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Monday, 30 July 2012

The Monday Piece – Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse

This week’s piece is on American global shoe giant, Chuck Taylor All Stars. The shoe started out as a classic, simple basketball style boot in 1908 and in the last 100 years has gained a huge cult following. It began in Maldin, MA as a rubber, shoe-making company around 1908.Chuck Taylor, who was a basketball player in the early 1900’s wanted to create a simple, easy to wear shoe that could be worn whilst playing basketball – he became a salesman for the brand who also improved the shoes design and style. Huge improvements were made regarding the shoes general style, comfort, and support –shortly after the improved designs the shoes were worn by athletes who attended the Olympic Games and they were also worn in World War 11. In later years the shoes became known as converse, Chuck Taylor’s and All Star – the original monogram black and white style is still a classic but they now stock all colours and patterns. You can even now design your own pair on the Converse website! The shoes popularity is due to the fact they can be worn during most sports, as well as casually with jeans and t-shirts. The shoes were popular among many groups throughout the decades including athletes, punks, grunge rockers, alternative rockers, surfers, rappers, emo’s and skaters. The brand has many celebrity fans including Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart. Converse will always be famed for all American, laid back cool footwear – everyone should own a pair! Now owned by Nike there are more designs than ever...which is your favourite? I want a blood red cord pair, or maybe even a suede pair with a fluffy sheep lining.
Do you own some converse?
What’s your favourite thing to wear them with?
All images taken from google.


Saturday, 28 July 2012

What I did this week - pictures

This weeks been a pretty good one I think, so far anyway! I got paid on Tuesday, which is always nice, worked Monday-Friday, met with my sister and had nachos and a gossip, and watched the fab Olympics ceremony last night. I also bought some more new shoes, oops - they were a total bargain though and can be worn all year round, justified?! Other than that the mini spending ban is going pretty well.

The first pictures are of my day out yesterday; It was so great, my favourite day out in a while - me and my boyfriend rented a rowing boat for the afternoon and rowed down the river Severn where we ended up at a lovely little pub that had lots of chickens and ducks where we had a nice drink in the sun, then rowed back again (well I didn't row - he did!). It was so peaceful and the sun was shining - I definitely recommend it and I'm sure we'll be going back sometime soon!

The second pictures are; my leopard print wedges from Fridays outfit, Krispy Kreme doughnuts - super yum, me posing, and my boyfriend holding my Guinea pig (he's on medicines at the moment so needs lots of TLC).

Ive just got back from the gym and am off into town for coffee, hope you've had a lovely week.

Friday, 27 July 2012

What I wore today - Olympic colours, skulls & skeletons

It's Friday, which also means its the Olympic opening ceremony today! Very exciting for all of us Brits as we are the hosting nation, the opening ceremony starts at 9pm tonight so I will definitely be watching it later on the TV - go team GB!
As you can see I wore my multi colour Alexander McQueen scarf in honour of the Olympic rings, with my new Zara grey skinny jeans - I bought them last week but was gutted when I got home and put them on as they had a hole in the side and all the stitching had come loose on the leg and back pockets :( it's frustrating as i adore the fit and style, I wish I'd seen the faults in the shop, never mind.
The weather has been totally glorious and summery, I hope it continues into the weekend. I have so much housework to do its not fair, I'm going to try to get it done now before the Olympics tonight - I think I might have steak for dinner to treat myself though so that makes it a little better!
PS. My hair is so enormous its ridiculous, time to get it cut?
Any nice plans for the weekend?

*Topshop top, £14.00*
*Zara jeans, £15.99 sale*
*eBay leopard print wedges, £35.00 (roughly)*
*Primark belt, £2.00*
*Alexander McQueen scarf, £165.00*

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What I wore today - River Island spiky sandals

Just a quickie today; these are my new River Island sandals I bought at the weekend in the sale - they are so cool I just love them! The sandals are leather and the studs are proper metal spikes, so I need to be careful I don't accidentally tread on them if I leave them on my floor. As they are multi coloured I can wear them with pretty much anything which is great for me as some mornings I need to get dressed super quick do don't have that much time to plan my outfit for the day.
They were £15 reduced from £35 so In really pleased I for them, they were the only pair left and just so happened to be in my size so I guess it was meant to be ;) however after wearing them today my feet are hurting quite a bit - I walk everywhere everyday so I need a shoe to be comfy and practical as well as looking good, obviously! But these have left me with proper big blisters on my heels, ouch. I'm just hoping I can wear them in quickly so I'll get good wear out of them. Any tips for wearing in shoes would be amazing?!
Is comfort important to you when buying shoes?

