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Saturday, 15 August 2015

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I'm pretty busy and like to maintain a hectic lifestyle, being here there and everywhere, so this means i crave my chill time and make the most of it when i get chance! I relax by resting up, watching tv, catching up with stuff on the internet (like checking the new in on ASOS and Topshop), and of course reading. Escapism comes in many forms, and the best, in my mind, is getting snug and cosy with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a good read! I was sent this book, 'Attractive unattractive Americans' by Rene Zografos, and gave it a go - the blurb is interesting and questions if and why Americans are disliked by other nations, if countries elsewhere are bothered about what goes on in the states, and if Americans are attractive. The book poses lots of different ideals and visions about Americans, and Americanism and Americanisms that we sometimes can't escape due to all aspects of the media, traditions and due to them sneaking into our own culture and if it affects how we live our lives. The book also shares some 'self-help' style tips so is a real mix and gets you thinking about how and why you perceive things in such a manner. Giving too much away would be TMI so grab yourself a copy via amazon here!
My new specs from Firmoo are of course coming in handy for reading, work, and generally all daily activities - i've had glasses from Firmoo before and they never disappoint. Speedy shipping, a good fit, and quality frames are reasons why i'll always go back so definitely check out the website here if you're looking for a bargain pair of specs. They also have discount codes for signing up to emails so keep a beady eye out for one of those!

*c/o Firmoo glasses, here*


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