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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you're having a great day whatever you're up too. I just popped out for a few necessities but I'm back home now snuggled under a blanket eating chocolate! Yum!

Also i now (finally) have instagram, my user name is heidilikes :)


Saturday, 30 March 2013

What I wore today - Fashion Union tie dye top and bomber jacket

More goodies from one of my favourite online shops Fashion Union. I'm a big fan of their website as everything is bang on in terms of visual merchandising and how the clothes are styled on the models - makes it much easier to choose things and see how things will fit. The t-shirt is silky but stretchy, and the bomber jacket is kind of thick chiffon so sits lovely on the shoulders. I'm writing this post up whilst in the car on the way back from the seaside, it was so cold but great to get out of Worcester for the day and get some fresh sea air. We found the sweetest little tea room which satisfied my constant urge to people watch. Ive always loved the sea - when I lived in Aberystwyth I lived right on the seafront with sea views from my room, it was the best and I miss it so much - though city living does have some perks so it's ok! Maybe one day I'll be able to live on the beach's hoping. Then we popped into Bristol to browse the shops but I ended up not buying anything as I was feeling fussy, shock horror!
Hope you had a great day.

*c/o Fashion union top here, jacket here*
*Primark leggings*
*Nike trainers*
*Topshop necklace*


Thursday, 28 March 2013

What I wore today - Sheinside cloud leggings

This is a little night time outfit I wanted to show you, these metallic cloud printed leggings  are sooo cool, so so stretchy and comfy too, in real life they're much more shiny and silvery - I've always got time for a jazzy legging! And teamed with this baby pink and navy bomber jacket too, it's shiny overload - it's even got a unicorn on the back...amazing. Sadly my it's my boyfriends (obviously its a girls) and he's selling it on asos annoying as I want to keep it! As if its the Easter bank holiday weekend already, tonight I'm chilling playing with my new phone and taking it easy. Have a good one if you're out on the town!

*c/o Sheinside shiny cloud leggings, here*
*H&M satin unicorn bomber jacket*
*Zara vest*
*c/o Kingfisher primark heels*
*Topshop necklace*
*eBay bracelet*


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What I wore today - Vero Moda A jumper and leopard flats

I feel like an all American girl in this outfit; Varsity jacket, A top, Bulls beanie - I quite like it though, i've always been a fan of the 'college' look, especially whilst in university where it was acceptable to trot around in my cheerleading outfit here there and everywhere. I can't believe i graduated almost 2 years ago - time really flies. Definitely one of the best experience of my life, i went to Aberystwyth in West Wales where i studied law then History, and had the most amazing time - i'm very jealous of all the youngens who are getting ready to go come September! I might do a post about my Uni experience if anyone would like to see it?
I'm also loving these little leopard loafers, so cute and comfy, and great for all black outfits that are happening too often for my liking recently. Though this outfit is a massive clash of everything...colours, patterns etc. It was one of those that you just throw on and layer up so hope it looks ok!
I have a Karl Lagerfeld giveaway underneath this post so would be awesomeif you entered :)

*c/o Vero Moda A sweat top, here*
*Forever 21 Varsity Jacket (mens section)*
*New Era beanie*
*American Apparel leggings, here*
*c/o Fashion Shoes Direct leopard loafers, here*
*Topshop necklace*


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Giveaway - Karl Lagerfeld tote

I hope you're all having a good start to the week.

I've not done a personal giveaway in a long time so have been trying to find the 'right' thing to giveaway - i found this whilst shopping at the weekend and knew it was perfect for any of my readers. This has been paid for with my own money and i'm so excited to give it away to one of you lovelies! I'm a huge fan of Karl Lagerfeld and his amazing work, so i chose a bag from his own collection - it's a thick cotton tote with metallic silver leather handles, with Karl's profile on the front.

Thank you very much to all of you who read/follow/leave comments, i appreciate it very much.

To enter you have to;

2. FOLLOW @Heidi_likes on TWITTER HERE

You can earn extra entries each time you tweet; "Enter @Heidi_likes giveaway to win a Karl Lagerfeld tote bag here"

Giveaway will close on Friday 19th April, winner will be contacted the following day.

