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Saturday, 30 June 2012

What I wore today - Saturday!

Happy weekend everyone! I had a great day with my brother today, he came over to mine and we had a nice cup of tea before venturing into town. We had all you can eat Chinese food, it was SO yummy! So I had lots of hot and sour soup, crispy pork, rice and wontons - it was the best. My trousers were super tight after though, oops! We then went to the shops as my brother needed a new outfit for a family wedding that we are going to next Saturday (i got my dress on Wednesday) - so next weekend you can look forward to seeing me all dressed up, I'm excited!
This topshop top is new, I love it as it has a cutout shoulder and a cute skeleton print all over it - plus it was only £14.00 full price, bargain :) I think I'll be wearing this lots and will look cool layered up in autumn too. I wore my pretty heels today to glam it up a bit, and of course I teamed it with my favourite Zara bag - its so great as I can fit so much into it, and the straps adjustable too.

This whole outfit apart from my shoes is still available to buy online or in store, I've also started to put the prices up of all my items so you can see how much items are. Hope this is helpful!

I'm off to the gym tomorrow for a work out, and also need to do my food shopping so nothing very exciting happening tomorrow - do you have any nice plans?


*Topshop top, £14.00*
*Zara bag, £19.99*
*H&M trousers, £7.99, necklace £3.99*
*Primark shoes, £12.00*
*eBay shamballa bracelet, £5.00*

Thursday, 28 June 2012

What I wore today - neon midi dress

Hello, hope you are doing well and have had a good week do far. It's Friday tomorrow so the weekend is just around the corner - do you have any nice plans? I'm having a nice chilled out weekend I think, i'm meeting my brother for lunch on Saturday and then doing something with my boyfriend on Sunday.
The Zara sale has started, I've been preparing for it and had amended my basket ready for when the online sale started at 12.00am! I got 7 out of 8 things I wanted, now all I have to do is wait for the items to arrive - I'm very excited.
We have had insane thunder storms with lightening and torrential rain but with outbursts of sun too - so I wore my body con midi dress with my faux Litas...It's also so humid and hot with the temperature being around 25C so it's tough finding an outfit to meet all of the weather requirements!
I had a bad face today so wore my big aviators, I apologise for the lack of effort with my hair too - as it's so long it's hard to wear it down when it's so hot and humid as it just gets MASSIVE and frizzy (not a good look).
I realise this dress may not be to everyone's taste as its pretty bright and quirky, but I love it and it's super easy to wear.

Are you wearing anything slightly crazy at the moment?
Is my dress a bit OTT for your liking?


*Primark dress, £5 (half price sale), sunglasses £2*
*Faux Lita shoes, £20.99 internacionale*
*Shamballa bracelet, £5 eBay*

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What I wore today - OASAP

Hello, hope you've had a good start to the week. I had a day off work today do did some errands in town and have just finished watching a DVD - I watched Contagion and was quite impressed! I don't tend to watch films that often as I watch a lot of normal TV, but it's been so wet and horrible recently all I wanted to do was sit on the sofa and watch a movie with some popcorn.

I'm wearing my new dress that was kindly sent to me from online fashion store OASAP. I really like the polka dots with the open shoulder top over it, it's comfy too and a good fit. Here is a link to this exact item on their website, it's free worldwide delivery too!

If you are a blogger and enjoy writing about fashion and what you wear, oasap may sponsor you with their blogger affiliate program like they do with me. They give you FREE credits to spend on their website and you can choose anything you like, they have everything from scarves to dresses. You have to be invited by someone who is already sponsored by them, so if you would like me to invite you then leave a comment below with your e-mail address and I'll invite you!

Also, do you like my new bright pink scarf? I got it in the sale yesterday!

*Dress with top overlay, c/o OASAP*
*H&M trousers, £7.99, necklace £3.99*
*Miss Selfridge scarf, £7.00 (sale)*
*Topshop shoes, £28.00*

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Monday Piece - Kate Moss

Today's Monday Piece is on English model and worldwide fashion icon Kate Moss.
Kate Moss is a worldwide fashion model who has fronted campaigns for fashion houses such as Burberry, Chanel, Calvin Klein as well as beauty campaigns for Dior and Rimmel London. Kate was 'discovered' by the founder of Storm model management at the age of 14 in 1988 whilst at JFK airport after a holiday with her family. She was then photographed by various high profile photographers and became hugely popular - she then fronted a campaign for Calvin Klein which was the start of her successful modelling career.
Compared to the more voluptuous models of the 1990's, such as Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer, Kate was known for her waif like figure and was notably shorter as well as slimmer than other models. Although this sparked outrage amongst some, the waif model figure was then widespread. As a result since the 90's Kate has fronted campaigns for every major fashion house out there. At the age of 38 she is still modelling and has recently designed her own clothing sell out collections for major high street chain Topshop and a handbag collection for Longchamp. She also has her own fragrance range.

