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Monday, 27 August 2012

What I'm wearing today - primark leather sleeve safari parka and tigertop

I've just got time for a little outfit post today, as you may know from my previous post I'm busy busy busy packing up my flat ready for the house move. I'm so relieved it's a bank holiday weekend as it gives me more time to prepare, back to work tomorrow though. Since I've been sorting through all my stuff I've realised I have SO much stuff I don't wear anymore or stuff I've just worn once and then forgotten about... so I'm thinking of starting a small 'shop' on a new page of my blog - ill just take a load of pictures of the items and add the prices, it'll all be cheap and cheerful though for any of you who are interested :) more on that later!
I'm also trying to do my pictures in a different format so they are all the same size and shape, as well as this I'm also trying to link back to things i buy, I'm sorry for being so lazy (such a bad blogger). I want a new layout and background too but I'm so indecisive - I need someone who is clever to do this for me though as I'm just awful and so rubbish when it comes to being creative. Help please!
How have you spent the bank holiday?

*Primark faux leather sleeve jacket, £25.00, similar here*
*Zara tiger tunic, £5.00 via eBay similar here*
*Miss Selfridge rope cross necklace, £3.00 sale, similar here*
*Internacionale faux Lita shoes, £20.99, similar here*
*Michael Kors jet set pink leather bag, £225.00 via Selfridges, similar here*

The Monday Piece - Lara Stone

Todays Monday Piece is on Dutch model Lara Stone, her impeccable beauty and stunning body have astounded fashionistas, magazine editors, and fashion designers worldwide. She was 'discovered' at the young age of 14 whilst holidaying with her parents, and since the start of her career she has modelled on the catwalk for Max Mara, Calvin Klein, Balmain, Marc Jacobs, and my favourite Parisian designer Isabel Marant to name but a few. I adore Lara Stone, she represents natural beauty and has a healthy slim yet amazingly curvaceous physique as opposed to the usual waif like figure we are used to. Additionally her gap toothed features have caused a stir in the fashion world and has really started a 'trend' for wide toothed, leggy blonde models - cue Georgia May Jagger & co, on Americas Next Top Model Tyra Banks allegedly widened a contestants two front teeth to get the 'Lara Look'. She is also famed for her sexy sixties style siren image, and we often see her in glamourous photo shoots with big backcombed hair and retro clothing.
As well as being a worldwide beauty, Stone has acquired an 'It' girl status and is rather hot property. In 2010 she married British comedian David Walliams. She has graced many Vogue covers and has headed campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Prada and DKNY amongst many others.
One thing for sure is that she's here to stay and I predict we'll be seeing her in many more magazines and fashion campaigns...I can't wait to see what she does next.

All images taken from google.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

What I did this week - random pictures and a smart outfit for work

What a crazy busy week it's been...I've been wanting to move house for a little while now, we've had a few 'problems' with our current place which I won't bore you with, but basically we've found somewhere new to live, exciting! Its been majorly last minute and we have 4 days to pack up and leave - I live with my boyfriend and Guinea Pig in Worcester which is kind of middle England, it's quite a nice place but we'd love to travel and move away in the future - at the moment we're renting and living in a little 2 bedroom flat, it's pretty basic but has lovely views over the Malvern hills, however our new place is a 2 bedroom house (wow that sounds so grown up), and has a lounge, kitchen diner, conservatory, garden, master bedroom with en suite, another double bedroom and a guest bathroom - its more expensive than what we pay now but it's in a 'nicer' area and is hopefully somewhere where we can settle. So next week is moving week, it's going to be so stressful and busy as I have to work full time as well, but I'm super excited and just hope it all goes to plan...for those of you who are curious and nosy (like me), I'll show you some pictures after we move in.
As I've been do busy I've rarely blogged this week, naughty Heidi, I do apologise, but here are some pictures of my week; Smart outfit for work, tasty meal out last night with friends, shoes of the week, standard blog pose picture.
I'll try my best to do an outfit post this weekend, have a fan bank holiday weekend, I'm off to pack up my life.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What I wore today - oasap YSL top

