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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What I wore today - Ginger Fizz galaxy leggings

I've wanted some shiny galaxy leggings for so long now and i'm so pleased to finally have some! They are perfect to add colour to a plain outfit and are super comfy too, i'm a huge fan of the whole galaxy trend so hoping i'll get to add a few more pieces to my floordrobe  wardrobe. Hope everyone's week is going well, I had such a nice weekend away in Derby and the surrounding area - great food, great shopping and great company, and what a beautiful county Derbyshire is! The weather was rather awful, snow, rain and cold but we definitely made the most of it and enjoyed the weekend nonetheless. I'm working all this week so busy, and i've also started the 30 day shred - i'm quite active and healthy anyway but need something extra to get the Summer body i'm longing for, updates and pictures to follow. Have a great day!

*Ginger fizz galaxy leggings, here*
*Zara asymmetric jumper*
*Internacionale faux lita boots*
*H&M star necklace*


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What I bought - pastel purple beanie

I love bargains and am always eager to share the amazing deals the high street has to offer. This pastel purple beanie cost me a tiny £1.00 in the sales last week, couldn't resist showing you - I love pastel colours so much, I have an ever growing beanie collection but I can't help myself, think i might do a dedicated post for my favourite hats soon! I love guilt free shopping, if only every item I bought was £1.00 :) have a fabulous Tuesday.

*Pastel purple beanie, H&M £1.00*
*Zara grey jumper*


Monday, 28 January 2013

The Monday Piece - Fashion Junkee

Today's Monday Piece is on Fashion Junkee, an online store selling multiple brand goods - including Topshop, A-wear and Jane Norman. The website is only small and is still growing but there are definitely bargains to be had. This black dress was sent to me and i really like the pretty details and girly style of it - this is such a feminine outfit for me but it's good for me to step out of my comfort zone and try different styles. In terms of sizing i'm in between so never know whether to go for an 8 or 10, I went for a 10 but it's a bit big so should've gone with the 8, but with a little waist belt I think it looks ok! As the brands are different make sure you know what size to order, as the high street sizing varies so much these days it's so hard trying to determine measurements etc.
I hope you like how i've styled my new dress, still loving my spiked Zara shoes that are now on sale for an amazing £9.99! Have a great Monday.

*c/o Fashion Junkee dress, here*
*Zara jacket similar here, spiked loafers*
*Primark leggings, studded belt*
*Topshop necklace*
*eBay bracelets*


Friday, 25 January 2013

What I wore today - American Apparel and Rottweiler jumper

This jumper has become one of my favourites, i can't help but love animal print or animal faces on clothing, and luckily for me the trend is set to stay for summer too! There's a lot of controversy surrounding white leggings...but I'm a fan, and I got these in the American Apparel sale for a tiny £4.00 so there we are. I wore this outfit the other day whilst doing a bit of shopping, had a few 'looks' off passers by, you can't please everyone! I'm on my way up north for a weekend away at the moment, hopefully it should be a fun weekend - I'm just a little worried about the food least there's Nando's if all else fails. Don't forget to enter my giveaway (below), I wish you all an amazing weekend!

*Givenchy dupe Rottweiler jumper, eBay*
*Office nighthawk boots*
*American Apparel leggings*
*Miss Selfridge necklace*
*Bracelet gift*


Thursday, 24 January 2013

GIVEAWAY - Floral sequin headband

Good Morning!

I've got a great giveaway for you all today to win a unique, one of a kind floral headband/crown from Hettie Hair Accessories. I have the pink version and love it, so thank you Hettie.
The giveaway is to win a black and ivory headband, it ties with a ribbon so can be worn differently and fits everyone.

The giveaway is international, and will close on Friday 1st February.
To enter just do these three things;

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Enjoy, and thank you for following :)


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What I wore today - camouflage and Hero and Cape

Most of the snow has now fizzled away so it's back to usual attire, i'm still keeping it comfy in my camo joggers though - even if they are a little scruffy. Just a quick one this morning as i'm currently sat at my desk in work, the insurance world has been quite busy the last few weeks due to the bad weather claims. I'm hoping to get motivated this week and get myself back in the gym, i've been too lazy this month and need to man up. On a brighter note I got an absolute bargain yesterday in H&M, and in Primark they had shoes for £1 - crazy i know, it's definitely worth a look! I've got a little treat coming up for you lovelies soon, hope you have a fabulous day.

