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Monday, 31 August 2015

The Monday Piece - Festival Fashion with Superdry

This week's Monday Piece is on Festival Fashion with Superdry! Superdry are famed for their branded t-shirts, hoodies and other garms, and have been around a little while now, they're based in Cheltenham too which is just around the corner from me so i often pop in to check out their new in pieces and get a feel of their supersoft clothes! My favourite blogging girls, Tara and Jade of The Style Rawr, have launched an epic comp with Superdry 'The big Superdry festival fashion competition' where you can win a personal styling session and treats from from their range - full details can be found here if you would like to enter!

I love a bit of festival fashion, and am a fan of all kinds of festivals whether it be music, food, arts or local festivals, so i was excited to put together some style boards using some fab pieces from Superdry! When i'm at a festival i must be comfortable as well as looking cute, and i also have to be warm, due to the weather we have in the UK it's always good to be prepared and take a few layers. The t-shirt is very festival inspired, and i love the cropped shape, worn with some shorts and boots i think it's ideal! As well as the tee i've included some flat boots and a rucksack, a couple of practical and useful bits that are also bang on trend. The leather jacket is incredible...i can almost smell the leather through my laptop screen! You really can't go wrong with a leather jacket at a festival, they're warm, look mega cool and wipe clean as you're bound to get a little grubby. Some must have bits too like sunglasses, fresh clean undies, and a beanie to hide greasy hair, are all pieces from Superdry i'd take with me to a festival!

As well as some oh so sassy pieces for the ladies, there's also a tonne of cool pieces for chaps, that are again ideal for festival season. A simple tee worn under a checked shirt has classic festival vibes, and a waterproof jacket will always prove to be useful - essential for a chilly evening outside the tent with drinks and food! Men's accessories like a snap back, clean undies and a pair of worker boots are festival must haves, ensuring you're prepared for being on your feet all day and party ready!

Superdry are renowned for their good quality, long lasting pieces that remain on trend and cool, with these festival pieces you can wear them for the big event as well as in day to day life - all of the bits chosen are versatile and will take you through to next season, especially the jackets and footwear! As new season pieces are emerging from brands like Superdry, i'm updating a few bits and pieces and preparing for autumn/winter, as well as selecting some new clothes and shoes i'm also looking to adapt my make-up, jewellery and body jewellery that are also festival inspired, from sites like that would compliment my Superdry look!

There is one festival piece in particular i have my beady eye on, THAT LEATHER! Looks so soft and i love the ribbed details! Do take a look at the Superdry website here for festival inspired clothing and new season bits too!

Superdry womens festival fashion
Superdry mens festival fashion


Monday, 24 August 2015

The Monday Piece - Summer Cover Up

This week's Monday Piece is on Summer cover up! I'm always cold, and like to take a jacket or cover up everywhere with me, even when it's Summer! I've had this Asos cape forever and it's the best as can be worn with pretty much anything and doubles up as a blanket so what's not to love? I wore this outfit a little while ago and forgot to put it up, oops, so here it is!

*Asos cape, shoes*
*H&M top*
*Primark shorts*
*Topshop necklace*
*Watch, gift*
*Bracelet, gift*


Monday, 17 August 2015

The Monday Piece - New Season Boots

This week's Monday Piece is on new season boots! Black boots are a staple and can be worn with so many different pieces, i'm currently on the prowl for a sleek, heeled, pointed black pair!
New Season Boots

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Marks & Spencer - Style Milestones

I've gone through quite a few style evolutions and milestones over time, and am embracing a new style milestone in my life due to a few changes that have recently occurred. Whether it's due to lifestyle changes, a difference in what you now choose to wear, or up and coming events, people's 'style' does often change and evolve depending on external factors and influences.

Marks & Spencer, a classic British high street and online store offering a plethora of chic, smart and on trend pieces for women, men and children, have launched a new campaign celebrating style milestones. I've selected my favourite pieces from the M&S womenswear section, that represent the style milestone i'm currently embracing - i have mentioned in previous posts that lots of things have changed in my life recently, including moving into a new home with my boyfriend, a new job, and generally a new outlook and perspective on life! As a result, my style is growing and changing (i think for the better!) as i settle into the new aspects of my lifestyle, so of course naturally my fashion choices have altered slightly - i'm now looking for those classic, good quality pieces, that are versatile and can be worn season after season, this is something i've often done anyway but i now follow what i want to wear and what i think looks good, as opposed to dressing for a specific 'trend'. I'm much more settled now, and enjoy relaxed weekends going out for food, shopping, visiting new places, and doing new things - i'm dressing a little more sophisticated and smart, and am enjoying being a bit sassier and sleeker!

I found the most amazing high neck, ribbed, khaki green midi dress in the M&S dresses section on the online store, it's been featured in a few high end magazines too so it's fabulousness hasn't gone unnoticed! I got a size 8 and it fits oh so well, there's stretch to the fabric but it doesn't 'cling', and hugs you where you want it to - it's fairly understated and simple, and feels incredible when on, to be honest i don't like to be 'smutty' and have too much flesh on show when out and about at night going for dinner and a few drinks, so this is exactly what i need for those kind of evenings as it definitely has that bit of sass as well as class to make it evening appropriate! Nick loves it too which is always a bonus! It's available right here if you fancy a look.

