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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Savisto Home Hand Blender Review

I'm quite a keen cook and Nick and i always cook from scratch, we love fresh tasty food so i couldn't wait to give this hand blender from Savisto Home a try. We don't have a blender or anything similar, and often spend countless minutes finely chopping vegetables and herbs - so we instantly started using it for this. This hand blender set includes three unique attachments, each suited to a specific type of ingredient. First up is the powerful blender attachment; with its high speed stainless steel blades, it will make quick work of light ingredients and liquids – perfect for smoothies, drinks, sauces and other mixtures. Also included is the stainless steel whisk attachment; ideal for beating eggs, cream, batter or cake mix, and the food processor; a heavy duty attachment with its own interior blades designed to chop and slice all manner of tough ingredients. Each attachment clicks and clips on and off really easily so it's quick and hassle free to chop and change each attachment when cooking. The 750 watt motor makes it super fast chopping up food in seconds, this is ideal for evenings when we are in a rush but still want something home made and nutritious!

The colour is so pretty and it is fantastic quality, especially for the price on sale at £35.99, each attachment is so well made and it's also really easy to clean. We use it everyday as it's so versatile for preparing sauces, soups, smoothies, as well as chopping up things and baking too. Savisto do a wide range of kitchen products including ice cream makers, cocktail kits and food mixers, the range brings a refreshing and exciting look to everyday kitchenware! I would definitely recommend the hand blender, it saves so much time, is fantastic quality and great value for money, plus it's so easy to use!

*c/o Savisto Home hand blender, here*


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