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Monday, 31 December 2012

The Monday Piece - The Varsity jacket

The Monday Piece this week is on Varsity jackets! I love varsity jackets and that American high school kind of 'look'. I was a cheerleader captain in University and the American Football lads had the coolest jackets, though they were custom made and came from the States and cost a small fortune - i did ponder taking one from the changing rooms but felt too naughty so didn't! Anyway, i've loved them ever since and have recently been on the hunt for the right jacket with the right colours that wasn't ridiculously priced. SO pleased i found this one, it's a boys but i got the smallest size and think it fits ok, there's plenty of room to get a chunky jumper underneath too. I was tempted to try it on with my old cheer kit and take some photos but i though that might be a bit too much, my old kits royal blue and white - it's amazing, i might take one for twitter and post it on there! The body of the jacket is thick wool, and the sleeves are faux leather, the colours and style are quite traditional which i love, i'm pleased i went for this as opposed to the standard black and white version. Are you a fan of Varsity jackets?
Have a great New Year however you celebrate, i'm hoping to have a quiet one with champagne and food!

*Forever 21 Varsity jacket*
*Zara grey vest*
*American Apparel nylon tricot leggings, here*
*eBay grey beanie and bracelets*
*c/o Keds plimsole trainers, here*
*H&M star necklace*


Sunday, 30 December 2012

What I wore today - Zara duvet coat

It is so cold and wet it's only appropriate to wear a super warm coat at the moment - I know these duvet style coats aren't everyone's cup of tea but I love them and I'd wanted one for ages so was made up when I found this one in Zara on boxing day. It's got goose feathers inside so literally feels like a warm blanket around me when I put it on, the colour is kind of a champagne and as I wear a lot of grey and neutral colours I thought this colour woud be better as opposed to black. I spent the day with my sister yesterday in Malvern, going for lunch and then some drinks, but other than that ive spent mst my time at home watching Lord of the Rings and filling up on tasty holiday food! I'm off out for the day now and am already running late so better dash, hope you've had a great weekend :)

*Zara duvet goose down coat, leggings, tunic*
*Internacionale faux lita boots*
*Miss Selfridge necklace*


Thursday, 27 December 2012

What I wore today - Alexander Wang cropped jumper

I hope everyone had a great Christmas day and boxing day. Mine was nice and quiet, spent at home, then I went sale shopping in Birmingham yesterday which was utter mayhem but definitely worth it. The queing was so so bad, we got to the Bull Ring at 8am but by 2 minutes after opening there were already hoards of people on the top floor in Selfridges with people fighting to get to the reduced handbags - it was chaos. After finding some nice bits in Zara i joined the queue...2 hours later i got served - that's right 2 was tough but i got there in the end!
After all the food i've eaten over the past few days I need a baggy jumper today, not sure why the pictures are blurry but hey. I'm back at work today but only on a half day so it's not too bad, may pop into town after to have a nosey in Topshop and a Costa! Have you found any bargains in the sales?

*Alexander Wang cropped french terry jumper*
*Zara vest*
*Primark leggings*
*Alexander McQueen scarf*
*Office nighthawk boots*
*eBay bracelets*


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone. Today is being spent at home, opening presents, eating, drinking, and enjoying Christmas day. I truly hope you all have a brilliant day and enjoy the festivities :)

*c/o love heart jumper, here*


Monday, 24 December 2012

The Monday Piece - Christmas Eve

A starry jumper for Christmas Eve, I had to work this morning but luckily I'm off this afternoon so I can get all excited and prepared for Christmas day tomorrow. I quickly popped into town after to pick up a few bits and bobs, its safe to say it was rammed, I even braved asda! I'm off work tomorrow and boxing day too so it's nice to have some time at home to relax and enjoy the festivities with lots of champagne and yummy food. It was a very busy weekend shopping and visiting family, but it was lovely nonetheless! Enjoy your Christmas eve :)

*Primark star jumper, leggings*
*c/o love skirt, here*
*Topshop suede wedge boots*
*Miss Selfridge necklace*
*Zara rose gold handbag*


Saturday, 22 December 2012

What I wore today - Rottweiler jumper and red turban

What a wet day today! Horrible! I've finally done my Christmas shopping, so pleased and relieved, I went to Birmingham this morning so left at 8.30m to get there early to miss the hoards of people. I'm pretty shattered now though, currently writing this post whilst in the car on the way to South Wales to visit people before Christmas. The festive period is always so busy, plus I never really feel fully prepared for it all...hoping it'll all fall into place this year though!
I've wanted one of these jumpers forever, I got it off eBay and it was a proper bargain, although its not the most flattering of fits (it's a boys) its cosy and relaxed so works for me :) not so sure about the red turban, makes my head look enormous, though it is warm. Would love you to let me know what you think. Anyways, enjoy your weekend!