*River Island spiky sandals, £15.00 sale*
*Zara jeans £15.98 sale, neon vest £5.99 sale*
*eBay shamballa bracelet, £5.00*
*Primark friendship bracelets, £2.00*

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Monday Piece - Victoria Beckham

The Monday Piece - Victoria Beckham; singer, performer, business woman and fashion designer. Victoria Beckham is known worldwide, she rose to fame as a member of the Spice Girls in the 1990's where she was known as Posh Spice within the 5 piece girl band. The group had huge success, following this VB married David Beckham - a hugely popular ex premiership footballer. During this time she also had success as a solo artist in the British charts. However most of us will recognise her from her career as a celebrity and 'it' girl, she has always been photographed regularly and followed by the paparazzi as she is considered an enormous style icon for women worldwide.

VB has also featured on TV shows such as American idol, project runway and Ugly Betty - all of which continued to raise her profile in America.
Victoria and David have four children together, 3 boys and one girl, they often travel all together as a family spending time at their homes in England and America respectively.
More recently Vb has had huge success as a fashion designer as she runs her own 'Victoria Beckham' fashion label which features feminine, form fitting pieces as well as simple, clean lines such as t-shirts and jeans. She has featured on many magazine front covers such as Vogue, ID and Harpers Bazaar wearing her designs as well as other designers such as Cavalli and Dior - VB's fashion sense has changed drastically during the last ten years, she is now photographed wearing chic ensembles which always feature her signature stiletto heels. The pictures below emulate her beauty and amazing fashion sense.
Do you like Victoria Beckham's style?

All images taken from google.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

What I wore today - topshop wings top

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend and you've been enjoying the glorious weather. I'm ecstatic that the sun is out good and proper and we can finally start enjoying summer - I even bought some new sandals today to celebrate!
I went shopping yesterday in Birmingham to trawl through the sale items in Zara, I underestimated how much stuff there was - it was rammed with clothes and shoes everywhere, there were some right bargains too which alway pleases me. I got a couple of tops and some super soft grey skinny jeans which I've been after for a while all for under £40, not bad at all. And of course I got THE Primark jacket of coming seasons (see below post) which I'll wear forever no doubt.
Today was meant to be spent with my sister however the little minx missed her flight back from Barcelona, so we'll be catching up next week sometime instead - so of course I went shopping instead, naughty I know but what can you do?! I trawled the high street for some cool summer sandals/flip flips for hours and eventually found an awesome pair in River Island; they've got multi coloured spiky studs all over them, I'll show you soon.
Now then...I've bought myself a fair bit of new stuff recently so i think a little spending ban will have to be imposed, I've got all the summer clothes I need now do I want to save a little for autumn/winter clothes - good idea?
What have you been up to this weekend?

*Topshop top £22.00 (I think), jeans £38.00, wedge boots £40.00*
*Miss Selfridge necklace, £2.00 sale*
*eBay shamballa bracelt, £5.00*

Saturday, 21 July 2012

What I bought today - Primark leather sleeve jacket

I'm sure you have all seen at some point the infamous Zara khaki jacket with leather sleeves...well it was an instant sell out, there were two versions priced between £60 and £80 I think (correct me if I'm wrong) however this little beauty is from Primark and cost a very purse friendly £25!!!! I saw the Primark autumn/winter 2012 pictures (promo picture below) the other day and spotted this immediately, I knew it had to be mine - luckily I found it in store today as it was new in and my heart skipped a beat with excitement. To be honest whilst on the hanger it looked a bit floppy and not THAT great, though as soon as I tried it on it looked completely different. The material is really lightweight and comfortable, it's fully lined, the colour is spot on and it fits true to size (which for Primark is unheard of), and the faux leather sleeves are actually very convincing and generally look great. So, I 100% recommend this jacket as its such good value for money, can be worn a load of different ways and can be worn season after season.
I've posted some khaki jacket inspiration below, don't they all look fab?! I shall be showcasing my way of wearing this jacket, and attempting to look like these beauties, over the next week or so - so keep your eyes out for it. I'm too excited, I adore it - will you be snapping this jacket up? Get it before it goes...

