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Friday, 30 December 2016

New In - Marc Jacobs Bucket Bag

We took a little trip to Aberystwyth for a few days to get some fresh sea air and totally relax, I went to university there so it's always nostalgic going back and I love to see all the sights and the places I used to hang out! We took walks on the beach, mooched about, and ate lots of food too - last night we had Tunisian as we fancied something a bit different and it was so tasty, the restaurant was so small so it was quite intimate which was just what we were looking for.
I couldn't resist a few outfit photos by the sea before we left this morning, it was pretty chilly so i'm all wrapped up - plus I got to show off my new Marc Jacobs gift which I adore - I am such a handbag girl so it's classic bucket style and muted gold hardware is definitely my style! The pom pom charm I picked up off a market in Kowloon whilst we were in Hong Kong, the pastel pink colour is so pretty and girly so thought it would add a bit of sass!

*Hong Kong gilet*
*Zara jumper, jeans here*
*c/o RoseGal boots, here*
*Marc Jacobs bag*
*Hong Kong market pom pom*
*Hong Kong necklace*
*Bracelets, gift*


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Cosy December and StyleWe

I've had a lovely few days relaxing and celebrating the festivities, so of course have been browsing online searching out my favourite cosy pieces for December, ideal for wrapping up in! Cashmere jumpers are so classic, they feel so soft on the skin and are mega cosy too, this grey style from Donna Ida is a chic grey colour and so versatile. Silky pieces under a leather jacket look a little sassy and look great, Zara and La Perla have tonnes of sultry styles ideal for a pretty look! I'm always checking out as their coats look amazing, I love the chunky wrap around styles that remind me of Max Mara designs, plus their parkas are ideal for throwing on when running errands or for long walks. Their clothing for women is so chic and classy, plus so many of the styles are unique and exclusive to StyleWe, the website has a luxury boutique vibe to it which I love. I check out the StyleWe Instagram page for inspiration and outfit ideas too! The Topshop embroidered jacket looks unreal and ticks all of my boxes, the studs are an added bonus too giving it a grungy look which is just my style - I've featured the Gucci belt so many times...I think it's time I invested in one!
Cosy December

Monday, 26 December 2016

The Monday Piece - Missguided Vice Lace Up Jeans

This week's Monday Piece is on Missguided vice lace up jeans! I'm a little fussy with my denim and am an awkward size so buying online can be a kind of tricky, BUT I wanted these jeans so bad from Missguided so decided to buy them and risk it for a biscuit. The reviews online said to size down, i'm usually a 27 in designer denim, then a 28 or standard 10 in high street stores like Topshop, so I decided to go for an 8 as they were described as super stretchy - i also bought them in a coated fabric in champagne in a size 8 but they were a little too tight on the waist, then bought them in coated black in a 10 but they were a bit big...nightmare! So this pair are the classic black vice lace up pair, they are fairly thick but mega stretchy, i have to wriggle them over my hips and the fit when they're on the hips is great, but they aren't as tight as i'd like them to be on my legs and the leg length is really long too. They have a concealed button up on the inside, then the lace up detail is elastic and can be tightened however you like, the lace up style is so sassy and i love the style so although they don't fit exactly as i want them too i'm going to keep them anyway! It frustrates me though how the same jean style isn't true to size in other colours/ for a size 8 jean i think the legs should be tighter, but denim sizes in shops are so different from one another so it's hard to find the right pair to fit your exact shape! I do think they're fab though and they work out pretty cheap especially if you get them with a discount voucher, if you fancy a pair yourself then definitely go down at least one size :).

