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Monday, 19 January 2015

The Monday Piece - New Year Workout Wear

This week's Monday Piece is on New Year Workout Wear! Sooo i decided to join the spa this year as i was after a new hobby and am wanting to get a little fitter, it's got a big gym with tonnes of equipment, a dance studio, spa section, pool and relaxation areas, so there's lots to do there. With all that in mind it's an ideal excuse and time to go shopping for cute gym stuff...hooray! I usually wear a pair of shorts with trainers and a vest top, or something similar, but always need to be comfy. I love Nike workout wear, it's fab quality and they're always releasing new styles and prints which are pretty cool and jazzy. It can be a little expensive though so my Mum introduced me to the H&M fitness range which is mega impressive, comfy and oh so flattering, and also very reasonably priced - pieces start at around £7,99 and the quality is just as good as branded items so do check it out. The Adidas leotard is a bit daring but lots of fun, so why not! A cosy hoodie is always necessary for the walk home after or popping on to run errands so i had to include that, it's almost 'too' nice to wear to the gym though!
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  1. I like H&M's line of fitness wear, too. Very modern and hip! Nike is still #1, though! I love Lulu Lemon for dance and yoga, too. I don't know if they have that store over in the UK or not!

    xoxx, Monica
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  2. I bet you're the foxiest girl at the gym! I'm going to join one this year...

    Tara x

  3. I started boxing this year, it's a lot of fun and I've already lost 10lbs in less than 2 weeks! :)


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