All images, apart from mine, taken from google.

*Primark leather sleeve parka, £25.00 IN STORES NOW*

Thursday, 19 July 2012

What I wore today - leopard mullet top

It's Thursday which means its Friday tomorrow - woo! How's your week been? Mines been pretty good, I've just working and going to the gym/swimming, plus chilling at home mostly. I'm thinking of going to Birmingham on Saturday to do a TINY bit of shopping and mooching around, it's only half hour on the train from where I live so it's quite convenient as it has all the shops I could possibly wish for. Plus it's amazing for people watching (one of my favourite things to do). My sisters back from Barcelona at the weekend too so will definitely have a catch up with her and get all the gossip from her trip!
So I thought I'd wear my lovely new topshop leopard print blouse today, I love it as it has a mullet hem and low cut back - I was a bit unsure in the shop but so glad I bought it, I'll be layering it up in the winter too with long tops underneath and a big chunky snood.
Wow my face is do shiny today, I think it's the humidity in the air, sorry guys it's not a good look at all. Well in off to do my dinner, I've got tuna steak so I'm looking forward to it.

Have you bought anything in the topshop sale?
Do you like to shop in Birmingham?

*Topshop leopard print blouse £20 sale, necklace £12.50*
*American Apparel nylon tricot leggings, £30.00*
*Internacionale faux lita boots, £20.99*

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What I wore today - Republic printed jeans

Hope you are all good today on this lovely Tuesday evening. I'm currently watching TV and relaxing, looking forward to Big Brother later on to see who's been nominated for this week! Does anyone watch it? I'm obsessed this year for some reason, it's been a really interesting and clever series - I'm hoping Caroline and Connor will be up for eviction, I'll have to wait and see.
Today's outfit is very relaxed and chilled out, some days I'm in one of those moods where I just want to throw something on and be comfortable and easy going. I love these jeans so much, I bought them in Republic a little while ago as I envisaged me wearing them with little tops and flip flops during the summer - however due to the lack of sunshine I've not worn them half as much as I would like to. They have a tiny little bird print all over and are a great fit - I struggle buying jeans as I'm short (5 foot 4) but have a curvy bum and hips...but these fit great!
My sisters back from Barcelona at the weekend, very excited to see her and have a good catch up, however rumour has it that shes got an amazing tan, so not fair!
I apologise for the rubbish photos, I took loads but they didn't turn out as expected!
Do you like the print on my jeans?
Which is your favourite shop to get jeans from?

*Republic printed jeans, £28.00*
*H&M top with chain detailing, £15.00 (old)*
*Primark black heels, £12.00*

Monday, 16 July 2012

The Monday Piece - TOPSHOP

This weeks Monday Piece is on huge fashion retailer TOPSHOP.
Topshop is one of my all time favourite shops, it always delivers in the fashion world with its quirky pieces that always catch the eye of fashionistas, and simple basics that us girls wear again and again. Founded in 1964 Topshop was part of a department store in Sheffield, shortly after its first stand alone store was opened in 1974 and from then on has conquered the fashion scene worldwide.
The UK flagship store is located in Oxford Circus, London and features all the Topshop lines, a hairdresser, nail bar, cafe and tailoring service across five floors - its every girls dream. Not just for us girls though, TOPMAN is equally as popular and fashion forward. The chain has stores throughout the whole of the UK, as well as throughout Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.
The brand has featured many collaborations during recent years, such as Kate Moss and Mary Kantrantzou collections that have been hugely popular with consumers as well as celebrities. Topshop Boutique, and Unique add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the brand too - available at a slightly more expensive price with limited items. Celebrities also love Topshop, mega fans include Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo; some of whom are pictured below wearing the brand.

I adore topshop, I can always rely on finding something different, pretty and good quality, pictured below is my current wishlist featuring make up and a stunning mint blue satchel - all items are available to buy online now! I have also fallen in love with the entire outfit of picture 2, featured at London A/W 2012 fashion week.

Are you a fan of Topshop?
What's your favourite piece from the new collection?

All pictures from google and the topshop website.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

What I did this week

I've not done a post like this before - hope you like it!
This week in pictures, gorgeous New Look wedge trainers (£24.99), lunch in Wetherspoons, VOGUE magazine, blogging on my iPad, coffee and milkshake in Bolero, Hello Kitty goodies in H&M.
Hope you all had a good week!


