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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The Power Of Branded Shopping Bags

Did you know that since the plastic carrier bags levy was introduced in 2015, the number being taken home from shops has fallen by 80%?
Since many don’t want to pay the 5p charge, people are increasingly opting for reusable bags. And this is in turn opening up opportunities for brands to make a lasting impression with printed carrier bags.
After all, shopping bags remain in the home and therefore provide a continuous reminder of an in-store experience. As a result, they offer an opportunity to expose people to a brand name and logo day after day for a minimal outlay.
Reusable bags also help to boost a person’s self-esteem, as they may feel virtuous for being environmentally-friendly.
Rolling out reusable bags could therefore enable brands to become inextricably linked with something that makes them feel good. Add to that the fact that anyone using a reusable bag in the street from your brand might be proudly displaying your name and logo – and therefore giving you free advertising everywhere they go.
For more information on this subject, download the latest infographic from promotional products retailer 4imprint – The power of branded carrier bags – outlines more reasons why it’s worth investing in reusable bags, examples of success stories and evidence of the psychological impact they can have on consumers.

Monday, 26 September 2016

The Monday Piece - Charlotte Simone Autumn Winter 2016

This week's Monday Piece is on Charlotte Simone Autumn Winter 2016! A mega quick update and post on the pieces at the top of my lust list! I am Charlotte Simone obsessed, i love the whole fluffy vibe and the amazing quality pieces - i'm not a big girly girl at all, and love my muted colours, but this brand makes me want to put on a big pink furry jacket and sing along to The Spice Girls! The jackets are such a statement and are ideal for chilly days wrapped up and worn with some skinny jeans and heeled boots. I've been coveting the classic 'Sass Cap' forever and i just can't get enough of it, i need to get my paws on the black and white version before it goes out of stock again! Plus the handbag charms are adorable and look super soft! I bought the fur hooded scarf last winter and wear it over and over, so i know the pieces are an investment that will keep me looking cute AND warm - bonus! Check out the full collection here!
Charlotte Simone Want List

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Public Desire Thigh High Velvet Boots

As soon as there are leaves on the ground i get reaching for my cosy knitwear and boots! Public Desire are so hot right now and have their sassy shoes worn by celebs, bloggers and babes across the world so i couldn't wait to get my piece of the Public Desire pie in the form of these glorious thigh high velvet boots! They come up to the mid thigh and are stretchy so they cling to your legs like socks which make them so comfortable and as they are velvet they are super lightweight - i've been wearing them as below with bear legs and a shirt and jumper, or over jeans with a cropped sweater for a casual but cute look. It was a tough choice between this style and the burgundy thigh highs which just scream autumn to me, but as per usual i went for the black meaning they are super classic and can be worn with everything - plus they're true to size and fit like a glove! Over the knee boots are a firm fave of mine especially during autumn and winter, this velvet style add some much needed texture to my simple outfits and i love how soft they feel - the peep toe and cylinder heel definitely adds that little bit of sass that Public Desire are famous for. I'm already eyeing up their other OTK styles and perspex heel booties too!

*All Saints cashmere jumper*
*Burberry shirt*
*c/o Public Desire velvet thigh high boots, here*
*Prada bag*
*Michael Kors pom pom*
*Necklace, Rome*
*Bracelet, gift*


Monday, 19 September 2016

The Monday Piece - Khaki and Black

This week's Monday Piece is on khaki and black! A quick outfit update again from this weekend. I wore this outfit to go out for some drinks with my sister last night - we headed into town for a catch up and gossip which was lots of fun! My mum managed to salvage these jeans after i stained them with olive oil and hummus, so i've been making the most of wearing them, i love the khaki colour as it goes so well with black and white - i wore my classic Alexander McQueen scarf too to keep my neck warm as it's gone oh so slightly chilly - it's all good though as i get to dig out my chunky roll neck jumpers and snug stuff!

*Zara cami top, similar here*
*Zara jeans, similar here*
*Alexander Mcqueen scarf, here*
*Missy Empire shoes, here*
*Fred N' Mates belt*
*Necklace, Rome*
*Bracelet, gift*


Sunday, 18 September 2016

Topshop Studded Mom Jeans

I am obsessed with these new jeans from Topshop! I saw them a little while ago and saved them in my basket for aaaages before deciding to click purchase during a little online shopping spree i had this week - i don't really 'do' any other than skinny jeans so the Mom style is new to me and with short legs and curvy hips i wasn't too sure if i could pull off the style - but the studs and different style meant i had to give them a go and i'm so glad i did! I also picked up this metallic cami from Zara, it looks like it's silky but it's actually metallic faux leather - again i wasn't sure at first but i love the colour and extra dimension the textured fabric brings. I wore this outfit yesterday for a bit of shopping at Gloucester Quays, then we had a yummy Thai lunch which was SO good! Quickly snapped the outfit in the crazy wind yesterday! What have you been buying lately?

