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Monday, 26 January 2015

The Monday Piece - Paris January 2015

This week's Monday Piece is on my trip to Paris! My boyfriend surprised me on Christmas Day with the insane gift of a trip to off we went to explore the city for a weekend. We took the Eurostar, it was so simple and convenient, and arrived in Paris on Friday the 9th January - as i mentioned in a previous post we were there during the awful attacks, which wasn't ideal, though we tried not to focus on it and stayed vigilant and sensible during our stay. We stayed in a fab hotel 5 minutes from the Eiffel Tower and we could see it from our balcony so that was pretty cool! Friday afternoon we went out for coffee, then mooched around before heading to the Champs-Elysées which was lined with beautiful shops and restaurants, and of course walked up to the Arc de Triomphe to have a picture taken! We were keen on trying some traditional French food, as it's mega tasty, so stopped off at a restaurant in the centre of the Champs-Elysées where we ate snails and crème brulee which was delicious, then had a drink in a tiny bar around the corner where a pint costs 10 euro,,,nuts!

Saturday day we stopped off at a little brasserie for breakfast, again keeping it traditional with an omelette du fromage and a croque madame, and fresh coffee which was SO good! We then headed to The Louvre which i was super excited for, and saw the love lock bridge which was awesome - the Louvre building is absolutely incredible, and i could spend days in there taking it all in, and learning about the feast of historical artefacts and paintings - seeing the Mona Lisa was a special moment for me, definitely go if you ever get the chance, it's one of the most inspiring, fascinating places i've ever been!

Following this we walked to Notre Dame and spent a little time there, before hopping in a taxi to the Eiffel Tower, so exciting! We walked up the stairs to the top, best thigh workout everrr, but it was fun to do it and even more breathtaking when we got to see the views over Paris. The weather then went a little dodgy so we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Choosing or finding restaurants in Paris is so easy, every street is lined with eateries of all different cuisines, so there's something to suit all tastes. We found a fairly posh, sleek looking place not far from where we were staying, it was yummy and lovely though tiny portions so we ended up getting crisps and snacks on the way back to satisfy our tums...ha!

Sunday was our time to leave, before doing so we had some breakfast in a cafe and had some chill time before hopping on the Eurostar back to the UK! Paris is truly beautiful, amazing and inspiring - the people were charming, the buildings and architecture is unbelievably stunning, and the general culture and vibe is exciting, not to mention the romance in the air! I want to go back already...enjoy the snaps!

Ps. Thank you Nick, i loved it! Xx


Monday, 19 January 2015

The Monday Piece - New Year Workout Wear

This week's Monday Piece is on New Year Workout Wear! Sooo i decided to join the spa this year as i was after a new hobby and am wanting to get a little fitter, it's got a big gym with tonnes of equipment, a dance studio, spa section, pool and relaxation areas, so there's lots to do there. With all that in mind it's an ideal excuse and time to go shopping for cute gym stuff...hooray! I usually wear a pair of shorts with trainers and a vest top, or something similar, but always need to be comfy. I love Nike workout wear, it's fab quality and they're always releasing new styles and prints which are pretty cool and jazzy. It can be a little expensive though so my Mum introduced me to the H&M fitness range which is mega impressive, comfy and oh so flattering, and also very reasonably priced - pieces start at around £7,99 and the quality is just as good as branded items so do check it out. The Adidas leotard is a bit daring but lots of fun, so why not! A cosy hoodie is always necessary for the walk home after or popping on to run errands so i had to include that, it's almost 'too' nice to wear to the gym though!
Gym stuff

Monday, 12 January 2015

The Monday Piece - Quick Paris Snap 'Paris Est Charlie'

This week's Monday piece is on a quick Paris snap! I was in Paris for the weekend, from Friday onwards, so it was a trip with mixed emotions due to the awful attacks that occurred last week, and the events that followed them. Therefore before i do a full post with pictures from the weekend, i wanted to share this snap i took at the Arc De Triomphe on Friday evening, the monument was lit up with the words 'Paris Est Charlie' as a mark of respect and tribute to the victims and city.


Monday, 5 January 2015

The Monday Piece - Alexander Wang Jersey Dresses

This week's Monday Piece is on Alexander Wang jersey dresses! Clean, simple styles are classic, easy to wear, and versatile - and 'that' Wang quality and chicness is off the the three dresses below are pieces i'm especially craving at the moment. My favourite is probably the long sleeved grey dress, dressed up with heels or worn as a tunic over skinny ripped jeans i just love it, and of course adding some grunge accessories makes it even better! Alexander McQueen skull scarves are always sassy and add a little summin summin to every outfit, then the MCM backpack is a guilty pleasure as i feel like i shouldn't like it but i just can't help but lust after their cuteness and nostalgic vibe. Nothing wrong with a bit of fun fashion!
Alexander Wang and accessories
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