As well as bang on style dresses, Marks & Spencer are renowned for their dress up or down staples, and this sleeveless jacket ticks so many boxes for me. The sleeveless jacket trend has been around for a while, however i'd not been able to find one i was nuts about - until this one! It's quite heavy which i love as it falls really easily and sits quite structured making it a bit more of a statement piece, the grey colour is very 'me' and i love that the turn up collar reveals a flash of the navy lining, it has a split up the back creating movement when you walk too, it's an ace jacket! And of course it's incredibly versatile and can be worn all year round depending on what you pair it with. It's just what i wanted to add smartness and structure to an otherwise plain outfit, and feel it fits in with my style milestone so well! I've been wearing it at weekends for days out and shopping, and is great for work if i don't want to take a full sleeved jacket, and also ideal for evenings out worn over a dress or jeans and a top. Again this was picked online, from the coats and jackets section - i already can't wait for the full collection of coats as they are always so en pointe for Winter!

These two items are fab staples from M&S and fit in just right with my current Style Milestone, and will continue to work alongside other fashion pieces, old and new, in the future. They represent happy changes, and exciting new, fresh times in my life, that reflect my personal style choices and how my taste has altered due to differences in my life and lifestyle. Whether you are embracing a style milestone due to a new job, a new home, becoming a parent, or due to a special upcoming event or change, Marks & Spencer have pieces for every milestone, that are good quality, classic and that look fantastic!

*c/o Marks & Spencer dress, here*
*Topshop shoes*
*Alexander Wang bag*
*Bracelet, gift*

*c/o Marks & Spencer sleeveless jacket, here*
*Miss Selfridge jeans*
*Primark top*
*New Look boots*
*Bracelet, gift*


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Currently Reading

I'm pretty busy and like to maintain a hectic lifestyle, being here there and everywhere, so this means i crave my chill time and make the most of it when i get chance! I relax by resting up, watching tv, catching up with stuff on the internet (like checking the new in on ASOS and Topshop), and of course reading. Escapism comes in many forms, and the best, in my mind, is getting snug and cosy with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good read! I was sent this book, 'Attractive unattractive Americans' by Rene Zografos, and gave it a go - the blurb is interesting and questions if and why Americans are disliked by other nations, if countries elsewhere are bothered about what goes on in the states, and if Americans are attractive. The book poses lots of different ideals and visions about Americans, and Americanism and Americanisms that we sometimes can't escape due to all aspects of the media, traditions and due to them sneaking into our own culture and if it affects how we live our lives. The book also shares some 'self-help' style tips so is a real mix and gets you thinking about how and why you perceive things in such a manner. Giving too much away would be TMI so grab yourself a copy via amazon here!
My new specs from Firmoo are of course coming in handy for reading, work, and generally all daily activities - i've had glasses from Firmoo before and they never disappoint. Speedy shipping, a good fit, and quality frames are reasons why i'll always go back so definitely check out the website here if you're looking for a bargain pair of specs. They also have discount codes for signing up to emails so keep a beady eye out for one of those!

*c/o Firmoo glasses, here*


Monday, 10 August 2015

The Monday Piece - Stocking Fillers, Christmas in August

This week's Monday Piece is on Stocking Fillers, Christmas in August! Christmas fanatics are always on countdown to the big day on December 25th, for many people it's the most magical, exciting and fun filled time of year! Stocking Fillers has launched a new campaign, 'Christmas in August', where they are celebrating all things Christmas and combining festive treats and trends with Summer ones, it sounds a little different but is worth checking out. Celebrating a Summer yuletide is common in the Southern Hemisphere, so Stocking Fillers is helping to make it happen in the UK - they have lots planned for Christmas in Summer on the 25th of August.

A range of Christmas come Summer recipes has caught my eye, each day they are releasing a new recipe in an advent calendar theme, so far featuring tasty treats like Christmas pudding ice cream, garlic and rosemary potato salad, and turkey and cranberry picnic pie - there's a mix of flavours to entice all taste buds so be sure to give one a go! Stocking Fillers is also celebrating by decorating Summer objects with traditional Crimbo decorations, dressing up in a jazzy palm tree shirt instead of a festive jumper, drinking Pimms and fruit instead of mulled wine, and catching some waves at the beach surfing instead of sledging! There are plenty of ideas on how to get into the spirit of the holiday!

Of course people love to share at Christmas with the giving of presents and treats, Stocking Fillers are giving away amazing bundles of prezzies in their big 2 days of Christmas giveaway, so make sure you get entering via facebook and twitter to be in with a chance of winning! They are SO passionate about making August in Christmas an actual, proper 'thing', there's even a petition you can sign to make it official, click here to show your support!

Check out all the details, recipes, giveaways and ideas at the Stocking Fillers website here.


Monday, 3 August 2015

The Monday Piece - Asos Crop Top

This week's Monday Piece is on this Asos crop top! I don't often wear crop tops but this one i made an exception for. I wore this outfit whilst out shopping recently, all black and basic, just how i like it!

*Asos crop top*
*Topshop jeans, necklace*
*Baby G watch
*eBay sandals*
*Bracelet, gift*

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