Apologies in advance for my rubbish pictures today - you know when you take a whole bunch but none of them are really 'quite' right...well that's me today! The lighting was all wrong and my boyfriend took them for me at 8 after I got back from my yoga class. Hope you're well anyway and are enjoying the week.
Essentially today is about showing off my new OASAP top, yay - for those of you who don't know (but I'm sure you do by now) OASAP are a huge company that sell an enormous range of ladies fashion, jewellery, shoes and accessories - as well as this they offer a super duper blogger affiliate programme for the likes of us fashion bloggers. All you have to do if you want to partake, is leave your blog URL and email address below and I'll recommend you ;). Although I never created this blog to 'get free stuff' it's always nice to have a little treat and show off really nice clothes. I'd never wear/accept anything I didn't like though...just so you know what I wear I choose and want to wear :). Well I love my new top, it's like a chiffon/cotton material and is really comfy too, i think it feels and looks great - do you like it? Obviously it's a YSL dupe, but I really like it and can think of a load if things I'll wear it with, you can't go wrong with black and white!
This is also a good time to show you my new trousers from Zara, i got them last week for £9.99 reduced from £39.99 - what a bargain, they're biker trousers with a leather coating. At first I was slightly unsure of the material and style but tried them on and had to have them, I might wear them out on Friday night with something sassy...we'll wait and see!
Don't forget to check out the Oasap website, you can also check out my Oasap YSL top too!

*c/o OASAP top*
*Zara coated trousers, £9.99 sale*
*eBay leopard print wedges, £39.99 roughly I think, bracelet £5.00*
*Miss Selfridge necklace, £2.00 sale*

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Monday Piece - Zara

This weeks Monday Piece is on my all time favourite high street store, Zara. Those of you who read my blog regularly will already know what a mega fan I am, I feature their clothes in almost every outfit post. I adore the quality, style, and cut of their pieces, plus they're prices are so reasonable and I can always rely on picking something gorgeous up in store.
The Spanish store was created in 1975 and was hugely successful from then on, it originally set out in creating look a like designer pieces at affordable prices, something the store has continued to achieve in recent years. The popularity of the stores meant expansion during the 1980's through to Portugal, France and the US, thereafter they started a men's and children's line as well as women's - a unique aspect of the stores production is they can get a product designed, sourced and created then put into the shop within 2 weeks. As well as this they produce up to 11,000 pieces yearly compared to the 2-3000 of its competitors.
My favourite fashion season is winter and Zara have not disappointed with their most recent collection, I've pictured my favourite pieces below, the leopard print boots are screaming my name!
Have you spied something pretty in Zara recently?

All pictures taken from google.

Friday, 17 August 2012

What I wore today - new Zara studded cardigan

Just a quickie outfit post before I head off to Cardiff, I'm wearing my beloved new Zara cardigan - its a cross between a jacket and cardigan and is quite thick, with a tweedy material in blue and cream with some little silvery bits too - it also has studded shoulders and if you do it up it has a little peplum at the waist (cute) so I just love it! I got it on Wednesday in Birmingham, it was such a bargain at £29.99 too - ill be wearing this over and over so hope you don't get sick of it! Apologies for my blurry/not very good pictures, my bf took them for me when I got back from work but somehow there's weird shadows around me, hope you can see the outfit ok anyway.
I find it tricky finding summer-autumn transition pieces as I hate being cold but hate being too hot too, so little jackets like this are perfect to throw on. I'm still after a new black leather/pleather jacket too, they had some cool ones in Zara but they were rather pricey at £150...
Have a great night!

