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Sunday, 30 September 2012

What I did this week - shopping, pictures and poses

Hope you've had a fabulous weekend, just a few snaps of what I've been up to this week!
From left to right; peach iced tea, changing rooms in Mango, Michael Kors handbag, The Look Show 2012 tickets, ballet in the kitchen with Jack, me and Hello Kitty.
I'm super excited as my Look Show tickets arrived, so off to London on Saturday and I cannot wait! Ive not been to the show before but it looks like lots of fun, are any of you going? Hopefully I'll see a few of you down there - I'd love to meet you in real life so let me know in the comments below :)


Friday, 28 September 2012

What I wore today - new Minusey zipper biker jacket

Happy Friday everyone! So my Minusey stuff arrived at the beginning of the week, I must say I was really excited as I'd won a competition for a Minusey voucher on my Fashiolista profile and couldn't wait to get on their website, the website is a little online boutique and is full of amazing clothes, accessories and shoes - I could have picked it all if I could! Anyway, I opted for this zipper rider biker jacket as I don't have a black biker jacket and I'm so pleased I did, it's really soft, fits great and is really great quality, it has ribbed and quilted panels and silver zippy bits - ill be wearing this ALL the time, it's my new favourite! I also picked up this paint splatter tee, it's white with shiny multi coloured splatters all over it, it's an oversized fit too so is a great slouchy top. I also got some jeans but I'll show you those another day as I didn't wear them today! The rest of my outfit is pretty standard, American Apparel leggings and my favourite wedge trainers - speaking of wedge trainers have you seen the beautiful black pair Zara have at the moment?! They're amaaaazing!
Today's been another manic day at work, we had 2 power cuts and various other problems but eventually made it through the day, so pleased its the weekend now though, I'm shattered. How's your week been? Do you like my new things?

*Minusey jacket, and paint splatter top thanks to Minusey@Fashiolista*
*American Apparel Nylon tricot leggings, £30.00*
*eBay wedge trainers, £35.00*
*Miss Selfridge elephant necklace, £2.00*


Thursday, 27 September 2012

What I wore today - Zara oversized cosy jumper and waxed trousers

Good evening! I do love a cosy oversized jumper come autumn, this ones one of my favourites as its just SO snuggly and warm, it's from Zara (where else!) and although huge its quite light. I've teamed it with my black waxed trousers for a fuss free look, some days I just like to keep things simple. Today's been absolutely manic, it's been one of those days where I've literally not had time to breathe - I had a busy morning at work followed by an afternoon in Malvern surrounded by people at my mums house, then up town and back again, then back home to Worcester! I'm currently sipping a hot sweet cup of tea and am looking forward to a nice hot shower!
I need your help creative people, I want to give my blog an overhaul and redesign it all - do any of you offer a service that does this? If you could let me know some prices I'd really appreciate it,please?! I'm also contemplating doing videos so watch this space...
Hope your days been good fun and not too busy!

*Zara cream oversized jumper, wax trousers £9.99 sale similar here*
*Topshop suede wedge boots £65.00 similar hereskulls and crosses necklace £12.50*


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What I wore today - snakeskin print trousers and grey

A super quick outfit post for you today. Oh dear, it seems my pictures have turned out rather green! As it's so dark in the morning and night, when I usually take my pictures, they aren't turning out as good as usual - so i shall have to find a different room to take them in i think. I've not worn these snakeskin trousers in ages and rediscovered them in a box a few days ago, they're a jersey fabric and so comfortable, as they're stretchy they hug you in all the right places too which is nice. So i kept it pretty simple with the rest of the outfit; standard black heels, grey top and spiky necklace - good to go. My body hates me after yoga last night, it was a new routine and it was much more difficult than the last one, i guess it's a good thing in the long run but will definitely take some getting used to. A cosy night in chilling out is definitely calling tonight...and possibly nachos too!
*Zara snakeskin trousers, similar here, grey batwing top £9.99 sale*
*Topshop spiky necklace £12.50, similar here *
*Primark heels, £12.00*


