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Monday, 18 March 2013

The Monday Piece - Beanie hats

I thought i'd show you my favourite beanie hats for today's Monday Piece - I cannot get enough of my beanies, i love the way something so simple can really tie an outfit together, plus they keep my ears and head nice and snug! My favourite at the moment has to be the slouchy black one, i'm after a studded version next, maybe in a really bright neon - eBay here i come!

Are you a hat fan? Which is your favourite?

*From top left to right; gift, H&M, eBay, River Island, eBay, New Era*



  1. Beanies are adorable. Luckily, we don't need them in Seattle. (Back in the midwest was a different story.) I like yours. I also like how you have different patterns and colors of beanies.

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  2. I have to wear beanies for most of the year (or as we call them in Canada "toques"). My favourites are an emerald green simple one and a grey and black pompom one that looks similar to your Bulls hat.

  3. I love beanie hats, and I love your Bulls one. I know you love them too since you wear them a lot in most of your outfit posts! x

  4. love beanies and love all of these!! xx

  5. I love beanies! You have a lovely collection!

    Emma x

  6. Beautiful hats! really nice :D

  7. Heidi you have so many beanies! The neon is my fav I love it x


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