to know that i smell and feel minty fresh as it's a huge confidence thing! The Breath Co. offer an easy solution to bad breath and have a range of products to solve any bad breath or dry mouth issues. I wouldn't say my breath is awful, but i do get paranoid as i eat foods with tonnes of flavour - including garlic, cheese and spices - so i need to know my breath is good to go and that my mouth and teeth feel and look clean.

The Breath Company is founded on the idea that oral care products can be made from pure, natural ingredients that are not only safer to use but also work better, so their products do taste a little different due to the fewer chemicals that we're all used to - the toothpaste is really mild and has a very light minty flavour, the texture is a little more runny compared to other toothpastes i've used but it's easy to get used to. The toothpaste is guaranteed to stop bad breath fast while fighting the germs that cause cavities - use it daily for a healthy mouth, kissably fresh breath and some really impressive dental checkup results. I found the consistency a bit odd as it doesn't really foam up, but after a couple of days i really started to enjoy the neutral taste and sensation - it is mega gentle on the mouth too and left my breath neutralised and fresh.

I've been using the toothpaste in conjunction with the mouthwash which i love! The patented formula uses the natural germ fighting power of oxygen to attack the source of bad breath odour and gum irritation as well as helping to prevent dry mouth symptoms. It tastes so good and is super minty but mild so it doesn't burn or irritate your mouth, it leaves it feeling squeaky clean without being too harsh which is ideal - the two are a great combo and my breath has been notably cleaner, fresher and has given me so much more confidence!

For on the go, emergency bad breath relief i've been using the dry mouth lozenges. The citrus mint formula quickly eliminates any unpleasant flavours and odours in your mouth and the clinical strength powers of zinc, oxygen and xylitol attack the germs that cause bad breath - the proprietary mouth wetting agent stimulates saliva production to eliminate dry mouth. These have been ideal for popping into my handbag and taking them to work or out and about, it's so convenient that they're individually wrapped too! They are so tasty and give you that instant burst of fresh mouth relief, and the pack is big so they last for ages!
I recommend trying out the full range of The Breath Co. products to give you fresh breath and clean, strong teeth, the results are proven and i'm not the only one to give it a rave review!

*c/o The Breath Co. products, here*


Monday, 15 August 2016

The Monday Piece - Summer Date FashionMia Dresses

This week's Monday Piece is on FashionMia! Sometimes i feel like i've exhausted my ususal go to stores for Summer stuff so i am always looking for new websites and fashion clothing to jazz up my look and grab great pieces. FashionMia have seriously caught my eye with their cute collection of on trend affordable pieces. FashionMia constantly update their site with dresses ideal for Summer and date nights with your girls/chap/family - their pink backless dress is one of my favourites and would look great with some nude or metallic accessories, sugary pink is such a girly flattering colour too! For more casual summer styles they also have some loose fitting t-shirt dresses for keeping cool and fresh, i'd pair mine with some fluffy slides and bronzed make up - plus it's only a tenner which is such a bargain!

Summer dates by the pool are just as fun as going out for dinner or a day out and about, the Bae Watch swimsuit is beyond cute and looks fab as it is, i've seen a few versions of this on UK sites but FashionMia have it for sale online with a price tag of only £6.00 - what's not to love? I check out the FashionMia 'New In' page often as it's where you’ll find the latest and greatest in this season’s trends, as well as the 'Top Sellers' which show that days most popular and classic pieces that will never go out of style (plus i secretly love knowing what other people are buying!). FashionMia have a huge range of pretty dresses for women so definitely take a look!

I've also been spying their off the shoulder styles as i'm officially the only blogger not to own an off the shoulder top...i love the neutral grey and white colours of this style and also it's not too frilly or over the top so i'm a big fan - plus they can be worn with everything from shorts to skirts to jeans so they're always versatile, and of course it's a bargain at £9.50! Grab it before it goes!
What do you like to wear for a summer date?
Summer Date

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Travel Photo Diary - Verona, Italy

I've got round to doing my Verona photo diary blog post from a couple of weeks ago so here it is in all it's glory! Nick and i booked the trip to Verona around 5 weeks before we left meaning we got a pretty decent deal on a spa hotel and flights - i love to travel so am always looking out for bargains and try to be as savvy as i can to save £££ for trips away, i usually always book my flights separate to my hotel and anything else as you usually find great rates on hotels through sites like Trivago or Secret Escapes, and i always book my flights direct with the airline as this then covers your back when it comes to insurance and any issues you may have when travelling - plus if you go to direct you're usually guaranteed their best rates. Enough about that, though i'll be doing some blog posts on travel tips and ways to get the best deals when booking holidays soon!

I love much...and try to travel there fairly often, but usually to a different area, as i love the food, people, sights, history and architecture - it is just so beautiful and the Italians are great company and have an incredible country, We had just four nights in Verona as we treated it as a bit of a chilled city break, the weather was glorious and sunny with temperatures at around 34 degrees for the duration we were there which is about right for August, and it was lush to wear summer dresses and sandals without having to worry what the weather would do! Our hotel was just outside of Verona but offered a free shuttle a few times a day into the city so it was mega convenient for us as we often like to be away from the hustle and bustle of a city after a busy days sightseeing and trotting around.