Friday, 13 July 2012

What I wore today - oversized jumper

It's Friday! It's been a long busy week for me so I am excited for a weekend of chilling and doing something nice. Tomorrow I'll be having a lie in and then possibly going to see Ice Age 3 with my boyfriend which would be awesome I'm sure - if it's raining again we might just have a cosy day in watching some TV. Then Sunday will be spent with my boyfriends family as they are coming over from Wales for the day. Do you have anything planned for the weekend?
Today I went to work, we always have something tasty and unhealthy for lunch on Fridays and today we had fish and chips which was just so yummy! It's a good job I wore a loose jumper as I was pretty bloated after (not a good look).
I bought some hello kitty nail stickers today, most excited to try them out later. I've also been a bit naughty and ordered some more delights from the Zara sale! If you've not yet checked it out online/in store I recommend you do so as they have some absolute bargains - for example they have dresses for £12.99 and tops for under a fiver. My items are on their way so hopefully I'll get to show you them soon. I also bought a stunning dip hem leopard print top from the topshop sale so keep an eye out for that - and some amazing suede biker boots from Kurt Geiger for an unbelievable £14.60 reduced from £150.00! Post coming soon about them I promise. My spending must be curbed for the next few weeks as I've gone a bit shopping crazy recently...

Happy Weekend!

*Zara jumper £35.99, studded shorts £17.99 sale*
*Miss Selfridge necklace, £2.00 sale*
*Wedge trainers, £35.00 eBay*


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What I wore today - neon sunshine

Wow the weather is still so miserable so I had no choice this morning but to wear my new neon Zara top to cheer myself up! It also brightened up the office I work in which is nice, as it's usually a largely black room when it comes to fashion.
I'd been wanting something really bright and neon yellow for ages and was so pleased when this gorgeous knitted and chiffon combined top went in the sale - an absolute steal at £12.99. I wore it with my new Zara slouchy cardigan/shrug which is fab as its really light weight and perfect for layering up in the winter as well as acting as a little cover up in the summer. I just love Zara too much, my wardrobe is over run with it!
I need to get back in the gym tomorrow. I've had a poorly tummy and it's been so swollen so I've been hiding away from the pool and gym as Lycra and a bloated stomach is not a good look for anyone ;). This outfit in general is actually a mega cheap one as all the items apart from the leggings were in the sale - why pay full price when you can pay half or even less than that?! These biker boots with the chains and buckles were £19 reduced from over £100, amazing.

I hope you liked my Monday Piece this week, I know it's a bit different to what it usually is but I couldn't resist, Hello Kitty is my idol! LOL!

Are you brave enough to try the neon trend?


*Zara top £12.99 sale, cardigan £12.99 sale*
*American Apparel leggings, £30.00*
*Topshop necklace, £12.50*
*Carvela Kurt Geiger leather biler boots, £19.00 sale*

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Monday Piece - Hello Kitty

Hope you have had a fabulous start to the week, today's Monday Piece is on global fashion icon and darling, Hello Kitty.I adore Hello Kitty and get super excited when I find items of hers that I can buy, I love her girliness, pinkness and general amazingness!

First created in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu in Japan, Hello Kitty (real name Kitty White) is a Japanese bobtail cat cartoon character who lives in the suburbs of London. Since the creation Kitty has gone global thanks to the Sanrio group, with huge fans ranging in age from toddlers to women like myself. She has acquired a rather cult following especially with collectors in Japan, China and Taiwan where there are themed theme parks and even a maternity hospital where the Hello Kitty brand features throughout! She is also associated with Kawaii culture.

Hello Kitty merchandise is nothing less than huge, she even has a plane dedicated to her! You can buy anything from stationary, phone cases and make up to crazy cool things like toasters and sewing machines. As of 2009 the Bank of America began offering Kitty themed accounts where account holders received their own Kitty cards and check books! You can even buy Kitty wine. Her style and brand is utterly obvious as they always feature her feminine style and big red bow in her hair.
It is easy to see why she is so popular, she's glamourous, polished and just too adorable to ignore - I don't think I've ever met a girl who hasn't owned something Kitty related, I have owned/still own countless things - H&M do the best range of gifts, clothes and items for followers for such great prices.

What's your favourite Hello Kitty item?

All images taken from google.

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