I hope you like the giveaway prize, any problems or anything give me a shout :)


Monday, 25 March 2013

The Monday Piece - AX Paris

This week's Monday Piece is on AX Paris who do amazing pretty dresses as well as playsuits, tops and even shoes! I am well aware this is not a weather appropriate outfit but i couldn't wait to show you this playsuit, the dark mint colour is right up my street as well as the chiffon flowy fabric. The cut of the playsuit is very girly and has short sleeves, a V neck front and has a button up wrap around finish. I've got a few bits from AX Paris as they stock it in high street favourite New Look, they have an amazing midi dress range out at the moment that i'm tempted to try.
I wore it with a skinny studded belt, spiky boots and my trusty biker jacket. If you're not stupid  brave enough to wear it with bear legs, it also looks great with a chunky jumper over the top and tights underneath - it's all about versatility!
What's your favourite piece from the AX Paris website?
*c/o AX Paris playsuit, here*
*c/o Minusey biker jacket*
*c/o BANK spiked boots, here*
*Topshop necklace*


Sunday, 24 March 2013

New in - Steve Madden Twynkle sneakers

One of the engineers at work gave me and another girl a surprise treat last week in the form of a House of Fraser voucher! I had a look in store but wasn't too fussed on anything, so had a look online where i was spoilt for choice - i was tempted to go for some expensive make up however when I came across these Steve Madden 'Twynkle' sneakers it was love at first sight. I'm a sucker for anything with studs, these are black suede with white distressed laces and soles so thought they were cool and a perfect shoe to wear with my ripped skinnies or many pairs of printed leggings. They're nice and soft and padded which means less chance of blisters, bonus, and the zip up the side means less faffing about with laces and the like, double bonus. Hope you like them too :)
Have a great Sunday evening!

*Steve Madden Twynkle hi top sneakers, here*


Saturday, 23 March 2013

What I wore today - naughty jumper and snow boots

This jumper pretty much sums up how I'm feeling today, what is this weather? Obviously mother nature didn't get the memo about's a bit of a cheeky top but who cares, it's also fleecy on the inside which is handy for days like today. Looks like it'll be a day in front of the tv getting cosy and drinking lots of tea, unless the snow stops and then I can get on with my Saturday as normal, pleeeease! Also, I don't know about you but this weather makes me eat all the food in the world which isn't the best but never mind. Relieved ive got these amazing snow boots to keep my tootsies warm and wet free, I bought some Steve Madden hi-tops this week that I can't wait to wear - weather permitting obviously.
Keep warm!

*c/o Sheinside fuck jumper, here*
*Zara leggings*
*c/o Barratts Padders snow boots, here*
*Bracelt, gift*


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kingfisher shopping centre blogger challenge

Last Monday i was invited down to The Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch to take part in their 'Blogger Challenge' - i was given a £50 voucher to buy a whole outfit from the Spring/Summer 2013 collections from any store in the centre. As you will know, £50 doesn't get you much in this day and age so i was a little apprehensive about the challenge, but was eager to hunt down some bargains! I caught the train from Worcester, the centre is perfectly located right next to Redditch train station so it was mega easy to get to.

I'm local to the area and had been to the shopping centre when i was younger but not recently so couldn't really remember what it was like - i went on a Monday morning so it was relatively quiet, and SO clean too which is always nice. The selection of the shops is great and they have lots of high street favourites like River Island, H&M, New Look, and an enormous Primark too (as well as others, full store list available here) and they have plenty of coffee shops and food places - everyone needs to refuel after shopping, after all it is proper cardio. So, with my voucher and little helper Sunny by my side, off we went in search of a Spring outfit.

At first it was tricky as i wasn't sure what style/kind of outfit i wanted to go for, so i thought it'd be good if i started with the shoes and worked my way up from there; i found these amazing jewelled sandals in Primark and bought them as i knew they'd be a good starting point. Then we popped over to H&M where they had loads of printed trousers and jeans, i love the colour and skinny fit of this pair so bought these along with the sleeveless biker vest that can be worn so many different ways - i was very excitable at this point! To complete the outfit i wanted a plain white vest to go underneath, and a bit of bling round my neck to finish it off. It was as easy as that.

I am super duper pleased with this 'look' - and the entire lot costs under £50, who knew £50 could go so far? Not me, but it's true...i promise. Also, the outfit doesn't even look cheap which makes it even better!

Thank you to Kingfisher Shopping Centre in Redditch for everything, i will definitely be back for more shopping in the near future!
You can find Kingfisher on twitter here, and on facebook too.

All items c/o Kinfisher and all available to buy right now!
*H&M printed trousers, £9.99*
*H&M biker gilet, £14.99*
*Primark jewel heeled sandals, £14.00*
*New Look white oversized vest, £6.99*
*River Island skull pendant necklace, £4.00*

I was rudely interrupted whilst taking these pictures by my Guinea Pig, honestly he is SUCH a diva - but i've also added some more appropriate and sensible pictures!
I would love to know what you think of my outfit and attempt at the blogger challenge :)


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What I wore today - Latin jumper and studded biker boots

Hope you all had a fab weekend and are having a good start to the week too - I spent Saturday shopping with my sister which was lots of fun, that girl seriously knows how to shop! Sunday i was pretty lazy and spent the day at home watching the figure skating, i know...what a wild life i lead - not! I got this jumper from the Merry Hill fashion thingy i went to as i thought the Latin quote was pretty cool, i studied Latin at school for a while but can't remember anything as i didn't really pay attention - regret it now though as i'd love to speak another language! Anyway i digress, also so in love with these new booties for many reasons; 1. They're biker boots 2. They've got studs on 3. They're like walking on soft fluffy clouds! Of course i had to wear my black beanie to complete my outfit...ha. I'm on a caffeine come down so am starting to feel a little weird, i best sort myself out pronto - have a great day!