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What I wore today - purple shirt and studded white shorts

This may be my last bare legs post for a while as autumn has almost definitely arrived (i'm well aware these shorts are too quite short!) - it's been very chilly in the night and early mornings - so much so that i'm off to buy a cosy blanket at lunch time to snuggle on the sofa with! I've been pretty busy over the weekend so haven't had chance to do an outfit post, but better late than never. I was mega excited yesterday as my Minusey stuff arrived, it's fantastic quality and all fits really well - so I will be showing off my new things in days to come. I've also sold a load of my old stuff on eBay so I have money to spend on nice clothes for winter, hooray, a proper shopping trip is definitely calling!
I must thank my sister for this shirt as she gave it me the other weekend, it's from GAP which is a shop i don't tend to go into often, but i really like the oversized style and the way it hangs, it looks great with almost anything too which is a bonus. A quiet day for me today at work but I'm off to yoga later to be stretched and relaxed, i can feel the pain already...
*GAP purple shirt, c/o sister*
*Zara studded shorts, £16.99 sale*
*Faux Lita boots, £20.99 internacionale*
*Miss Selfridge elephant necklace, £2.00 sale*



Monday, 24 September 2012

The Monday Piece - Alexander McQueen

This weeks Monday piece is on legendary British fashion designer (Lee) Alexander McQueen. McQueen started his career as an apprentice on Saville Row, London, where he learned traditional tailoring techniques and created pieces for the clientelle such as Prince Charles. After this he attended Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design where he excelled as a pupil gaining a Master's degree in fashion design. From then on McQueen intended on creating controversy with his collections, whilst producing amazingly showstopping pieces that every woman wanted a piece of, his collections were always 'different' as well as unique and quite unreal - he made the impossible possible in the fashion world which gained huge admiration from critics, he was often known as the 'hooligan' of British fashion.
From pricey one off couture samples to more affordable pieces of jewellery and accessories, each piece is carefully designed and the eye is always in the detail. McQueen was responsible for the popularity of low rise jeans, suitably naming them 'bumsters', as well as modern classic items such as the coveted chiffon silk scull scarf which McQueen turned into his own.
There are Alexander McQueen boutiques throughout the world, with an enormous fan base and celebrity following the brand will keep growing as a result of the hugely dedicated and talented team behind the brand - and with Sarah Burton at the help it can't go far wrong. Although McQueen himself took his own life in 2010, his legacy and inspiration is still more than alive. Below are some of my favourite items this artistic genius created, I hope you enjoy them as much as me. Long live McQueen!

All pictures taken from google


Thursday, 20 September 2012

What I'm wearing today - neon and boucle

That's right, I've got my favourite Zara jacket on...again! I hope your not sick of it because I'm loving it too much. I love the mix of boucle,tweed,studs and silvery bits - there's a few more similar on the website that are rather difficult to resist. I've worn a similar outfit like this before, however I'm always keen to get my money's worth out of my clothes so don't mind re-wearing key pieces I buy. I ought to invest in another pair of black jeggings as I wear this pair quite a bit, I might try some super tight black jeans instead (suggestions for where I can get some from are more than welcome please)!
I'm not up to much today, just working and composing a wishlist of items from my favourite online stores. I've spotted that neon necklace in H&M recently but in pink so may have to wander over at lunch time, their jewellery is just too nice. Not long until the weekend, hooray! Do you have any nice plans?