We spent our mornings eating a delicious fresh breakfast at the hotel, they put on a full spread with fresh fruits, breads, cereals, eggs, pastries, yoghurts and cakes so it was really yummy and ace for me as they did lots of gluten free! We'd then chill for a bit by the pool catching some sun then get ready for an afternoon and evening in the city doing all of the fun touristy stuff. Verona is absolutely stunning, all of the buildings are colourful with balconies and flowers draping from them, it is mega charming and you can certainly feel a romantic vibe in the air! The city is filled with lots of people most days, especially when the opera is hosted in the amphitheatre, there are families, couples, friends and singles all mooching around the shops and dining out, Verona is a very sociable city so it's great for people watching! Everything is all mingled together, so you have the Roman Amphitheatre in the centre, which is surrounded by restaurants and shops, which is then surrounded by other historical buildings and monuments - so as you explore the streets you have no idea what'll be around the next corner - it is ideal for exploring and discovering exciting places!

We loved the whole city, and found it very reasonable too when eating out which we did every day - you can expect to pay anything between 6-14 Euro for a freshly made pizza or pasta, then 8-30 Euro for a main meal like steak or chicken - Italian food is one of my favourites as it just tastes SO GOOD, plus they are amaaaazing or gluten free options which makes me mega happy and makes it a lot less awkward asking for a gluten free menu - so i got my paws on lost of gluten free pasta, pizza and gelato for pretty cheap prices, hooray! We like to get a true feel for the city so try to eat where the locals do and avoid any mega touristy areas, there is an abundance of side street cafes and eateries if you like to do this too and we had no bad experiences which is always a bonus.

Some of our favourite sights i've pictured below, of course we went to the 'Romeo & Juliet' balcony which is stunning and very romantic, it's in a tiny square and was jam packed full of lovers and friends, it's definitely worth checking out! I don't think we saw one unattractive building in the city, it's just glorious and full of wall art and historical sights from the Roman Amphitheatre to the Basilica and Duomo - for a history buff like me i was in my element and didn't want to leave! Of course my inner fashion blogger couldn't resist the shops...The shopping is pretty special, you can easily spend a fortune if you want to in the designer boutiques like Gucci, D&G, and Furla, however if you're a budget babe then you can find all of the best high street stores like Zara, Bershka and Stradivarius, which have some classic pieces and fun styles for bargain prices. The independent boutiques are also fab as you can find more unique pieces that aren't branded but made to the highest quality Italian standards. As Verona is fairly touristy there are also market stalls in the centre selling all of the souvenirs we can't help but purchase for just a couple of Euro.

We had such a fun filled, relaxed and beautiful time in Verona, and serious holiday blues have set in - i thoroughly recommend it as a holiday/city break destination, flights out from London can be so cheap and there are lots of hotel deals around so if you fancy it then get the trip booked asap!

Check out Lonely Planet for a more detailed guide to Verona and always shop around for the best deals on hotels - my favourite websites for this are comparison sites like Trivago and luxury bargain hotels and deals from Secret Escapes. Enjoy the pictures below!


Friday, 12 August 2016

K.Jacques Saint Tropez Janus Sandals

With the arrival of warm weather and going on holiday, my feet have been living in these K.Jacques Saint Tropez lace up sandals - i had the style customised with a nude classic leather, the colour is so neutral meaning i can wear them with everything from jeans to shorts to dresses. I'm a huge K.Jacques fan after getting my paws on the Appia gladiator sandals last year that i've been loving wearing, the style is so fun and they're a serious 'look at me' shoe which i think is ace! The Janus sandal fits so well as the leather wraps around the bottom half of your foot, then the lace up style can be adjusted to wear up the leg or wrapped around the ankle - the leather is super soft but sturdy and moulds to the shape of your feet and legs meaning no blisters or wearing in.

K.Jacques Saint Tropez are renowned for their craftsmanship and quality, K. Jacques the hallmark of family know-how; three generations have created and transformed the Tropezienne gladiator sandal into footwear of timeless elegance and quality. K. Jacques is simultaneously the story of a family, a place and a product first debuting in 1933 - plus in 2011 they were awarded the EPV label for french living heritage companies. They are without a doubt the most beautiful, classic, well made shoes i own and they feel so light and fresh - i've had tonnes of compliments too which is always lovely!

One of the best and unique things about the K.Jacques website is that all of the sandals and shoes can be customised by the artisan shoe makers - you can choose any leather styles from suede to nubuck, metallic to patent, and colours from fluorescent pink to glittery silver - the options are endless meaning you can create a pair of sandals unique to your style and tastes! Of course they have a selection of ready made styles too available to buy on their website, plus they have a page full of inspiration if you need a little help in choosing your pair!

