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Monday, 27 July 2015

The Monday Piece - Miss Selfridge Sofia Jeans

This week's Monday Piece is on Miss Selfridge Sofia jeans! I've always been a Topshop jeans kinda girl, but i was having a John Lewis spree recently and saw this pair from Miss Selfridge on offer so thought i'd give them a try. They promised to be ultra soft and super skinny so i wanted to get them on asap and take them for a trip around town, i like my jeans to be a second skin so was super pleased when i had to wriggle them on - they stick to you as they are so stretchy, and because they're soft they are comfier to wear than a more heavy denim jean. They held their shape well and didn't get baggier throughout the day, so the first impressions are pretty good! I've started washing my dark jeans on a  cold wash as i can't be dealing with a washed out pair of black jeans, so i really want this pair to stay as black as possible - we shall wait and see how the colour stays. It was a chilled day so i popped on an off the shoulder tee and peep toe black boots to wear with them, nice and simple!

*Miss Selfridge Sofia jeans, here*
*Lira t-shirt*
*New Look peep toe boots, here*
*Topshop necklace*
*c/o Notonthehighstreet watch, here*
*Bracelet, gift*


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Keeping Your Home Safe

Whether you rent or own your home, you want peace of mind that the building and its contents are kept safe and secure at all times. In an age of increased theft and break ins, there are a few simple steps to take and slight changes to make, to keep your home safe. CCTV is becoming more popular, it is understandable that home owners are taking extra precautions when securing their home, and that they want to keep a keen eye on the goings on around the outside of their home. Especially during summer time when families are off on holiday for a few weeks at a time, security measures like CCTV make the mind rest a little more easily. Contents and building insurance is a no brainer, in the event of a break in, natural disaster event, or even when a simple accident occurs, it's always handy to have the cover when needed - with monthly plans to suit everyone's homes and belongings it's quick and easy to insure your bits and bobs.

It's not only theft of contents that is becoming an increased problem, especially in the UK, it's theft of parts of the building itself - similar to catalytic converters being pinched off cars in the middle of the night, lead flashing theft is on the rise and making large sums of money for criminals. The thieves are hoisting themselves onto roofs of houses and other buildings, picking of the lead to then sell on - unfortunately it's easily done however of course their are means in which to lessen the likeliness of this happening to you. Installing lead flashing is a standard step for home owners, especially when adding on a conservatory, or extra space to your home, as well as being used in roof repairs and to protect your roof from erosion and weather problems. Removing all means of access to your roof will instantly help keep it secure, as it prevents the criminals from being able to access it easily, whether it's a bin or car parked close to access to the roof, keep it away from the walls. Also prevent unwanted vehicle access, get a security light or even consider replacing your lead flashing with a non-lead material.

There are lots of options and ideas to keep you and your home, building, and contents safe. I've added some pictures below of some UK homes, interiors and a few things i've got my eye on for home decoration!


Monday, 20 July 2015

The Monday Piece - Strawberry Picking

This week's Monday Piece is on strawberry picking! A quick post with snaps of what i wore!

*The Kooples t-shirt*
*Zara shorts*
*Necklace, holiday*
*c/o Hengelo Hudson boots, here*
*Bracelets, gift*