*Zara camouflage trousers, scarf*
*c/o Hero&Cape peace t-shirt, here*
*Internacionale faux lita platform boots*
*Bracelet gift*


Monday, 21 January 2013

The Monday Piece - snow!

This weeks Monday Piece is on...the snow!! Love it or loathe it, i'm sure most of you have had it, it is Winter after all. So I thought it would be appropriate to do a snowy picture post! I bought this jumper on Saturday at the bloggers meet up day in Birmingham, though I owe full credit to Sophie who helped me pick it as I was all a bit flustered in Zara (story of my life), I really like the back detail though it does mean you can see more of my bottom than i'd like - my Mum always says my siblings and I have 'proper' bottoms, whatever that means! The meet up was such a fab day and was so interesting getting to meet other bloggers etc. so a good day overall - thank you to all the girls who worked tirelessly organising it and all the PR companies who supplied us with the most unbeliveable goodies! Sunday was spent tucked up out of the cold, feeling much better and recovering from my ear infection - thank you for all your get well messages :). Hope you had a great weekend!

*Zara jumper*
*River Island neon beanie*
*American Apparel leggings, here*
*c/o Ecclectic Eccentricity globe necklace, here*
*c/o Cherry Baby bracelet, here*
*Kurt Geiger suede boots*


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery

I'm hiding from the snow today after battling it yesterday in Birmingham, so thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new jewellery brand, Eclectic Eccentricity. The brand is available online and has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Look and Grazia and has a growing celebrity clientelle. Each item has a story to tell, and is handmade in the UK. The pieces I received each came individually boxed and are simply stunning and so well made. The globe necklace has a swallow attached and hangs perfectly around the neck, the owl necklace is made from ceramic and comes with a rutilated quartz bead - the bangle is engraved with 'c'est la vie, whatever will be will be', all the jewellery is so charming and has a unique, special feel to it. I can't wait to wear these pretty pieces and I definitely recommend their website, which is right here, you're bound to find something you love! If you're stuck finding a birthday present or want to treat yourself, this is the place to get it from, enjoy.

*All jewellery, c/o Eclectic Eccentricity*


Friday, 18 January 2013

What I wore today - Zara grey boyfriend blazer and chiffon top

At silly o'clock this morning the weather was like this, with a few snow flakes falling, by 9am all you could see was snow!! The weather changes so quickly and is massively unpredictable, so after a quick outfit change and snow boots on I went to work -  the snow then got crazy so we were all let home for a snow day, hooray! I've been poorly the last few days with a painful ear infection, so an afternoon at home today should do me good. It was my mums birthday yesterday so we had a family party last night, we had homemade soup and champagne - a perfect combination for a chilly January evening. Happy Friday, keep warm :)

*Zara blazer, neon chiffon top, jeans*
*Topshop vectra flat shoes, necklace*
*Bracelets, gifts and eBay*


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What I wore today - Primark leather sleeved safari jacket and Zara tunic

I've not worn this little coat in ages, I tend to wear things a few times then they often get pushed to the back of a cupbaord unintentionally, but i'm pleased i've rediscovered it as it's so versatile. These shoes are very worn down now as they've been worn to death, i'm on the prowl for a studded pair next...I went and did a little window shopping at the weekend, it's exciting to see the new trends emerging for Spring. There was still a fair bit of nice stuff left in the sale too, i've ordered a few transition bits online that i'm waiting to be delivered - i much prefer to shop instore though so i can try things on properly and get a good feel of the item before i commit to buying, there's nothing worse than the anticipation of an online delivery that turns out to be rubbish quality and poor fitting - hoping the one i'm expecting will be ok! We had the teeniest dusting of snow on Monday Morning, but sadly the rain that came immediately after destroyed it, no snowman building for me, i do love the snow and getting wrapped up in cosy jumpers and going for wintery walks, so fingers crossed we get more.
I hope you've had a good week so far, i'm working today but planning on a good blog stalking session later, i can't get enough of everyones cute pictures in the snow, jealous much...!