*Zara neon chiffon and cotton top £12.99 sale, panelled leggings £12.99 (similar here), studded boucle jacket £29.99 (exact jacket here)*
*Topshop spike necklace, £12.50*
*Faux Lita boots Internacionale, £20.99*


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

What I'm wearing today - primark leather sleeve jacket and McQ scarf

Good Morning, a super quick outfit post today as I am at work all day, I hope you've had a fab week so far, mines been busy (as per usual). It's payday on Monday and I cannot wait! It feels like forever since I had good money to spend, the house move cost me a fortune too so I've not been able to buy much for myself at all - nevermind. Wow my hair is truly awful in these pictures, the top bun is starting to get a little out of hand I think...though I am mega pleased it's all dark brown again :) I'll be catching up on blogging later, looking at all your new posts so i'm looking forward to it! I'm off to make some gluten free toast, yummy!
*Primark faux leather sleeve jacket, £25.00*
*Alexander McQueen scarf, £165.00*
*Zara low back black top £15.99, panelled black legging trousers £12.99 sale*
*Faux Lita boots Internacionale, £20.99*


Monday, 17 September 2012

The Monday Piece -

This weeks Monday Piece is on new online fashion brand, They say that Chic means style and fashion, and nova means a new star, this brand is both of these. The website is based in Hong Kong and is becoming quickly established - since discovering this site recently I love it, it's right up my street and has styles to suit every lady out there, I particularly love the grungy style of clothing and they have lots of studded and embellished items which are too difficult to resist! Those eye popping trainers are so cool and unique, I need them on my feet right now, I also need that fringed bag for autumn/winter. They have such a great selection of jewellery, shoes, clothing and even bits and bobs for the home.
The site is also gaining popularity with fashion bloggers, they often do lots of contests on their Facebook page where you can win vouchers to spend on the site, though the prices are very reasonable anyway. If you get chance to look at the fashion site I definitely recommend it, they offer free worldwide shipping and 20% off your first order when you register, let me know if you buy something - I'd love to see!

All images courtesy of Chicnova.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

What I did this week - goodbye ombré

Here are some snaps of this week - from start to finish, left to right; old ombré hair, Guinea in the garden, mum doing weights in my conservatory, new dark brown hair, wine with my sister yesterday, nachos, tea in Nero, pretty roses.
I hope you had an awesome week whatever you did, if you were one of the luckily ladies who went to Fashion Week (or if you're going this week) i'd love to know what you got up to!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

What I wore today - pink skater dress and leopard scarf

Hooray for the weekend! Hope you've had a good day, I had a lovely day with my sister in Malvern where we ate and drank and shopped too so it was lots of fun! I found some really nice shoes whilst shopping but my sister refused to let me buy them, and now I'm majorly regretting not buying them as I'm not sure how long it'll be until I'm in Malvern again...maybe I'll ask my mum to pop over for me!
This is my outfit for drinks in town tonight, it's a bit girly for me but not too dressy or over the top. I don't wear fitted dresses that often as they're not really 'me', I usually prefer loose tunics, though I do love how bright and pink this one is - if only I had a great tan to go with it it would look a million times better.
I love scarves so much as they can always add that bit of 'extra' to an outfit, this ones from Primark and I'd really long and big which I like - I also threw my little Zara peplum jacket on with it just to keep me warm as the chilly weather is slowly creeping in. I've had my hair dyed back to brown all over again so the ombré has gone, I really liked having it for a little while but the bleach was destroying the ends of my hair plus I wanted it all one colour again as it looks much sleeker - proper hair pictures to follow over the next few days!

*Zara pink skater dress, peplum jacket £29.99*
*Primark shoes £12.99, scarf £3.00*

Thursday, 13 September 2012

What I'm wearing today - cosy knitwear and boots

Hello, I hope you're all well and good. That's right, I've started cracking out the inapropriate proper knitwear already, I just couldn't resist and it looked super cozy! This type of cardigan is always a staple of mine for autumn as I can throw it on over anything and it's generally a good transition piece, I've seen some amazing chunky cardis like this on the high street recently so it inspired me to wear this one again - I really like the Aztec/Navajo type style and prints around at the moment and I adore both red, white and grey so I'll definitely be wearing this in the chilly months to come.
I've still got a silly amount of unpacking to do after the move, hopefully this weekend I can pop into town to get some storage bits and clothes rails so I can start to get on top of it all, and then I can do a proper sort out of what I want to keep and sell...and then maybe go shopping for snuggly jumpers!
We're having a celebration lunch at work today to celebrate one of the girls getting married at the weekend, it consists of lots of hot chicken and tasty bits and bobs so i must get back to munching otherwise i'll miss out!
Have a great day.

