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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Ever Glaze Extended Wear Review

Nail varnish is one of my most purchased cosmetics, i love to mix it up and it's so easy to match outfits and moods to your nail varnish colour! Ever Glaze are part of the worldwide famous China Glaze brand, so i couldn't wait to paint my nails with the new extended wear polishes and give them a go! The colours are amazing and so vivid and bright, they're also really true to how they look online and on screen which for me is really important as if i pick a sparkly neon pink then i want it to look just like that.

The application is beautiful and so smooth and clean, the brush isn't too thin or thick but just right and fits the natural shape of the nail so well, so it glides on leaving no odd sticky mess or residue. The varnish itself is super slick and thick without being difficult to work with, i found the 'Will you be mine?' neon pink with subtle glitter flecks to have a more matte finish than the glossy shades - this i absolutely loved as it dried very quickly and had an amazing finish where you could see the glitter in the light without it being over the top - this is definitely my favourite shade and one i'll for sure be purchasing in the future!

The other shades were more glossy and shiny, the 'Fig-ure it out' shade is a very deep, dark, sexy plum colour which made my nails super shiny and sassy, the nail varnish lasted 4 days without chipping, then i had a tiny little bit on the ends where the colour started to rub away slightly - however they lasted a good week before i had to redo them which is amazing as i have a really busy lifestyle, working, exercising, and being here there and everywhere - plus all of the other polishes i tried from the Ever Glaze extended wear range lasted at least a week too, so i was really impressed with the results and lasting finish! I also tried a couple of other colours too, 'French Press' is a dark bronze colour with an almost metallic/subtle glitter finish - i loved how this colour had different dimensions to it and the high varnish shine finish looked really smart, although it's dark it has a real neutral look to it and it's a shade that can be worn with different outfits and colours. A classy, simple red nail varnish will never go out of style and this Ever Glaze shade 'Tomato-Tomatoe' represents this - it's a bright red lacquer with a high shine finish and classic look, the application and finish makes this red polish more luxurious than other high street brands and has staying power too!
I'm a big new fan of these Ever Glaze extended wear polishes, they last well, dry quickly, apply easily and have the most beautiful finish, it's love!

*c/o Ever Glaze nail varnish, here*



  1. Those shades are beautiful! So glad you are liking the polishes :)

  2. Wow pretty colors!!1


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