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Monday, 6 August 2012

The Monday Piece - The Chloe Susanna boots

This weeks piece is on the beautiful Chloe Susanna boots. I love Chloe as a brand and in recent years they're accessories, shoes and bags have been classic, fashion forward pieces that have been oh so coveted by many of us, the paddington handbag for example - i still need that in my life.
As soon as these boots were released a few years ago they were an instant sell out and highly coveted by celebrities, models and bloggers. However with a hefty price tag of around £800.00 price tag they were unreachable for many of us who earn a pretty standard wage, sad face.
They have been recently re-released and my love for them is growing still, from the amazing shape and style, colours and studs, they are utterly perfect and my dream shoe! If I owned these boots I would most definitely wear them like Sienna below, with a cool biker jacket and simple tee.
If the price has scared you off but you love the boot, fear not as Office are to the rescue - they have created and re-released their version too, the 'nighthawk' - available in black, red or grey for a bargain price of £80, a tenth of the price of the Susanna's. These boots can be worn so many different ways and through all seasons, if you love these dupes then snap them up sharp as they'll be a sure sell out. I'm desperate for a red pair, size 4 please?!
Do you like the Susanna boots, are you happy to settle for the nighthawks? I know i am...

All pictures taken from google.


  1. I am in love with these boots, they are so amazing! xo

  2. Wow I love these boots, they are so cute!!!


  3. AMAZING! but oooh i cant believe it. Jeffrey Campbell did a Susanna knockoff?! i came across these just yesterday:

    120 quid! so the question is, the Office version or JC for the budget? XOXO

  4. them boots are just gorgeoussss!! <33

  5. Those Office ones are pretty cute! Yup, I want a pair :)

  6. this shoes are not mu cup of tea, but in this sets they look great

  7. Wow! Cute! Love the studs and gold on black.
    Would you follow my blog please. Of course, I will follow you, too!
    Thank you!
    xoxx, Monica
    F&ML: Fashion And My Life

  8. I like your blog style and has everything I like.


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