*Primark leather sleeve safari parka jacket, leggings*
*Zara tunic*
*Internacionale faux lita boots*
*Miss Selfridge necklace*
*Bracelets gifts*


Monday, 14 January 2013

The Monday Piece - Mulberry

This weeks Monday Piece is on British super brand, Mulberry. Mulberry was established in Somerset in 1971 and quickly became known for it's quintessentially English style and personality. The brands popularity and success was inevitable, creating quality everyday products in classic styles that people loved, in Particular the Bayswater - a design that will never tire. I'm a huge fan of the brand, and have coveted a lovely leather Mulberry bag for a while, so i snapped this one up as it went in the sale at the end of December. I don't have a printed satchel bag, and i thought the leopard print scotchgrain was quite different and pretty, it feels so nice and i love the textured leather. It has a removable adjustable strap and a removable luggage tag attached to the front, so you can also carry it as a clutch, as expected the overall quality is excellent. It's just the right size for make up, purse, phone and a few other essentials, it was such a bargain and i'm super pleased to be part of the Mulberry club! The Mulberry sale is still on right here, but i warn you there are so many fake sites out there so if you are thinking of buying something from Mulberry then please buy from the official online store or in a recommended shop, a list of authentic retailers can be found here.
The postage was pricey at £8.00 but the packaging is beautiful so i guess it's ok...There are still bargains to be had, let me know if you decide to treat yourself!

*Mulberry Leopard Print Satchel, Printed Scotchgrain - Black & Birds Nest*


Saturday, 12 January 2013

Review - Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler

Having coveted one of these hair tools for what seems like forever, I can finally say I own one. There has been so much hype surrounding Enrapture hair tools, from celebrities and make up artists to bloggers, are they really as good as they say? Well...YES they are, I received the Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler which is a barrel shaped hair tong/wand/curler - the barrel is separated into 3 segments, each segment can be heated to a different temperature, either 1-2-3, the higher the number the hotter it gets. As you can alter the heat of each segment it creates a different curl or wave, so by mixing and matching the numbers different styles can be created. For example if 3-3-3 was used it would create a tight ringlet, I've had a play around and my favourite so far is 1-2-1 as this creates a loose curl/wave (pictured).
So many different styles can be created using this clever hair tool, so I think it's really unique compared to other curling tongs on the market which tend to be a one trick pony. I've not had to use any product on my hair, as the Encode Totem Styler has left my hair feeling and looking soft and shiny, the waves hold really well and I love how natural they look.

I often wear my hair up in a bun, or straighten it and leave it down, but i always struggle with adding volume and shape, until now...I've added a before and after picture, as you can see the styler has made my hair look a million times better - i love the volume it gives as I'm forever trying to create that sexy 'big hair' look. The style pictured took me less than 10 minutes as the styler is super easy to use, and heats up in seconds. I wrapped around chunky sections of hair from half way down my head and held for roughly 10 seconds each, then loosened - its as easy as that, promise. Say goodbye to bad hair days with this genius hair tool. 

"Enrapture, when everyday hair just isn't enough"
You can buy the Totem Styler from lots of stores including Boots, and also Amazon where it's on sale right now! The RRP is £74.99 and is definitely worth it, it also comes with a 3 year guarantee which is reassuring.