*Rokoko nude bodysuit, here*
*J Brand jeans*
*c/o K.Jacques Saint Tropez Janus sandals, here*
*New Look belt*
*c/o Boohoo sunglasses, here*
*Necklace, Rome*
*Bracelet, gift*


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fragrance Direct Haul

I am always looking for a bargain and get a little bit fuzzy and excited when i find one, especially with my make up and brands so i'm always keeping my eyes peeled for offers and websites where i can save some £££. I had no idea how many fab bargains Fragrance Direct had including discounts off all of  the most coveted fragrance, beauty, hair and skincare brands including exclusive designer brands like Mac, Clinique and Kerastase, as well as all of our favourite high street brands like L'Oreal, NYC and Max Factor. I picked out a few things to try and was spoiled for choice as the website is stuffed full of things i've been eager to get my mitts on - the choice of fragrance, skincare, make up, and other everyday beauty essentials is huge, but thankfully it's all neatly organised on the website making it super easy to fill your basket up with goodies!

I've been using a liquid concealer lately which hasn't been giving me the coverage i like, so i picked this Mac Studio Finish Concealer to use around the eye area and to cover any blemishes or differing skin tone - i've been loving it and it's surprisingly lightweight which is great as i'm always dashing around so really dislike the feel of cakey make up! With a few pounds knocked off compared to the usual price it's definitely worth picking up a pot, it's something i'm already considering repurchasing! I've been applying it with a Brush Works double ended face brush which is an absolutely steal at £1.99, it's ideal for applying my concealer in hard to reach places and the other end doubles up as a great tool to apply highlighter - for the price you really can't go wrong and i've been loving it!

Highlighting and contouring is now a daily 'thing' in lots of our make up regimes, and with purposely built palettes and highlighters it's more accessible than ever before, i've been trying out the W7 bronze palette which is so lush, the one side is a golden bronze with a little shimmer that use to sweep up my cheekbones, then the other side is a champagne coloured shimmer which looks so pretty and gives a mega glow in the highlight parts of my cheeks - it was literally a few pounds which is such a great price, plus Fragrance Direct have a fab selection of other W7 products too! I've been using the Technic liquid highlighter everyday to enhance my summer glow - a little dab in the corners of the eyes, on my cupids bow and the tip of my nose gives a subtle but so pretty glow, it's a great alternative to more expensive brands and at only £1.99 really what is there not to love? It's ace!

I'm already eyeing up some more bargains and think i might treat myself to some of their hair products, it's for sure my new favourite go to place for anything cosmetics/beauty/fragrance related and it's also amazing for picking up gifts! Have you shopped with Fragrance Direct before?

*c/o Fragrance Direct*
*Mac Studio Fix concealer, here*
*Brush Works purple and black double ended face brush, here*
*W7 bronze palette, here*
*Technic High Lights complexion highlighter, here*


Monday, 8 August 2016

The Monday Piece - Travel, Lake Garda

This week's Monday Piece is on travel - Lake Garda! Last weekend nick and I headed out of the UK for a trip to Verona in Italy for some city sightseeing, chill time and to visit Lake Garda. I took a few snaps of different places we visited so thought i'd share the stunning Lake Garda pictures with you! The weather was so lovely and the temperature stayed between 29-35 degrees Celsius for the whole trip so it was definitely warm enough for summer clothes and sandals, and a bikini for swimming in too! Our hotel was in a little town just outside of Verona so we got a shuttle to the main city then hopped on a train to Peschiera del Garda which was the easiest part of Lake Garda for us to access from the main city - it only took 14 minutes on the train so it was really close and easy to access which was ideal as we didn't want to spend ages travelling or switching trains and buses.

We arrived at Peschiera fairly early at about 10am so we could spend a full day there enjoying the water and weather - from the train station it's a short 10 minute walk to a little pebble beach type area right next to the water where they have pedalos and fun things to rent out if you fancy, we were happy to just set up our towels and relax in the sun with a swim every hour or so to cool off and freshen up! The water is so beautiful, as you walk around the lake it changes colour from blue to turquoise and green and is almost clear in places too - there's lots of water sport activities on the water including parasailing, boat trips and jet skiing, so there's lots of fun to be had and it's great for all ages whether your a family, couple, or a group of friends.

The town itself is full of history and heritage, so if you don't fancy chilling by the water all day there is lots to explore and discover as it's an ancient Roman town - an easy way to see the town and area around it is by renting a Vespa and scooting around to take it all in! Plus there's a great selection of eateries and bars, as well as little food stops like gelato and pizza shops if you're just after a quick and convenient snack.

Whether you're in the town or resting by the water there is no escaping the stunning scenery surrounding the alpine region of Lake Garda, which was formed at the end of the last ice age. As well as the beautiful water the mountain range stretches for miles and can be seen from all around the lake. I thoroughly recommend it and we're already thinking of when we can return! There are lots of hotels in the region of Garda plus if you want to do it on the cheap then there's also lots of camping spots too. It was also the ideal day to be wearing my new K Jacques St Tropez sandals, i had them customised with the softest nude leather i've ever experienced, they make the absolute creme de la creme of saandals - definitely treat yourself to a pair for!

I'd love to know if you've been to Lake Garda or if you have an upcoming trip there, let me know :).

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