*Missguided vice lace up jeans, here*
*New Look shirt*
*c/o RoseGal boots, here*
*Alexander McQueen scarf, here*
*Necklace, gift*
*Bracelet, gift*


Monday, 19 December 2016

The Monday Piece - Lamma Island

This week's Monday Piece is on Lamma Island! When we went to Hong Kong we loved the mega hectic lifestyle and fast paced living, but after a few days we craved a little relaxing time so took a super cheap ferry to Lamma Island which costs just a couple of pounds - in just 30 minutes by ferry we reached the tiny island where the smog and thick Hong Kong air had faded away, we were greeted by sunshine and heat and couldn't wait to jump off and explore! There are a few routes to choose from if you want to walk across or around the island, we were desperate to discover a beach so took a short 20 minute walk to find one! I wore chunky trainers so bought some flip flops and ice cold water from a little shop, although the island is small they have a fair few shops and restaurants to choose from, many selling fresh seafood and traditional food.

The Island doesn't allow cars, only these nippy little quad bike type things, so it's mega serene and almost like going back in time a little (they do have 3G though). There are little trails everywhere so it's easy to navigate around and find your way, we found the most beautiful white sandy beach with stunning mountain views - it was so peaceful and super quiet which is nuts as it was the height of Summer, but we loved it! I swam in the sea which was warm and clean, and we ate in a little beach front cafe which was so tasty and chilled out where I had a delicious fresh smoothie. The island has houses literally in the middle of bushes and some are on stilts above the sea - it's amazing and the way of life is so stripped back and natural, there are animals and wildlife everywhere so if that's you're thing then you must go to check it all out!

We had such a gorgeous day at Lamma and would love to return, I totally recommend it if you're ever in Hong Kong, it was one of our most memorable days there and it's such an amazing place!


Thursday, 15 December 2016

Black Star Print Shirt

I have this shirt in three me! I couldn't help myself, I bought the white version back in the Summer then bought a khaki version from Zara too and I love them both that much that I thought i'd grab the black style too! A quick outfit update from last weekend - we spent Saturday at the Christmas market in Birmingham browsing the stalls, the weather was grim but we made the most of it before lunching on gluten free pizza. On Sunday we popped over to Shropshire to visit my Nanna which was so lovely, we had a roast dinner and gossiped the afternoon away, always love family time! I wore the shirt with all black, naturally...

*Boohoo shirt, here*
*Zara jeans*
*c/o Fred N' Mates Belt, here*
*Furla bag*
*Saint Laurent sunglasses*
*c/o RoseGal boots, here*
*Necklace, gift*
*Bracelet, gift*


Monday, 12 December 2016

The Monday Piece - Monsoon Rose Gold Perfume Gift Set

This week's Monday Piece is on Monsoon Rose Gold perfume gift set! I love smelling sensational and always love to try a new fragrance so this gift set by Monsoon is ideal as a treat for yourself or for a Christmas present for one of your top girls! The perfume and body lotion are both infused with top notes of sparkling lemon, soft fruit and ozonic scents are layered with velvety rose, tuberose, neroli and cyclamen, and underpinned with base notes of Eastern woods, vanilla, mosses, musk and balsamic amber - it smells totally divine and has a long lasting fragrance - plus it looks stunning too. With sleek rose gold and white packaging it looks so classy and the rose colour of the perfume is so pretty! Priced at £29.00 for the set, it's affordable, boxed and ready to gift to a loved one. The body lotion is just as luxurious as the perfume, it smells beautiful and leaves skin feeling super soft, fresh and hydrated - it's the ideal companion for the perfume and makes the gift set feel that bit more special!

*c/o Monsoon Rose Gold gift set, here*


Thursday, 8 December 2016

Double Pom Pom Hat

A quick outfit post update to show you my new super cosy double pom pom beanie hat that I picked up on eBay and also this unreal thick furry jacket from Zara! Yay! I've worn hats forever, and definitely went through a 'beanie' stage where I wore one pretty much every day a few years ago (if you're a long time reader you might remember my full selection) SO when I found this furry friend via eBay I had to click and buy - it's just mega cosy and wintery and lovely - plus when I wore it last weekend I got told I looked like a koala which I think is a definite compliment...This is the jacket I preview posted a few weeks ago, I picked it up in Hong Kong so here it is in all of it's glory, i've been wearing it lots lately as it's been so chilly. The fabric is so soft and thick, and it has a faux fur lining all of the way through so it's the warmest jacket ever, and of course the silver hardware is so classic too!
What cosy things have you been buying this season?