*Zara jacket £29.99, leggings £12,99 sale, top £5.99 sale*
*Primark shoes, £12.00*
*Bracelets c/o Petra, gift from sister, eBay and primark*

What I did this week - pictures

It's Friday! Hope you've got a lovely weekend planned, I'm off to Cardiff for the weekend with my boyfriend to visit his family so should be nice. This is what I've been up to recently - essentially just eating really. Also want to say a huge thank you to Petra at thewayweare blog for my beautiful pink bracelet, I received it yesterday and love it! X
Pictures; cafe Nero, tea in my favorite mug, spiky shoes, bracelets, me eating at Cafe Rouge after sweaty yoga class (must make more of an effort!), drinks, beef bourguignon, new bracelet, spiky necklace and McQ scarf.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What I wore today - skulls and jeans

Ola! I had a day off work today as Its my boyfriends birthday so we went shopping in Birmingham, luckily he's a mega shopaholic too and loves a good shopping trip. We also went for a nice meal last night after my yoga class, I had beef bourguigon and it was so yum - so happy birthday Glyndwr! We got some pretty cool stuff shopping today, Glyndwr got a few bits and bobs but my favourite were some amazing red Ralph Lauren chinos he bought (ill try and get a sneaky photo as he just looks too cute)! Although it was his birthday I got a few treats too, some perfume, a pair of amazing leather/wax coated jeans and a boucle type cardigan from Zara - I'm sure I'll be wearing them soon and I'll definitely be showing them off to you guys! We're just having a cosy night in tonight (our favourite thing to do), so it'll be nice to chill after a hectic day in the city. It was so busy considering it was a Wednesday, I guess it's because of the school holidays, they seem to be lasting forever this year, wish I had six weeks off...
Hope you've had a good week so far, it's gone super quick and I can't believe another weekend is just around the corner. Any nice plans? My outfit is a pretty relaxed casual one today, I needed to be comfortable and practical for storming around Brum, I do love these wedge trainers but they make the balls of my feet site after a little while. They were cheap though so can't complain!

*Zara jeans £15.99 sale, vest £4.99 sale*
*eBay wedge trainers, £34.99*
*Alexander McQueen scarf, £165.00*
*Vivienne Westwood handbag, £175.00 half price in sale via Selfridges*
*Miss Selfridge necklace, £2.00 sale*

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Monday Piece - Miley Cyrus

This weeks piece is on little Miley Cyrus - daughter of legendary country singer Billy Cyrus, Miley shot to fame as the star of Hannah Montana; with her own TV series and her own line of films, as well as acting she's quite the popster - she's had massive hits worldwide with songs such as Party In The USA.
In recent years Miley has shed her little girl Disney image and traded it in for a more grungy, emo look - we now see her in biker boots and black, chained necklaces and tattoos, instead of her long blonde wig and pink dress. She's also tried to shed the Disney, child like image by adopting a more 'cheeky' look and lifestyle, with nude photos leaked and images of Miley smoking a bong her rebellious side has definitely shown through. Although we may see a more conservative side to her yet as she is due to marry her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, do you think we'll see Miley settle down? Judging from her new hair do, last picture below, I think not. Although naughty at times I do like Miley's grungy style, and when she scrubs up I think she looks like a real doll!
What do you think of Miley's new chopped hair?

All images taken from google.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

What I wore today - mint lace and dangerous sandals

Bonjour! What a lovely day it's been in the UK. I had a nice lie in this morning, then did a big tidy up of my flat (god only knows how two people can make it so messy), and then I went into town with my boyfriend where we had a nice lunch and bought a tent for future camping adventures. I do love camping, even if it's just for a night or two I find it so peaceful and just lovely. Plus campsites only charge a few pounds a night so it's super cheap to get away from the city. I also bought a new pair of clippers to shave my guinea pig, he's a long haired breed and needs lots of trimming and grooming to keep his coat relatively short and practical, bless him. So I'll be shaving him a bit later on and giving him a bubble bath - which he loves it by the way.
I retried on the office nighthawks, I was so prepared to part with my £80 but sadly they weren't 'quite' right...the size three boots did fit but they weren't that comfy, plus I felt they even made my baby feet look big, so not sure what they'd look like on a larger foot either, maybe they looked slightly odd on me as i'm a but if a short ass at 5 foot 4. So in the end I didn't buy them, I believe in the motto 'if in doubt go without' and I totally feel I've made the right decision. My search continues for the perfect winter boot...if you've seen some nice ones be sure to let me know in the comments please!
Loving my recent Zara sale purchases, as i'm sure you've noticed, this mint lace top is my favourite, super light material, great colour, peplum style and a sheer back - what's not to love?!

