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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Keeping Your Home Safe

Whether you rent or own your home, you want peace of mind that the building and its contents are kept safe and secure at all times. In an age of increased theft and break ins, there are a few simple steps to take and slight changes to make, to keep your home safe. CCTV is becoming more popular, it is understandable that home owners are taking extra precautions when securing their home, and that they want to keep a keen eye on the goings on around the outside of their home. Especially during summer time when families are off on holiday for a few weeks at a time, security measures like CCTV make the mind rest a little more easily. Contents and building insurance is a no brainer, in the event of a break in, natural disaster event, or even when a simple accident occurs, it's always handy to have the cover when needed - with monthly plans to suit everyone's homes and belongings it's quick and easy to insure your bits and bobs.

It's not only theft of contents that is becoming an increased problem, especially in the UK, it's theft of parts of the building itself - similar to catalytic converters being pinched off cars in the middle of the night, lead flashing theft is on the rise and making large sums of money for criminals. The thieves are hoisting themselves onto roofs of houses and other buildings, picking of the lead to then sell on - unfortunately it's easily done however of course their are means in which to lessen the likeliness of this happening to you. Installing lead flashing is a standard step for home owners, especially when adding on a conservatory, or extra space to your home, as well as being used in roof repairs and to protect your roof from erosion and weather problems. Removing all means of access to your roof will instantly help keep it secure, as it prevents the criminals from being able to access it easily, whether it's a bin or car parked close to access to the roof, keep it away from the walls. Also prevent unwanted vehicle access, get a security light or even consider replacing your lead flashing with a non-lead material.

There are lots of options and ideas to keep you and your home, building, and contents safe. I've added some pictures below of some UK homes, interiors and a few things i've got my eye on for home decoration!


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  1. Eeep! Scaryyyy. Sidenote: I have that duvet cover! ;)

    Tara x


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