*c/o Merry Hill Tee and Cake Latin jumper via Topshop, here*
*c/o Fashion Shoes Direct studded biker boots, here*
*eBay beanie*
*Primark slashed bandage tights*
*Bracelet, gift*


Monday, 18 March 2013

The Monday Piece - Beanie hats

I thought i'd show you my favourite beanie hats for today's Monday Piece - I cannot get enough of my beanies, i love the way something so simple can really tie an outfit together, plus they keep my ears and head nice and snug! My favourite at the moment has to be the slouchy black one, i'm after a studded version next, maybe in a really bright neon - eBay here i come!

Are you a hat fan? Which is your favourite?

*From top left to right; gift, H&M, eBay, River Island, eBay, New Era*


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Matalan Style Contest 2013 blogger entry

Today I'm doing my entry for the Matalan Style Contest 2013 Blogger Competition  so I'm going to talk about my style and generally my love for fashion!

I have always been interested in fashion, trends, clothes and shoes - browsing through the glossy pages of magazines, as well as reading my favourite blogs and websites are all things that inspire me and influence the choices I make that form 'my style'. I don't think I have a specific style that I stick to as it's always changing, for me fashion is all about variation and making things look different and current - I don't stick to trends religiously, if I like something and want to wear it I will do, regardless of whether or not it's 'fashionable' at the time. Comfort is also so important to me and my choice of outfit, if it doesn't feel like me or I can't walk in a certain shoe then i won't wear it, though I do enjoy stepping out out my comfort zone and trying new and different things.

I can appreciate that everyone's personal style is unique to them, i think this is what makes fashion so important and fascinating, I love seeing how others mix and match items to create a certain 'look'. Shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I'm always keen to find high street bargains - stores like Primark, H&M, New Look and Matalan all have fab pieces each season that are very reasonably priced, and I also like to invest in classic pieces that I'll wear again and again.
Currently my favourite trends are; monochrome, anything sporty - such as oversized sports jerseys and trainers, pastel and neon colours, printed trousers, grungy styles, and of course anything pretty and glamorous!

I would love to be considered for this contest, and believe I'd bring lots of different things to the panel, I especially love street style and seeing how people dress.
I've tied a few trends together for this look today; bright blue colours for Spring, a sporty varsity t-shirt, and glam heels! I'd love to know what you think of my style and what suits me best :)

*c/o Mart of China blue sleeved varsity top hereblue platform heels here*
*American Apparel leggings, here*
*c/o Eclectic Eccentricity globe necklace, here*
*eBay bracelet*


Friday, 15 March 2013

What I wore today - Alphabet leggings

I hope you're having a great Friday whatever your up to! I have such bad eye sight so in the week I'm usually in my glasses as opposed to contact lenses, purely because the heating at work dries my eyes out so much so glasses are much better for helping with moisture and what not. I often take them off when I do my OOTD's as I'm quite vein...not one of my better traits but it's the truth! So I thought I'd do one with them on (this pair are from Specsavers), apparently I look like Harry Potter but i can't see the resemblance personally...
I'm definitely jumping on the old alphabet/letter print bandwagon with these leggings, they were only a fiver from H&M so i had to add them to my leggings collection, plus the letters are glittery which is even better. I'm popping out of the office now and braving the rain for a well deserved Costa, wish me luck!

There seems to be a bit of a faff going on with GFC and google, sooo it'd be amazing if you could follow me on Bloglovin - HERE, feel free to leave me your link, i always enjoy new reads, thank you kindly!!

*H&M Alphabet leggings*
*Mango coat*
*Zara hoodie, scarf*
*Internacionale lita boots*
*eBay beanie*


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

What I wore today - She Likes galaxy dress

I'm still a fan of the galaxy and space print trend, i love how all the colours merge together to create an amazing pattern like this! This dress is from She Likes, it's got a good bit of stretch to it so fits snug across the body, it's a size s/m so is just right for me as i'm between an 8 and 10 - I absolutely cannot stand my arms so if something has long sleeves then i'm a happy girl. I wore it with my glitter loafers to make it even more spacy and sparkly! I'm dreaming of some Black Milk leggings in a similar colour but customs is such a faff so undecided whether to order or not...i shall procrastinate a little longer.
Have a great Wednesday, i hope you like my galaxy dress :)

*c/o She Likes galaxy dress, here*
*American Apparel leggings, here*
*Zara glitter loafers*
*Bracelets, gifts*
*Topshop necklace*

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