*Zara top £15.99 sale, jeans £15.99 sale*
*River Island spiky sandals, £15.00 sale*
*Topshop necklace, £12.00*
*Primark friendship bracelets £2.99, orange bracelet gift from Barcelona*

Friday, 10 August 2012

What I wore today - baggy jeans and stars

Hope you've had a good week, I'm looking forward to a chilled out weekend! Not too sure what I plan to do yet, I'm kind of a last minute kind of girl but I'm sure some time will be spent browsing the shops of Worcester. I've got my eye on the Office nighthawk boots in black, I mentioned them a few posts down - they're a bit pricey at £80.00 but I'm very sure I'll get my use out of them.
When it comes to fashion I prefer quality over quantity - when I was a teenager I'd do most my shopping in Primark and spend £100 on ten tops and three pairs of shoes, i'd wear each item once or twice but then end up flogging them on eBay a month or so after! But now I'm in my twenties I'm more selective (and more fussy) about what I buy. There's a ton of cheap shops on the high street now that offer low price, disposable fashion though i'd rather spend £100 on a few items I know I'll wear over and over, that are also transition pieces and good quality. My favourite stores for fair prices, good quality, and amazing clothes at the moment are Zara, Topshop, H&M and River Island. Of course I shop in other stores too. However don't get me wrong, stores such as Primark and New Look throw out a few gems each season that I simply must have, and theres no denying the amazing prices!
Hope you like my outfit today...I went for the baggy jeans and heels look so slightly out of my comfort zone but I quite like it!
Do you have a favourite shop at the moment?
Do you rate quality or quantity when it comes to fashion?

*Zara jeans £29.99, top £15.99*
*Primark shoes, £12.00*
*H&M necklace, £3.99*
*Vivienne Westwood bag, £175 half price from £350.00 via Selfridges*

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What I wore today - neon and black

Hello everyone! Hope you're well and enjoying the sunshine. This morning started all misty and wet but somehow the sun is now shining and scorching hot - rumour has it we'll be having a mini heat wave tomorrow onwards so expect summery outfits from me!
Threw this outfit on whilst in a bit of a rush, it's rather boring really... I love neon with an all black outfit, I wish my photos showed up the neon of this top more though. I'm absolutely gutted, after wearing my AA leggings today I've noticed that one side (possibly where my hand bag slouches) has gone all bobbly :(. I'm hoping after a soft, light wash they'll be ok as I love and wear these ALL the time.
Any plans for the sunshine?

*Zara neon top, £15.99 sale*
*American Apparel nylon tricot leggings, £30.00*
*Primark shoes, £12.00*
*Topshop spike necklace, £14.00*

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Monday Piece - The Chloe Susanna boots

This weeks piece is on the beautiful Chloe Susanna boots. I love Chloe as a brand and in recent years they're accessories, shoes and bags have been classic, fashion forward pieces that have been oh so coveted by many of us, the paddington handbag for example - i still need that in my life.
As soon as these boots were released a few years ago they were an instant sell out and highly coveted by celebrities, models and bloggers. However with a hefty price tag of around £800.00 price tag they were unreachable for many of us who earn a pretty standard wage, sad face.
They have been recently re-released and my love for them is growing still, from the amazing shape and style, colours and studs, they are utterly perfect and my dream shoe! If I owned these boots I would most definitely wear them like Sienna below, with a cool biker jacket and simple tee.
If the price has scared you off but you love the boot, fear not as Office are to the rescue - they have created and re-released their version too, the 'nighthawk' - available in black, red or grey for a bargain price of £80, a tenth of the price of the Susanna's. These boots can be worn so many different ways and through all seasons, if you love these dupes then snap them up sharp as they'll be a sure sell out. I'm desperate for a red pair, size 4 please?!
Do you like the Susanna boots, are you happy to settle for the nighthawks? I know i am...

All pictures taken from google.
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