*Republic cardigan, £70.00*
*Zara tunic, old*
*Faux Lita boots, Internacionale, £20.99*
*Topshop spike necklace, £12.50*


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What I wore today - t-shirt and trainers

Well, firstly apologies for the scruffiest t-shirt ever which I didn't iron, it really looks dreadful in the pictures, oops. Today was one of those 'I don't know what to wear so I'm just gunna chuck on a t-shirt and trainers', the weathers hot then cold, sunny then wet, so this morning this outfit just seemed like an easy option - plus it's easy enough to whip off for when I do my yoga class after work. I've majorly milked the whole 'sporty' look this summer, I just can't get enough of wedge trainers and sporty styles. I've not really bought much new stuff recently, I'm saving a few pennies so I can do an autumn shop in Birmingham in a little while, I've got my eye on a few pieces though and can't wait to see what else the shops have to offer! I definitely want an oversized tailored coat and some new boots but there are so many to choose from...however Zara, Topshop and River Island have all come up trumps with their knitwear and winter trousers - i can see my bank balance dwindling already.
Just a quick one today as i'm currently at work, hopefully a smarter outfit post will follow soon!

*Zara distressed tank top, £12.99 sale*
*American Apparel nylon tricot leggings, £30 here*
*H&M star necklace, £3.99*
*eBay wedge trainers, £34.99 here*
*Bracelets eBay and gifts*


Monday, 10 September 2012

The Monday Piece -

This Mondays Piece is on online fashion Boutique Minusey; As i have mentioned in a previous post I recently won a competition on my FASHIOLISTA profile - for those of you who don't have fashiolista it's a social website you join where you create your own style profile, you then go onto websites and 'discover' or 'love' items and create looks and lists, as with blogger you can also follow people and view other people's profiles and loves. It's such a great site and a real easy way to interact with people who have the same style tastes as you. They also run a load of competitions each week where you can win vouchers for shops, make up and other fashion items such as handbags and sunglasses (you can join fashiolista here). I've had my profile only a couple of months and I'm addicted, so when I was contacted to say I'd won the Minusey contest I was so excited and couldn't wait to discover the brand and pick a few items.
Minusey is an online boutique based in America, it's very new and only launched this year (2012), they stock a few selected items and focus on quality and unique items that can't be found on your local high street - they sell tops, dresses, jackets, shoes, accessories and beach wear too. There is only a few of each item stocked so if you see something you want then snap it up sharpish, the items are chic, edgy and generally amazing - I would say they are a mix between Zara and Topshop, but I love how the items are hand selected by their on site stylist and it's reassuring to know all of your friends won't be wearing the same as you as the pieces are different and limited editions. Plus they offer worldwide free shipping for all orders over $100! I've shown some of my favourite pieces below, I am desperate for it all, especially the neon spike necklace and the black t-shirt dress! I can't wait to show you my chosen new items when they arrive. I'm sure if you check out their website you won't be able to resist what they have to offer!

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just love both Fashiolista and Minusey.
All pictures courtesy of


Saturday, 8 September 2012

What I wore today - republic bird print jeans

Happy weekend everyone, hope you've had a good one so far. I went out last night with my mum and sister and a whole bunch of random people, it was rather funny and odd but so much fun, though the food and staff were truly awful. Today's been pretty chilled out, I had a big lie in and watched some tv before toddling off into town - it was hot hot hot so just wore some jeans, a vest and some flip flops as eventually we had to do the dreaded ASDA shop after going round the high street so wanted to be comfortable. In town i picked up some awesome neon nail polishes which I can't wait to try out, but other than that nothing really took my fancy - im trying to be fussy as i buy so much that i barely end up wearing, maybe next time. I've got my biopsy tomorrow to confirm the Coeliac diagnosis, I'm a bit apprehensive but I'm glad to be getting it out the way, it's going to be a struggle not eating my favourite foods like curry and bacon as I'm so greedy and a major foodie but I'm sure I'll get used to it (and let's face it, it's not the end of the world!).
Shock horror I've got my hair down today, not screwed up on top of my head like a pineapple, haha. It could probably do with a tidy up and I'm thinking of getting it dyed dark brown again instead of ombreyed. Right then I'm off to read VOGUE, have a good night whatever you get up to.

