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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Matalan Style Contest 2013 blogger entry

Today I'm doing my entry for the Matalan Style Contest 2013 Blogger Competition  so I'm going to talk about my style and generally my love for fashion!

I have always been interested in fashion, trends, clothes and shoes - browsing through the glossy pages of magazines, as well as reading my favourite blogs and websites are all things that inspire me and influence the choices I make that form 'my style'. I don't think I have a specific style that I stick to as it's always changing, for me fashion is all about variation and making things look different and current - I don't stick to trends religiously, if I like something and want to wear it I will do, regardless of whether or not it's 'fashionable' at the time. Comfort is also so important to me and my choice of outfit, if it doesn't feel like me or I can't walk in a certain shoe then i won't wear it, though I do enjoy stepping out out my comfort zone and trying new and different things.

I can appreciate that everyone's personal style is unique to them, i think this is what makes fashion so important and fascinating, I love seeing how others mix and match items to create a certain 'look'. Shopping is one of my favourite things to do and I'm always keen to find high street bargains - stores like Primark, H&M, New Look and Matalan all have fab pieces each season that are very reasonably priced, and I also like to invest in classic pieces that I'll wear again and again.
Currently my favourite trends are; monochrome, anything sporty - such as oversized sports jerseys and trainers, pastel and neon colours, printed trousers, grungy styles, and of course anything pretty and glamorous!

I would love to be considered for this contest, and believe I'd bring lots of different things to the panel, I especially love street style and seeing how people dress.
I've tied a few trends together for this look today; bright blue colours for Spring, a sporty varsity t-shirt, and glam heels! I'd love to know what you think of my style and what suits me best :)

*c/o Mart of China blue sleeved varsity top hereblue platform heels here*
*American Apparel leggings, here*
*c/o Eclectic Eccentricity globe necklace, here*
*eBay bracelet*



  1. I love the shoes, so pretty :) xxx

  2. Love the shirt, good luck with your entry xx

  3. Wow! That top looks amazing on you I love the off- the-shoulder-but-not part.
    I hope you e in I love your style- it's so relaxed and I love how you pull things together from different trends

  4. I love your shoes! :D Congratulations, my dear! A big kiss! :D

  5. Wow, the flashes of cobalt blue really make the whole look pop. Love it!

    Xo Amie

  6. Wow I love this! That blue color is just gorgeous on you!

  7. Seriously in love with your heels! The colour is gorgeous x

  8. If we were the judges, you would win. Fact. Such a comfy top and killer heels = RAWR! ;)


  9. love the blue shoes!!!

  10. Love those heels! I've never heard of Mart of China before, I'll have to check them out! xx

  11. I love what you said about fashion being about variations and making things different - I agree. And you look great too. Good luck with the contest, babe!!

  12. All the best... I still love your style even if the judges say they don't!
    Great post. Please follow me on gfc or twitter (


  13. i am in love with the color of your shoes! I have been wanting a pair like those forever!

  14. Fashion is about changing all the time. And you own ur looks whatever u may choose to wear. ALL THE BEST OF LUCK WITH THE CONTEST. You have my vote!

    Issa x


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