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Monday, 22 August 2016

The Monday Piece - O Basket Bag

This week's Monday Piece is on this O Basket Bag! The ladies at the O Bag Store in Solihull very kindly gifted me with a bag when i popped in over the weekend to see their store so i got to choose my own bits to make up this cute little bag! I fell in love with the O Basket bag as i love the shape, it's like a little bucket and hangs so sweetly from my arm and hand - i tried a few different body colours, including khaki, grey, sand and black, then added different inserts to them to see how they looked - i liked the simple patent style insert, and the linen too, but was instantly drawn to the faux fur styles as they look mega plush and are so soft, i think it adds i different dimension and extra bit of texture and i love how it pops out of the top of the bag.

The insert can be interchanged and screws into the inside of the bag, they have different colours too so i tried the grey and caramel colours before deciding on black for a smart and sleek look! I then swapped the handles and decided to choose the silver chain with a black leather strap - i'm obsessed with the black and silver combination at the moment so i absolutely love this! The fabric of the O basket body is moulded from a soft and tactile material called EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), it is also waterproof, lightweight and resilient, and most importantly it wipes clean - ideal for me as i'm guaranteed to drop/spill something on it!

I've worn my O Basket Bag with my tie up Zara leggings and a draped chiffon top i picked up recently from Label Lab at House of Fraser - it's such a fun bag to wear and it's so light too, plus it's suitable for all year round and all weather which makes it super versatile!

*House of Fraser top, here*
*Zara leggings, here*
*c/o O Bag O Basket Bag, here*
*c/o Johnny Loves Rosie necklace, here*
*c/o Boohoo sunglasses, here*
*New Look boots, here*


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