*eBay Rottweiler jumper, same here, wedge trainers*
*Zara panelled leggings*
*Missguided red turban hat, here*
*Miss Selfridge necklace*
*bracelets gifts*


Thursday, 20 December 2012

Party dress - Lou Lou black dress

Another Christmassy type post today - I love dresses and looking feminine but I'm quite short (5 ft 4ish) so often find it hard getting dresses to fit me properly and that don't make me look like a shorty! I received this Lou Lou number last week and love the asymmetric style of the dress, and the cut outs make it a bit sexier too so can be dressed up or worn dressed down like how I'm wearing it. The fabrics slightly stretchy so fits snug, and the sizing is good and true to size - Lou Lou is quite a new brand but over the past few weeks I've seen it popping up in high street stores and online. It's definitely a great party dress and if I was heading for a night out I'd lose the leggings and fur collar, as it's chilly they'll be staying on during the day!
It's our work Christmas party tomorrow lunch time, we're only having a quiet one with a chinese buffet but should be fun nonetheless. I'm currently nursing a sore hand as i somehow managed to get it stuck in the car door last night at tesco's, ouch...anyway i hope you like this dress as much as i do :)

*c/o Lou Lou black dress, HERE*
*American Apaprel nylon tricot leggings, here*
*Topshop suede wedge boots, spike necklace*
*Dents faux fur collar*
*eBay bracelets and gifts*


Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Party dress - love tie dye purple maxi dress

As Christmas is just around the corner I thought I'd do a special party dress post! This dress is just divine, the purple and black tie dye is a really nice change to my usual grey and neutral colour palette. I've styled it with my chunky lita boots and a leather jacket but this can also look gorgeous and girly with simple heels and jewellery. The cross over straps and cut out section make it a little more daring, the dress has a tight underneath layer that lets the chiffon overlay float over the top - it's perfect for Christmas and New Years parties, the sizing is spot on too (i'm a small for reference).
What are you planning to wear for Christmas parties this year? Hope you like my outfit :)
You can get this beauty right HERE.

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway, congratulations Emily on winning!

*c/o LOVE tie dye cross over maxi dress, here*
*c/o Minusey zipper rider jacket, here*
*Internacionale faux lita boot*


Monday, 17 December 2012

The Monday Piece - Goddiva white studded shirt

This week's Monday Piece is on womens fashion website Goddiva and this gorgeous white studded shirt from the new collection. Goddiva is a UK fashion website specialising in affordable pretty party wear and dresses, they have recently started doing footwear and accessories too. I wore this shirt on Saturday night to a party with some shiny leggings and Jeffrey Campbell's, it's similar to chiffon in fabric but quite thick and less flimsy - it has gold studs through the middle button fastening and little spikes on the collar. It went down a treat and i love it, i love simple clean lines and it can be worn with lots of other bits in my wardrobe. This shirt is from the Louise Thompson collection, who's in reality TV show Made in Chelsea - the collection is uber glam and girly, with prom dresses, full length gowns and shirts like this one, you can see the collection HERE.
I hope you like my new shirt, have a great Monday!

*c/o Louise Thompson for Goddiva shirt, HERE*
*American Apparel nylon tricot leggings, here*
*Jeffrey Campbell foxy US flag heels*
*Miss Selfridge elephant necklace*
*Primark rose gold stud velvet clutch*


Friday, 14 December 2012

What I wore today - Zara knitted jumper and Primark heels

It's the last day of my GIVEAWAY today,you can enter right HERE, I'm hoping to announce the winner after 6pm tonight - exciting! This is definitely one of my favourite big jumpers, it's like wrapping myself in a duvet, well not quite but kind of...Zara knitwear has to be some of the best out there on the high street, it washes really well too which is a bonus. Not too sure what the weekend will bring but hopefully fun! I may hopefully have a few new bits to show you too, I'm slowly trying to introduce a little variation into my wardrobe :) Enjoy your Friday!