Monday, 13 July 2015

The Monday Piece - KiTTi App Review

This week's Monday Piece is a review of the KiTTi App! Nick and I joined our babe blogging buddy Hayley for a day out in Birmingham, using the KiTTi app - a recent app by banking superstars Santander, the KiTTi app is essentially a jam jar, where you and your buddies put money into the jar, to then split and spend whilst you're out and about. Referred to as a 'kitty', this idea has been around forever, it's a convenient way to share the bill or budget - Santander have simply put this idea into electronic, app form.
It's ideal if you're going into town for drinks with a group of friends, going out for food with family, or shopping for a gift where a few people want to contribute - it also makes budgeting for the day easy. So, the app is straight forward and easy to use - you download the app, invite your friends to join too, then create an amount you want to reach from all of you putting in money, you then add the money and fill the 'jar'. Once filled, a credit card is sent out to you so you can add a pin number, then deposit the money from the app, onto the card. It's a simple concept, and so much easier to slip a card into your pocket, instead of pestering your group of friends for equal amounts of cash (often annoying loose change) it's all in one place, also it's safer!
Hayley, Nick and I set out into town to give the app a go, previously Hayley and I set it up on our phones and added our money, so we were all set on the day to have some fun in Birmingham! We started the day with a bit of browsing and shopping, then quickly decided on a place for lunch, Wagamama. We picked out our food and drinks and had a good catch up and gossip, at the end of the meal we simply split the bill by using the KiTTi card, excellent! After this we did a little more shopping, i was on a strict budget so i used the KiTTi card to assist how much i spent on the day, so proved to be really helpful as when you spend, that amount is removed from the jar on the app. Frozen yoghurt and bubble teas were calling so we also used KiTTi for this, so tasty!
I found the app easy to use, helpful, and just so much more convenient, give it a go next time you and friends or family go for a meal, drinks or whilst shopping. The app is free, and available for iPhone users here, and for Android users here.

*For full details on the KiTTi app click here*


Monday, 6 July 2015

The Monday Piece - Flying Fashionably

This week's Monday Piece is on Flying Fashionably! When heading off to go on holiday, i often spend a few weeks before hand thinking of what i should take to wear whilst away, then go into panic mode on the day of the holiday as i need to find something comfortable, versatile, and of course fashionable to wear on the plane! My Mum always tells me to wear as much as i can on the plane, especially as i often fly with hand luggage only, so i find myself throwing on layers and wearing my chunkiest stuff. It's always handy to check out all of the baggage allowances, especially when you're only taking hand luggage due to weight and liquid restrictions, to get an idea of all of the restrictions, the Purple Parking website has a full table of details and rules, click here to access all of the handy tips! I've snapped my ideal flying outfit (an outfit wore to town recently) as it's chilled out, comfy and is easy to wear - skinny jeans go everywhere with me, and i always take a pair of boots away just in case it rains! A t-shirt worn underneath a boyfriend shirt is good too as you can take the shirt off if the plane is hot, or even use it as a lap blanket :). My handbag is tiny, but easy to wear on the plane as it takes up no room at all, and of course i'd have my little suitcase with me filled with all of my other stuff. Also i never leave without my watch, because being on time for the flight is fairly essential! I'd love to know what keeps you cool and comfy whilst flying, let me know :).

*Metallica t-shirt, similar here*
*H&M jeans*
*Boyfriend's shirt, similar here*
*Office boots*
*New Look belt*
*Prada bag*
*Baby G watch, here*
*Necklace holiday*
*Bracelet, gift*


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hawkin's Bazaar Selfie Stick

A bit of a gadget post today, featuring a simple gadget that seems to be taking the social media world by storm - selfie sticks! At first i was a little reluctant to get in on the whole selfie stick action, but thought ya know what lets just go with it and embrace here it is in all of its glory! This one can be found in the men's section from Hawkin's Bazaar has a plug in remote, so there's no need for a self timer - you simply pop your phone into the holder, then plug the lead into the the phone jack, and press the button on the bottom of the stick to take the photo, so easy. It holds the phone tightly, i was shaking it around on the grass to see if it would fall out, but nope, it's super safe. The stick extends up to a metre, meaning you can take all kinds of funny photos at whatever angle you be honest i've not put it down since receiving it, it's definitely my new favourite toy! As well as being extendible it can also be folded up so can fit in your bag or carried on the arm by its loop hole - and at only a tenner it's an absolute bargain and so much fun to play with. It's also ideal if you're going on holiday, off to a festival, or even going out with your pals! Happy snapping!

*c/o Hawkin's Bazaar selfie stick, here*

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