*Topshop jeans, here*
*Zara top, here*
*ASOS shoes, similar here*
*New Look belt*
*Necklace, Rome*
*Bracelet, gift*


Monday, 12 September 2016

The Monday Piece - Autumn 2016 Luxe List

This week's Monday Piece is on this Autumn 2016 Luxe List! This list is my go to for inspiration this autumn, it's all mega high end and super luxe but the quality and design is so original and of course our local high street stores will follow suit with their own versions, getting on trend, fab autumn pieces at a fraction of these prices. I have always wanted a Burberry cape, i think they are so chic and timeless and it's literally a throw on piece that looks great with any outfit - i was in Bicester village recently and they had them on sale, somehow i managed to resist but they will always be mega coveted! I'm also loving all of the pretty embroidered pieces that are coming through this season - the suede biker jacket with studs and embroidery is just my style and is one of those pieces that would add some sass as well as warmth! Of course i'm always eyeing up luxury knitwear, there's no better feeling than wrapping my neck and body in a cashmere roll neck jumper on a chilly morning, and again they look so classic and are ideal for layering. Tailored trousers are slowly creeping into my life, i'll always love my skinny jeans but the tailored style and tapered leg designs look smart with a laid back edge - add some pointed boots for an extra sharp look. I always finish my look with a fun accessory - whether it's a camel coloured Acne scarf or a statement Gucci bag, i want that 'on trend' piece to add a little extra dimension to my outfit. Autumn is the best season for experimenting with in between season styles and mixing up your look - what are you lusting after for Autumn?
Autumn 2016 Luxe List

Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream Review

I'm a natural kind of girl so am always eager to try out natural products for my face and body so couldn't wait to use up this Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream! With 95% natural ingredients, added vitamins and antioxidants, plus chamomile and green tea extracts i was expecting the cream to sooth my skin, make it look and feel softer and smell great - and it didn't disappoint! The cream is quite thick but not gloopy and has a really light texture when applied, my skin just drinks it up and it leaves no residue or sheen which is ideal for applying make-up over the top. Or even if going bare faced it gives you that bit of extra confidence as it's not shiny and keeps skin matte and fresh, plus it has an SPF15 giving extra protection against harmful UV rays.

The cream also contains beta glucan to increase collagen production, pomegranate for anti-ageing and Siberian ginseng which has an incredible tightening effect on skin - as well as this clinical trials found that the hydrating day cream successfully increased elastin production by 97.5% which is huge! More elastin means fewer lines and wrinkles which i'm keen to keep under control - my skin definitely feels firmer and more taught, plus i've had barely any breakouts too which is amazing - must be the benefits of all of the natural ingredients full of goodness!

I've been using the cream daily and in the evenings too, i've found it to be a great all rounder, and it smells divine too, it gives intense moisture so if your skin needs some extra TLC and an injection of goodness then this is the cream for you - i get really oily skin so thought it may be a little heavy as it is quite concentrated with moisture but it totally isn't, it's super light and absorbs in seconds. My skin is looking super fresh, clear and tighter and firmer too - it's a triple whammy, i'll be purchasing this in the future and am eager to get my paws on the full range The Jojoba Company has to offer!

PS. It's also vegan friendly!

*c/o The Jojoba Company Hydrating Day Cream, here*


Monday, 5 September 2016

The Monday Piece - Vintage Band Tee

This week's Monday Piece is on this vintage band tee! An outfit from the weekend also featuring my oh so sassy booties - i know what you're thinking, that it looks like i have no trousers on - but i do have some denim shorts on underneath! I've had this vintage Slayer tee for years and i still love it, it has that worn in feel and chilled out style that always appeals to me - plus Slayer are one of my fave bands so i'll always rep their merchandise! This weekend we went over to Telford for a bit of shopping and a Nando's which was an absolute chicken fest, i picked up a few bits in Zara...shock horror. Then we went to see my Nanna which was so lovely, we had cups of tea and looked at old photos which is always a treat! Then errands day on Sunday getting blog stuff sorted and ready for the week!

*Vintage Slayer tee*
*Primark shorts*
*c/o Minusey leather jacket*
*La Moda boots, here*
*c/o Boohoo sunglasses, here*
*Necklace, Rome*
*Bracelet, gift*


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Savisto Home Hand Blender Review

I'm quite a keen cook and Nick and i always cook from scratch, we love fresh tasty food so i couldn't wait to give this hand blender from Savisto Home a try. We don't have a blender or anything similar, and often spend countless minutes finely chopping vegetables and herbs - so we instantly started using it for this. This hand blender set includes three unique attachments, each suited to a specific type of ingredient. First up is the powerful blender attachment; with its high speed stainless steel blades, it will make quick work of light ingredients and liquids – perfect for smoothies, drinks, sauces and other mixtures. Also included is the stainless steel whisk attachment; ideal for beating eggs, cream, batter or cake mix, and the food processor; a heavy duty attachment with its own interior blades designed to chop and slice all manner of tough ingredients. Each attachment clicks and clips on and off really easily so it's quick and hassle free to chop and change each attachment when cooking. The 750 watt motor makes it super fast chopping up food in seconds, this is ideal for evenings when we are in a rush but still want something home made and nutritious!

The colour is so pretty and it is fantastic quality, especially for the price on sale at £35.99, each attachment is so well made and it's also really easy to clean. We use it everyday as it's so versatile for preparing sauces, soups, smoothies, as well as chopping up things and baking too. Savisto do a wide range of kitchen products including ice cream makers, cocktail kits and food mixers, the range brings a refreshing and exciting look to everyday kitchenware! I would definitely recommend the hand blender, it saves so much time, is fantastic quality and great value for money, plus it's so easy to use!

*c/o Savisto Home hand blender, here*

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