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Thursday, 31 May 2012

What I wore today - its all about the shorts

Well we're back to normal miserable weather over here in the UK, it's humid and slightly damp - not good. So it's comfy, easy to wear clothing for now, that's why I wore this pretty casual outfit today. I'm finally wearing my USA flag shorts though, so happy about that at least, i teamed them with a skinny orange neon belt, wedge trainers, and a republic slouchy top.
I've got 11 whole days off after I finish work at 5.30pm tomorrow, I can't wait! I'm planning on chilling out, going shopping for hopefully a new handbag, seeing my family and generally taking it easy - bliss :) we have a double bank holiday too because of the Queens Jubilee so I'll be watching all of that coverage on the TV too. Hope you like the outfit xx
Do you have any plans for the bank holiday?

*Topshop shorts and necklace*
*Republic top*
*Primark belt*
*Ebay shoes*

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What I wore today - grey midi dress and McQueen scarf

The weather continues to be glorious over here in the UK, it was pretty muggy though today so popped my new Primark grey midi dress on as its lightweight and airy to do some shopping in town, i also went for lunch with my boyfriend which was lovely. It's got short sleeves and sits just below the knee, i love anything in grey marl and it was in the sale for the absolute bargain price of £5.00 so couldn't resist! I've been a bit dubious of the midi dress style as I'm quite short (5 foot 4 inches), so wasn't sure if I could pull it off - would love to know what you all think please. My little wedge suede booties are from Topshop, I've had them a while and still love them so much! They're really comfy and barely feel like wedges at all, they're just the right height too. To pull the whole outfit together I wore it with my multicolour Alexander McQueen scarf - I think it's one of the best things I've ever bought, pound per wear and all that!
Would love to know your thoughts on the midi dress style.
What are you wearing to keep cool in the hot weather? Xx

*Primark dress and belt*
*Topshop wedges*
*Alexander McQueen scarf*

Hair update - more ombré!

Sorry it's another hair post after yesterday's bombardment! The ends have been lightened so the ombré is brighter and stands out more, I'm really happy now it's all finally finished and I think I'll be keeping this hair do for a while :)
Do any of you have ombré hair? If you do send me a link in the comments box, I'd love to check it out xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

New hair! Blonde - ombré

Hello! So today I had my bleached and highlighted hair dyed back to brown and had the mid to end lengths ombred/dip dyed. I'd nearly forgotten what my dark hair looked like and was slightly apprehensive about it, but I'm SO glad I did it, it's going to be much less maintenance and should be in better condition! I think the dark suits me better than when it was light. The ombré is very subtle and has been balayaged (I think that's what it's called), so I'm going to get used to this and then possibly lighten the ends even more.
I've also posted what I wore today - my new neon zebra print body con midi dress from Primark, with Primark sandals and H&M jewellery.

So the before shot of the hair is on the left, and the after shot is on the right.

Do you like my hair? Hope so! Xx

The Monday Piece - Michael Kors

The subject of today's Monday's Piece is the designer Michael Kors. Kors is an American fashion designer who was born in New York, he is famous for designing classic American sportswear. He has been designing clothes since his teens and has won many accolades as a result of his fantastic designs, his profile was raised when he became designer and creative director of fashion house Celine, who are famous for their clean lines and simple styling. He left Celine to focus on his own ever popular line, featuring ready to wear fashion, shoes, handbags and accessories. He now has many boutiques across the United States, as well as stocking lines in upmarket stores worldwide such as Selfridges and Harrods. His lines vary in design and price, the Kors Michael Kors and Michael by Michael Kors lines are some of his more popular - prices vary from around £75 for a small leather item to roughly £500, though quality and value are always guaranteed. Kors is now a household name after featuring on multiple series on Project Runway, a show that features new fashion designers and showcases their talent. Additionally he has a strong celebrity clientele with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and Michelle Obama all wearing his designs. Below are pictures of his Spring/Summer 2012 campaign featuring classic safari and animal print styles, and two of my favourite handbags from the Summer collection (available to buy at Selfridges).I'm lucky enough to own one of his handbags, the quality is fantastic and the design is so simple, classic and timeless.