*Zara grey racer back top £5.99 sale, similar here*
*Republic bird printed jeans £28.00, similar here*
*H&M star necklace, £3.99*
*Primark sandals, £2.50*


Thursday, 6 September 2012

What I wore today - black and Chanel

Hello there, hope you've had a fab day whatever you've been up to...I've been at work so it's a rather comfy, easy outfit today. Also had a late lunch with my sister and mum which was nice, I had tapas type stuff so I could peck away, it was yum! The weather has been so lovely it's been awesome, though all black was probably a bad choice as its not suitable for summery weather whatsoever, never mind. These trainers are the best I've ever had, I'm sure you've noticed I wear them all the time, well I got them from eBay for about £35.00 roughly I think, the quality is great and they're such ringers for the Isabel Marant version they were too good to resist. I'm aware Primark do a version now too, as well as Topshop and River Island but I can definitely say these are the best, here is the link to the seller I got them from, not sure if this style is still available but they have some other amazing sneakers! This red bag I've had forever, it's a classic Chanel and I do love it but I barely wear it anymore, I'm not sure why I just don' I'm thinking of getting rid of it, is this a bad thing to do? I'll have a ponder. Have a good night!

*Zara black panelled zip leggings, £12.99 sale similar here, lace back top £7.99 sale*
*Primark scarf, £3.00 sort of similar here*
*Chanel red quilted bag, gift*
*Wedge sneakers, £35.00 eBay, similar here*
*Bracelets, gifts and Primark, £2.00*


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

What I wore today - Zara mint lace top and sandals

Here it is favourite Zara summer top - I've worn this top so many times and different ways since I got it, it's too pretty and I love the mint and lace! I teamed it with my favourite black leggings so I feel a bit like mint chic chip ice cream...I do love ice cream! As its been sunny It means I can wear sandals to work, I usually wear 'safe' footwear just in case it rains, there's nothing worse than getting naked toes caught out in the rain, so it's been a nice change. This entire outfit cost less than £50, im such a cheap skate bargain hunter! I've still got lots of unpacking and organising to do, boring I know, so other than that, work, and popping to the gym I've not done much else. I've just finished a yoga class and I'm so tired! Off to cook something tasty for dinner...Have you been up to anything fun recently?

*Zara green lace top, £16.99 sale, leggings £12.99 sale, similar here*
*H&M star necklace, £3.99, similar here*
*French Connection leather sandals, £9.00 sale*
*Bracelets gift and eBay, £5.00*


Monday, 3 September 2012

What I'm wearing today - AX Paris cross tunic

So sorry for being absent, I've moved house! Very exciting, I've been so busy and still have a million things to do, however the worst of it is over and I'm pleased to be settling into my new home. Just a quick simple outfit today as I'm off into town to buy a new bin, haha, got this top at the weekend from republic as my friend works there so I get a discount, good times. It's a dip hem tunic with a sparkly cross on the front, I probably should have ironed it beforehand...oh well let's hope the creases fall out as the day progresses. My clothes are EVERYWHERE, all over the floor, in boxes, hidden in cupboards etc. so its a bit of a mission trying to pick outfits that look ok, I've just been throwing anything on tbh! Oops...anyway look forward to more outfit posts as i should now have the time to do them properly! Ooh also I won a competition on my Fashiolista profile - ill tell you all about it when the items arrive, eek! Have a great Monday.

*AX Paris top via Republic , £10.00*
*Primark cardigan £7.00, vest £2.00*
*Carvela Kurt Geiger leather boots, £19.00 sale*
*Topshop skulls and crosses necklace, £12.00*
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