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Monday, 19 December 2016

The Monday Piece - Lamma Island

This week's Monday Piece is on Lamma Island! When we went to Hong Kong we loved the mega hectic lifestyle and fast paced living, but after a few days we craved a little relaxing time so took a super cheap ferry to Lamma Island which costs just a couple of pounds - in just 30 minutes by ferry we reached the tiny island where the smog and thick Hong Kong air had faded away, we were greeted by sunshine and heat and couldn't wait to jump off and explore! There are a few routes to choose from if you want to walk across or around the island, we were desperate to discover a beach so took a short 20 minute walk to find one! I wore chunky trainers so bought some flip flops and ice cold water from a little shop, although the island is small they have a fair few shops and restaurants to choose from, many selling fresh seafood and traditional food.

The Island doesn't allow cars, only these nippy little quad bike type things, so it's mega serene and almost like going back in time a little (they do have 3G though). There are little trails everywhere so it's easy to navigate around and find your way, we found the most beautiful white sandy beach with stunning mountain views - it was so peaceful and super quiet which is nuts as it was the height of Summer, but we loved it! I swam in the sea which was warm and clean, and we ate in a little beach front cafe which was so tasty and chilled out where I had a delicious fresh smoothie. The island has houses literally in the middle of bushes and some are on stilts above the sea - it's amazing and the way of life is so stripped back and natural, there are animals and wildlife everywhere so if that's you're thing then you must go to check it all out!

We had such a gorgeous day at Lamma and would love to return, I totally recommend it if you're ever in Hong Kong, it was one of our most memorable days there and it's such an amazing place!



  1. I have fond memories of spending an entire day here many years ago. We walked up one of those big mountains and my legs were like jelly the next day. I loved how remote it was - it was nice to get away from the chaos. I'm not one for busy places and big crowds which is why I haven't been back to Hong Kong for about 8 years! xxx


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