Do you own anything by Michael Kors? Do you have your eye on any of his latest collections or items?

All images from Google.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

What I wore today - sunny Sunday

Afternoon all, it has been scorching hot all weekend where I live - I hope all of you have had great weather too. I wore my little smudge print play suit today, I bought it as its comfy, really light fabric, and colourful. I think I only paid about £9.00 for it too so was such a bargain! I've been into town today and bought a few new things, very exciting! I shall be wearing them within the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. I had to wear my hair up again today as it was so hot it was literally sticking to me (not a good look), I'm going to the hairdressers tomorrow as I may be getting it dip dyed/ombred - do you guys think it'll look nice? I'm scared! Comments below please :) xx

*Primark playsuit*
*Topshop wedge suede boots*
*H&M necklace*

Friday, 25 May 2012

What I wore today - Wildfox and Zara

It was another gorgeous today so wore a slouchy tee with my favourite Zara snake print trousers. I love animal prints and am always looking for different prints to wear so was über excited when I spotted these trousers in Zara a while ago! They're really stretchy and have a thick legging like feel to them but have a zip and popper button as well as pockets which turns them into trousers. I got this top from Selfridges in the sale - I love Wildfox as a brand, they make cute, classic tops that you can throw on with anything so got this one in the sale half price. To brighten the outfit I couldn't resist my Michael Kors raspberry pink leather bag, and of course my spike necklace! What do you think of Wildfox? Do you own any of their tops or jumpers? Xx

*Wildfox t-shirt*
*Zara snake trousers*
*Primark heels*
*Topshop spike necklace*
*Michael Kors jet set pink leather handbag*

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What I'm wearing - Zara & H&M

Here is my outfit for today; I'm at work today so have tried to keep it fairly smart, but stylish at the same time (hopefully!). I am wearing my favourite Zara bag with my Zara horse print studded shirt - this shirt is great for summer as it is so lightweight and means I can wear my hair up to show off the studded shoulders. My skinny trousers are from H&M and were only £7.99 - they are stretchy and lightweight too. I wear these Primark heels quite a lot, they are plain black with a heel so are super versatile and you can throw them on with pretty much anything. My jewellery is from H&M - I picked up this star necklace yesterday for £3.99, very happy with it so far. I also repainted my nails last night, I've used Models Own baby Pink with Models Own glitter over the top - my nails are often inspired by Barbie ;) - she is a Beauty Queen after all! I'm off home any minute now to relax in the sun and enjoy a long, hot bath - I can't wait :)
Hopefully tomorrow's outfit will be more Summery and colourful...hope you like xx

*Zara shirt and bag*
*H&M trousers and jewellery*
*Primark shoes*


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Exciting times; Silvia at has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award - I'm so honoured and privileged as I've only been blogging a few weeks, so thanks Silvia :) it makes me smile that you guys enjoy my blog and like to follow my posts, so thank you for all your support and comments!

The rules are as follows;
-Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
-Let them know you have nominated them
-Share 7 random facts about yourself
-Thank the bloggers that have nominated you
-Add the versatile blogger award to your post

My nominations are as follows;


Congratulations to all of the above, you deserve it :) i enjoy reading and following your blogs so much, so keep up the good work.

The 7 random facts about me are;
*I have a history degree,
*I used to be captain of the cheerleaders,
*My favourite shop is Zara,
*My favourite colour is pink,
*Ive got a Guinea Pig called Guinea,
*I can do the splits,
*My favourite gadget is my iPad

Lots of love, Heidi xx

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Monday Piece - Cheryl Cole

Every Monday I will be doing a small post on a person or subject of the fashion world. This could be a fashion house, designer, celebrity, blogger or model.