Ps. You can get a whopping 50% off full price items from inlovewithfashion unil this Sunday, and it's free delivery too! Just enter SALE50 at the checkout.

*Zara knitted jumper, rose gold bag*
*LOVE grey dress, here*
*American Apparel nylon tricot leggings, here*
*Primark court shoes*
*Topshop skulls and crosses necklace*
*eBay bracelets*


Thursday, 13 December 2012

What I wore today - tiger top and wedge trainers

Wow, how cold has it been this week?! I'm not great at dressing practically but I was fairly warm enough in this outfit so it's all good. To be fair all I want to do at the moment is snuggle on the sofa with a blanket and a hot drink, even venturing out on my lunch break is becoming mission impossible as its so icy and generally uncomfortable, so I'm finding myself escaping into Costa for a salted caramel latte all too often! Oops.
I can't believe Christmas is fast approaching, I've not even bought one present yet! So I must get organised, I'm one of those people who leaves my shopping until Christmas eve, but this year I want to be prepared so need to get a wiggle on really...hope you're enjoying the run up to Christmas :)

*Zara tiger top*
*H&M trousers*
*c/o Minusey zipper rider biker jacket, here*
*eBay wedge trainers, beanie and bracelets*
*Miss Selfridge necklace*
*Next glitter clutch, gift*


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What I wore today - sequins and pink Michael Kors

I hope you've had a fabulous start to the week, mines been busy as always but good so far, work today then gym tonight - I've always been into fitness, my mums the biggest inspiration as she's a fitness instructor/marathon runner/triathlete/general supermum really so she's always encouraged me to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. I'm a huge lover of food too but try to make healthy choices though it's so hard at Christmas as we're all surrounded by naughty temptation! I guess that's what Christmas is all about though so who cares!
Im so pleased i finally figured out how to make my pictures big, i no longer have to faff around trying to make my teeny pictures look good, what a mission eh?! I'd love to know which picture style you prefer :)

You can now get 25% off inlovewithfashion with the code heidi-likes25
AND...they are offering my readers an exclusive 50% off the webiste until December 16th just use the code SALE50! You can get that exclusive RIGHT HERE.

*Michael Kors jet set pink leather bag,gift*
*Zara grey jeans*
*H&M sequin jumper and star necklace*
*Topshop boots*
*Bracelets, eBay and gifts*


Monday, 10 December 2012

The Monday Piece - Keds shoes

Keds have been suppliers of classic canvas trainers since 1916, their cool simple styles are known and worn worldwide. When I finally got my hands on a pair I was super excited, there are now so many different styles and shapes to choose from - champion classics, neon colours, leather, boots, slippers...even the beautiful Taylor Swift has a current range out! I was spoiled for choice but decided to go with the classic champion sneakers, black and white - you can't go wrong with monochrome! The quality is amazing, there are lots of copy cats on the high street but the real deal just feel so different. They don't rub, they hold their shape, and they look awesome too - ill be wearing mine with shiny leggings and a baggy white tee - how do you wear your Keds?

*c/o Keds classic champion sneakers, here*


Saturday, 8 December 2012

What I wore today - inlovewithfashion leather skirt and heart jumper

So pleased with this gorgeous outfit from Inlovewithfashion, I've been wanting a leather skirt for ages and love this pleated version so much, it's kind of stretchy too so fits really nice and can be worn on the hips or high waisted. This jumper is so so soft and lovely and snug too, slouchy jumpers are my favourite for winter, plus anything off the shoulder is that little more cosy. I had to put tights on to leave the house after I took these photos as its so cold, if I was going into town at night I would've braved bare legs but not in the day I'm afraid!
Its been a fab day today catching up with some old but very good girlfriends in Newport, we had a nice lunch and generally gossiped a lot! I told them about my blog too, i was kind of nervous as i don't really speak about it to my real life friends as I'm worried they'll judge me but luckily they were lovely about it. However I've managed to lose my bank card which isn't ideal...I've no idea where I could've even lost it as I'm major cautious when it comes to that kind of stuff, so I guess I won't be spending any money for the next few days!
Have a great Saturday night and Sunday.

*c/o inlovewithfashion skirt HERE, c/o inlovewithfashion jumper HERE*
*Internacionale faux lita boot*
*Miss Selfridge necklace*

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