*c/o Enrapture Totem Styler*


Friday, 11 January 2013

What I wore today - Office edgy buckle shoes

I posted a little snap of my new shoes on Twitter a few days ago, i do love a new pair of shoes and these certainly don't disappoint. They were an absolute steal from the Office sale, sadly they are now sold out but i couldn't resist their quirkiness. It's been a long old week at work as this is usually a busy month for us so i'm ready for the weekend, the weatherman even said it might snow which makes it even more exciting as we've not had any in Worcester this Winter. I'm wearing my beanie hats to death at the moment, they're so snug and keep my hair from going crazy in the wind, this one was under £3.00 from eBay and a UK seller too so delivery is quick, here is the link if you'd like one. I've worn this studded shirt quite a bit recently, it's an easy throw on that looks good with most things without having to make a massive effort, and it's cream and gold - two of my favourite colours! I'm really looking forward to next seasons clothes, lots of colours, neons and summery things - black and grey is far too addictive during winter. I'm sure you've all got that Friday Felling like i have - have a good one :)

*c/o Minusey zipper biker jacket*
*c/o Goddiva studded shirt*
*eBay beanie hat, here*
*Primark leggings*
*Office edgy leopard buckle shoes*
*Topshop necklace*


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

What I wore today - Aztec print jeans

Snuggly jumpers are my saviours during miserable winter months, this ones been worn before but is a firm favourite. White jeans are a bit of a risk but i love how they look with the slate grey colour of the jumper. I can't believe it's only Wednesday, feels like it should definitely be the end of the week but oh well. How cute is my new necklace, its so dainty and has 2 little hearts attached - even better that it was only £1.50! Bargain. I went for lunch yesterday with a friend which was yummy, luckily i've found a nice cafe in town that serves lots of food suitable for coeliacs and it is so delicious too - so i've been there quite a bit recently. On another note i've been loving the Philip Kingsley elasticizer pre shampoo treatment on my hair, i'm quite fussy with hair products and won't use much on it unless i've done a bit of research, but the elasticizer makes it really silky and feels lovely and strong too. My garden floor is so dirty and soggy from the rain, sorry folks, will have to find somewhere 'nicer' to take my snaps :).

*Zara oversized grey jumper, similar here, shoes here*
*c/o Minusey white aztec print jeans, here*
*Topshop heart necklace*


Monday, 7 January 2013

The Monday Piece - Barratts Padders snow boots

So excited to show these today, i have forever wanted some 'proper' snow boots that keep my tootsies warm and dry - luckily Padders from Barratts shoes have come up with the goods to fulfill my dreams and more. I can hardly begin to tell you how snug my feet are in these, there's nothing worse than ruining pretty shoes when worn out in the freezing cold, rain and snow. These fur lined boots are water resistant and super warm - perfect and practical for the horrible weather we are dealing with at the moment, and it seems that snow is on its way over the next few weeks! I wore these to go for a country walk a few days ago when it was raining and cold as i didn't want to ruin yet another pair of biker boots; they support the foot really well, have a proper chunky sole, they kept my feet dry, and were extremely comfortable - i also love the way they look, fun and fluffy! They can be worn up like i've got them on, or folded down so more fur is on show, and the little pompoms are removable too which is handy as they tend to flap around a bit. For me, these boots really work into my everyday life, and it's a relief not having to worry about my other shoes getting ruined by the weather.
Are you brave enough to embrace the snow boot trend? I'll be wearing mine in the harsh weather, and to walk to work in whilst it's freezing cold at 8am!

*c/o Barratts, Padders snow boots here*
*Mango wool boyfriend coat, on sale here*
*Zara top*
*Primark leggings*


Sunday, 6 January 2013

What I wore today - Topshop military coat

This could not be a more boring outfit...coat, top, trousers and shoes...but it's Sunday so it's all good in the hood! I really need to go into town today but I've got no energy or motivation, I'm thinking I'll cook some eggs and bacon then reassess the situation - I can always rely on fried meat to make things a little clearer! I don't think I've shown this coat before, it's quite an easy one to chuck over anything, it is so heavy though as its all wool, but I love the military style of it and the details on the buttons - although it's hard to see it also has leather bits on the underneath of the collar and on the pockets which is nice. I'm still fussy about my pictures being taken outside, but the light inside the house is just rubbish, even my stepdad said he didn't like the photos by the garden fence! How rude! Enjoy Sunday whatever you're up to :) .

*Topshop coat*
*H&M trousers, necklace*
*Zara top*
*Primark heels*

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