Today's piece is on Cheryl Cole; 'Cheryl', was thrown into the fashion and media limelight when she competed on the talent show 'Popstars the Rivals' in 2002. It is clear that her style transformation has been nothing less than huge - we used to see Cheryl dressed in sports tracksuits, choker necklaces and various shiny outfits, with over done hair and make up. More recently, after her WAG days, we see her dressed in classic cool t-shirt and jeans combos, fierce Christian Louboutin heels and glamorous couture gowns on the red carpet - she is always groomed to perfection no matter what she wears. Cheryl is considered to be the nations sweetheart, there's no doubt that she's a natural beauty with her long dark hair and Bambi style big brown eyes. The pictures below show Cheryl and her fashion file 10 years ago, as well as Cheryl over the past few days at Cannes film festival in Nice - the latter photos are an example of why many women around the world use Cheryl's style as their inspiration. Her feathered red dress is designed by Stephane Rolland, the cream bodice fits snug and flows down to a stunning red feathered train to match the red carpet - she looks like a beautiful bird of paradise. The other snap shows Cheryl at the airport after her red carpet event, looking stylish in black and white with a simple hair style and natural make up. For British women she is considered one of the most glamourous, best dressed stars around and I can happily say she has my praise and i always look forward to what she'll be wearing next. Cheryl's fashion popularity has even led her to design her own shoe range for - it's definitely worth a peek!
Do you look to Cheryl for inspiration? What do you think of her style and shoe designs?Thoughts below...
(All images courtesy of google)

What I'm wearing today -LRD

This is what I'm wearing today, it's actually sunny! Very excited for Summer now. Today I'm spending the day with my sister Georgia in Malvern, we'll be going for lunch and doing lots of gossiping and possibly browsing some shops! Also I'll be starting a new post that will feature every Monday so keep an eye out for that later on. I couldn't resist my little red Zara dress today, I've teamed it with my Topshop wedge boots, Primark leopard print scarf, and Miss Selfridge jewellery. Let me know what you think. Xx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

My week in handbags

I adore handbags, I truly believe they can make or break an outfit. I tend to use the same handbags day to day so I have to love a bag 100% before I buy it so I know I'll get my use from it. I don't mind spending more money on a handbag than I usually would on clothes or other accessories as I see it as an investment piece (well that's what I tell myself anyway!). This week my handbags have been; Zara messenger bag, vintage Chanel quilted bag, Michael Kors jet set leather pink bag, Longchamp green petrol monogram tote. I barely use the Chanel anymore as it is truly battered, I've had it years and my Guinea pig chewed through the leather on one corner! The other 3 I use all the time as they are so versatile and go with pretty much any outfit.
Which is your favourite? Would love you to share your thoughts xx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday's outfit

This is what I wore today, it's still raining and pretty chilly so I also wore my aviator jacket out. It's quite casual as I just popped into town to go for lunch with my brother and do a bit of shopping. I got a gorgeous jumper from mango so keep your eyes peeled for that over the next few days as I'm sure it'll make an appearance on here! I also wore my favourite Isabel Marant alike wedge trainers, they're super comfy and add a bit of height which is always a bonus as I'm a bit of a shorty ;). Hope you like it x
*Zara tunic*, *American Apparel leggings*, *eBay wedge trainers*, *Topshop necklace*, *Shamballa bracelet*, *Primark friendship bracelets*.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

What I wore today

What I wore today; leopard print wedges! I wore my leopard print wedges (bought off eBay) today as I've not worn them in ages, they're made of a faux horse hair type material and they are surprisingly comfortable. I teamed them with my Topshop silky cargo trousers, Topshop slouchy top, Topshop spike necklace and vintage Chanel bag. It's a pretty casual outfit but I think the wedges make it a bit more dressy. The weathers starting to change i think so hopefully ill be able to raid my Summer wardrobe soon! I bought two new summer t-shirts today from H&M and they were only £3.99 each (not even in the sale) - they have so much nice stuff in there at the moment it's unreal, I'll show you those tomorrow ;) Hope you guys like my pictures today, would love to know what you think x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

