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Monday, 30 April 2018

The Monday Piece - My Job in Tokyo

This week's Monday Piece is on my job in Tokyo! After I had decided to move to Japan I soon learned one of the most popular and easiest ways to get a visa is to apply for teaching jobs - the conpany/school who then hire you sponsor your work visa and arrange all of the necessary paperwork so you can hop on a plane and start working as soon as you arrive. So I applied around 6 months in advance and was offered several teaching jobs, one of which I took and now I'm here in Japan as an English teacher! As well as working in two schools during the week I also teach business classes, which is sometimes groups or one to one private lessons. I didn't have any real English teaching experience, just a degree and lots of personality so it's an ideal route to take if you want to experience living and working in Japan. There are lots of companies as well as individual schools and universities that recruit year round so if you've had enough of Brexit and gloomy UK weather then I recommend you consider it. Let me know if you have any questions or if you are contemplating a completely new career prospect and country, I'll be posting more information on the visa and interview process soon.


Monday, 23 April 2018

The Monday Piece - Tokyo April Update

This weeks Monday Piece is on Tokyo April update! I've been mega vusyvsettling in, working and seeing the sires so wanted to get a few pictures up as per usual! The longer I'm in Tokyo the bigger it feels...there is so much to see and explore :).


Monday, 16 April 2018

The Monday Piece - Staying Safe Online

This week's Monday Piece is on staying safe online! With the media coverage over the past few years of the Me Too Movement, increased emphasis is being placed on staying safe whilst dating, whether it's online dating sites, apps, or out on dates. Dating is no longer an etiquette ruled act, the boundaries have been well and truly broken over the last decade with the popularity of online dating sites and apps soaring as a great way to meet like minded people online. I have many friends who regularly use online dating sites, with our busy lifestyles getting increasingly busier, chatting to people online is convenient and hassle free - people can search for dates no matter where they are or what they’re doing, whether they are relaxing at home, working out at the gym, commuting to work, or on their lunch break, via the touch of a button you could be potentially meeting your soul mate.

Online dating is one of the most popular ways for single folk to connect, if not the most popular way - Statistic Brain studies have found 40 million people have given online dating a try, a number that is growing daily. As well as online dating being convenient, setting up a dating profile takes minimal effort. After choosing the adult dating site you can set up your profile, add a few pictures and start perusing straight away. Unfortunately there are individuals who are out to take advantage of online daters...we have all heard horror stories of things that have happened as a result of dating online, but this is rare and most sites have stringent safety tools in check to keep members from falling victim to unsavoury characters, also being able to block and report certain individuals is an ideal tool if you're feeling uncertain or uncomfortable about another member. Online dating works, over 20% of relationships are a result of meeting online, more than likely due to our increasing work pressures and other social commitments, meeting people out and about gets increasingly difficult as you get older.

Online dating is about fun, whether you're out there looking for something serious or after a more informal no strings attached sex dating site, enjoying yourself is the reason we sign up - staying safe and ensuring you are in a safe environment where you are in control is paramount. There are some easy safe steps you can follow to help guide you through your online dating experience...
Check them out online - when you meet someone you think could be a potential match, get on Google and hunt them down. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. there are so many online social platforms so finding someone online is pretty easy, you can then check them out from there and check everything adds up!
Use your instinct - if something doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't, always trust your gut instinct and stay true to yourself. If their social media accounts only have one or two pictures, or the accounts look a bit 'dodgy' then avoid them and move on, there are plenty more out there.
Take it slooooow - there is no rush when online dating, only start to move forward and progress when you feel comfortable to do so, remember to stay in control of the situation and don't let a stranger dictate to you what you should be doing. Also try not to be swept away with the potential romance and fall in love too soon with a smart and don't over think it.
Enjoy yourself - dating is about fun and if you find love then that's pretty awesome, put yourself and your profile out there!

Have you ever used an online dating site/app?