*Zara coat, jeans here*
*Missguided t-shirt*
*Dune boots, here*
*eBay beanie hat*
*Boohoo sunglasses*
*Necklace, gift*
*Bracelet, gift*


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

From Milan to Mainstream - Moschino’s Rise to fame

The UK is currently undergoing a fashion revolution, with more people than ever shopping for designer brands, owing in part to reality TV shows and aspirational celebrity endorsements. Throughout all of this, fashion designers are struggling to stay relevant and in vogue. One brand, however, has not struggled to stay popular. We’re talking about Moschino, a label that’s as strong now as it was when it was first debuted in 1983.

Origins Designed by Franco Moschino, the Italian brand is known for zany, outrageous designs that have been worn by the likes of Miley Cyrus. His surrealist designs and ideas were noticed by Gianni Versace and the encouragement helped launch Moschino Couture in 1983. The founding principles of the collection were progressive and bold: women should wear what they want – not what they ‘should’. Following the success of his first shows, Moschino designed Moschino Cheap and Chic and also launched Moschino Jeans (which is now referred to as Love Moschino). The final design by Franco Moschino would be the Ecouture collection in 1994, made with environmentally friendly materials. Unfortunately, Franco passed away in 1994 and his business was taken over by Rossella Jardini, a close friend and collaborator. She launched boutiques across the world and helped build the brand, before it was then taken over by Jeremy Scott.

Style Throughout its history, Moschino has been about the excess and bold. It is not afraid to stand apart and push the boundaries. This has been seen from everything from early collections that used cow print, question marks and satire to modern publicity stunts like Jeremy Scott throwing dollar bills printed with his own face at a show called ‘American Excess’. In the 2010’s, the brand has experimented with loud designs that feature teddy bears, Looney Tunes characters and has subverted famous brands like McDonalds and Coca Cola. Their pop culture references and ‘social media ready’ style clothing turn heads and draw attention. Whether it’s a graffiti dress worn by Katy Perry or a pink fishnet design donned by Miley Cyrus, Moschino makes its mark.

Why wear? If you’re into fashion, you’ll already know about Moschino – it’s impossible to ignore. They specialise in irony – almost mocking the world of high fashion whilst still hitting all the right notes. Thanks to the high standard, beautiful construction and subversion designs, you can turn the fashion world on its head by picking up Moschino designs.
Where to buy Moschino’s collections move fast – so don’t be caught in last season’s garments if you want the new stuff. In the UK, you can get your hands on the latest Moschino gear at luxury fashion retailer, Garment Quarter.
Moschino Wants


Monday, 5 December 2016

The Monday Piece - December Lust List

This week's Monday Piece is on December lust list! With the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday now behind us, I've been mooching the internet to find a whole plethora of goodness from all of my favourite retailers. Sometimes all of the discounts and sales can be a little overwhelming so I always stay focussed and do my best to search through all of the rubbish that I really don't need to source some great classic pieces! I've been eyeing up a genuine vintage Metallica t-shirt for years, they are so pricey but they are my all time fave band so I can almost justify the splurge, plus they can be worn forever and still look awesome.

Classic pieces like leather jackets and everyday accessories are also fab purchases that can be reworn again and again - I still haven't got my hands on a decent black fedora so this Saint Laurent style is definitely near the top of my lust list. I have a little obsession with fluffy things at the moment, I'm loving it though as a bit of texture is always fun, the pink Barbie esque heels are too cute and I just adore them (also note the furry phone case)!

Also loving any kind of sassy knee high boots as they're super warm and add some glam to a simple outfit - i'm in love with the nude pair! December means wrapping up in all things cosy and cute, I've been spying on woolen Acne scarves as they are a true staple and I love how chic they are, the flute sleeve roll neck is an absolute beauty too, I'm a massive Acne fan! I've also included a pink suede Gucci bag that is beyond stunning, mirrored RayBans and some western style accessories!
December Lust List

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