What I wore today

My favourite Zara cardigan! It was a chilly morning today with spots of rain throughout the day so I popped my cozy Zara cardigan on to keep me warm. I've had this a little while and wear it quite often, it's really warm and cozy and is so comfortable. Plus I can wear it with either wedges or UGG boots. I love the Aztec pattern and fur hood, I think it looks rather Peruvian! What do you guys think? I cant believe it's May and I'm still wearing knitwear, crazy ;)

*Zara cardigan*, *H&M leggings*, *Topshop top*, *Primark belt*.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Handbag diaries...

No outfit post today, I'll save it for tomorrow :) so I'm doing a 'what's in my handbag post' instead. This is my new beloved zara bag, I'm loving how spacious and slouchy it is. The contents are things I can barely live without, such as; my blackberry and it's Mulberry case, my purse (obviously!), anti rub cream for feet, lipstick, my iPad and Marc Jacobs case, Chanel blotting tissues, soap and glory hand cream, sunglasses, passport, keys! I'm looking to treat myself to a new handbag and my boyfriend has said he'll put some money towards one too - so I'm tempted to go for a classic Louis Vuitton Speedy 30! Please let me know your thoughts or other suggestions on a new handbag ;) x
Also, here are some pictures of celebs and their Louis Vuitton baby's - what style is your favourite?!

Monday, 14 May 2012

What I wore today

My outfit for the day, it's got quite a horse theme I think what with the jodhpurs and horse printed hair tie. I've decided I'm having chips for dinner tonight as a treat, so I shall be back tomorrow with a bloated picture from stuffing myself tonight! The black shoes don't really go that well, I should have worn it with gold sandals - what do you think? I've also posted a picture of my huge growing bun on top of my head, I'm getting to the point where I just want to cut all my hair off as its way too big and unmanageable! I need a new conditioner I think, suggestions please?! X
*Zara jodhpurs*, *River island top*, *Primark heels*, *New look hair tie*, *Miss selfridge necklace and ring*, *Primark bracelets*, *Zara grey messenger bag with edging*.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

What I wore today

Here is what I wore today; it's been lovely and sunny so couldn't resist wearing lots of colour. I tend to stick to neutrals, greys and blacks most of the time so always try to mix it up a bit when the sun shines. My sister, brother and mum came over today as my sisters returned from uni to live back at home again, it's great to have her back and we had a great afternoon gossiping and eating biscuits :). What's even better is that she bought over a huge bag of clothes she doesn't want any more so gave them to me, jackpot!
*Alexander McQueen scarf*, *River island skirt*, *Primark vest*, *Toshop boots*, *Miss selfridge necklace*, *Shamballa bracelet*, *Primark belt*, *Primark aviators*.
Hope you all like my summery outfit x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

New glasses

I got my new glasses today from Specsavers, such a relief as I snapped my other pair in half on Thursday. I also get my contact lenses from them so my new specs were free, woo hoo. I've gone for a thick, geeky frame this time, and I must say I'm really happy with them. Let me know what you guys think x

What I wore today, lazy Saturday!

This is what I wore today, quite simply a slouchy tee, leggings and boots - I had a few errands to run in town so kept it easy going and casual :)

*american apparel nylon tricot leggings*, *republic off the shoulder top*, *Carvela KG boots*, *miss selfridge necklace*, *shamballa bracelet*.

Hope you all like xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

What I wore today

My outfit for the day, *pink Zara skater dress* *primark white shirt* *primark black heels* *topshop necklace* *miss selfridge ring* *primark belt* *customised name bracelet from hello kitty*. I love anything pink at the moment, it always seems to brighten my day, I hope you all like it - let me know what you think xx
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