Monday, 9 April 2018

The Monday Piece - How To Move To Australia, The Working Holiday Visa

This week's Monday Piece is on how to move to Australia, the Working Holiday Visa! I did a post here about why and when we moved, so i wanted to get another post up about how we moved and how you can do it too if you're keen for something new! Nick and I have since moved to Japan as we had an amazing year in Australia but decided to try something new again!
When you think of taking a year out, or moving abroad, it can be pretty daunting and it's easy to think that it requires reams of paperwork and major excessive planning - well you'll be pleased to know that this isn't the case at all. We made the decision to move to Australia fairly quickly and within 6 weeks had booked our flights, sorted a visa and arranged temporary accommodation - i have friends who have done this in an as little as three weeks too so if you're after a quick turnaround and are ready to escape the miserable UK weather then read on...

Visa - This is the most important thing when moving to Australia, the country is renowned for having super strict border control, and although this is true there are lots of ways around it - don't worry it's not as hectic or intimidating as the Aussie border force TV programme makes out. There are many different visas available, but the easiest and most straight forward is the 'Working Holiday visa (subclass 417)' - this is for adults aged 18-30, without children, with a passport from an eligible country including the UK. The visa allows you to live and work in the country for one year, however you can only stay in one job for a maximum of 6 months - after the 6 months have passed you will need to find a new job or if the company you work for has multiple sister companies then you can still work there but get paid under a different company name (there are ways around this). To extend your Working Holiday Visa for another year you can complete 88 days of construction/farm/agricultural work within a remote location whilst doing your first year - it's important to keep all of your payslips and work details for this period of time as when applying for the second year visa. We heard some pretty scary horror stories about the Aussie farm work, but we also knew people who had an awesome experience doing it - if you take this route make sure you get copies and proof of all of the work you have done, payslips and any other extra documents as immigration are now super strict with examining all documents. Also check out the farm/company your going to work for before you agree to work for them, as it's common to be paid under the national minimum wage which you should never have to do!

How To Apply - It is mega easy to apply for the Visa as it's all done online, you just click the 'Apply Now' button on this link which takes you to the Australian Government Visa website. When we applied online, the whole process took less than 10 minutes, the form is really straightforward and hassle free, and after we clicked the final 'send' button, within 30 seconds we had an email with all of our visa documents and that was it! It says on the website it can take up to 44 days, so if you want to be prepared then get your application submitted asap. The requirements are very minimal - you will need a current passport, £275.00 to apply for the visa (current cost), and the equivalent of $5000 Australian Dollars to prove you have sufficient funds to support your travels in Australia. I've never heard of anyone having their bank details checked at border control to literally 'prove' they have this amount of money, and nearly everyone i met from the UK definitely did not have this amount of money when arriving in Australia - i think it's more of a guideline than an actual rule...When we arrived we strolled through border control where they didn't check any of our documents at all! All of the information on the Working Holiday Visa can be found, here.

Flights and accommodation - I always use Skyscanner to book my flights, it's so easy to use and ideal for comparing airlines and agents, i always play around with the dates and airports to make sure I'm getting the best deal. Nick and I arranged accommodation in a hotel for when we arrived in Australia prior to leaving the UK, as it's difficult and risky arranging permanent accommodation before actually seeing it in real life. Instead we used to find apartments and arrange viewings for the day we arrived - we found a place on one of those viewings so it's pretty easy and stress free. If you do an apartment share the rent can be really cheap and it usually means your deposit will be low which is always a bonus, if you're looking to get your own place then prepare to pay a months deposit, plus 1-2 months rent in advance. Also definitely shop around to make sure your getting a good deal and not being ripped off! Other than the above, you'll just need to pack your swimming gear, sunglasses and get to it!

Whether you want to live and work abroad for a year and have the opportunity to meet new people, be outside of your comfort zone and enjoy the relaxed Aussie lifestyle or take a year out to travel the enormous country, the Australian Working Holiday Visa is the easiest, cheapest way to do it...let me know if you've done the same or if you're thinking about it! I'm always happy to answer questions :).

For full details on the Australian Working Holiday Visa, click here.


Monday, 2 April 2018

The Monday Piece - What I've Been Up To in Tokyo

This week's Monday Piece is on what I've been up to in Tokyo! We've been here for just over two weeks and have spent our time working, eating and exploring as it's been so hectic! Here are a few pictures from the past week :).

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