Her own personal style is described as boho chic and grunge, she is often spotted wearing tight leather trousers and simple tees paired with fierce boots and her favourite Balenciaga city bag! Due to her great style she has topped many best dressed lists and modelled on the cover of prestigious fashion magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair worldwide.
Personally I love Kate Moss' style, she always looks rocky and cool and always effortlessly glam.

She is currently fronting a campaign for high street store Mango, as you can see on the first picture she looks amazing in the neon striped jumper dress.
Do you like Kate's style?
What do you think of her modelling talent?


All images from google.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

What I wore today - new shoes!

It is STILL raining, I'm currently on my sofa writing this post on my iPad staring outside looking at how wet the weather is! It's June, we have no sun, and it is proper chilly - jumpers are imperative and my legs are hidden away in leggings. Gutted!

However I am excited as my new lita type shoes arrived, and I LOVE them. Ive had my eye on some boots like this for a while and saw this deal and started clicking straight away. I got them from the Internacionale online shop, they are priced at £24.99 however if you type WELCOME20 into the voucher section when you pay you get 20% off, plus delivery which is only £1.00 and they arrived next day! Furthermore if you are a student you get an extra 10% off - amazing. So I got them for £20.99 in total, such a bargain - especially as the original Jeffrey Campbell version cost about £150.00!
I've not bought much from their store before but I'm mega impressed with these, they are actually comfortable and easily wearable due to the big platform and chunky heel, they're well made and zip up the side as well lace up the front so they're easy to pop on and off. I know I'm going to get my wear out of these bad boys, just like my topshop spike necklace which I'm wearing again in this outfit post! I originally wanted some lilac ones but went for black as they are so much more versatile and I can wear them in winter too.

How is your weekend so far? Are you fans of the Lita style boots?


*Zara jumper, £35.00*
*American Apparel leggings, £30.00*
*Primark vest, £3.00*
*Internacionale platform boots, £20.99*
*Topshop spike necklace, £14.00*


Firstly a HUGE thank you to all of you who entered :) the giveaway has ended and the winner has been picked at random with their name out of a hat!

The winner is...

Kath @

Congratulations! I have messaged you, please respond within 48 hours or another winner will be picked.

I will be doing another giveaway in the future to thank all of my loyal followers.
Thank you again for your continued support.

Lots of love X

Thursday, 21 June 2012

What I wore today - rain rain go away

Evening all, how are you today? My outfit today looks like I'm ready for winter! It's raining and freezing cold so only a jumper would do today, it's so frustrating as I have lots of pretty summer clothes I want to wear but the weather won't let me :( at least I get to be snugly in my jumper though, the air con is always on at work so it was helpful in keeping me warm. I love this bright leopard print scarf, it adds a pop of colour to my dreary outfit. Apparently the weathers going to be cool and rainy for the next 3 weeks, I seriously need some sun. How do you dress for work? I sometimes find it tricky to dress comfortably as well as smart...I used my belt to tighten the jumper into a peplum style which I like. I really want a cute peplum tight top but can't seem to find one - any suggestions?

Also the other day I posted about a Michael Kors fluffy gilet - I took it back to the shop as I decided NOT to keep it! Thank you for all of your comments, they proved very helpful. Instead I've bought some shoes which I'll post about when they are delivered, I'm very excited and know I'll wear them lots! X

*Zara jumper, £35.00*
*Primark scarf £3.00, shoes £12.00, belt £2.00*
*Asos leggings with skirt attached, £12.00*


Hello everyone, hope your days going well so far. I have something to cheer you all up, online fashion store OASAP is doing a massive giveaway of 152 items - all you have to do is click the link below and enter! There are lots of pretty dresses to choose from and it's free to enter! So get clicking and keep your fingers crossed :)


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Do I keep it?! HELP!

I need your help please! I took this picture in the shop earlier so I could show you all as I cannot decide whether to keep it or not.

All of the new autumn/winter stock is starting to appear in stores and I'm loving it! Ive managed to resist a few pieces however this one really caught my eye!
It's a Michael Kors gilet/waistcoat/cardigan from TK Maxx, and is £39.99 reduced from £215.00 - it's super fluffy, 100% wool, can be worn on its own in summer with baggy jeans or worn in winter layered up. It has a hood too so it just feels so snugly - I love it, but it's quite different and a bit crazy compared to my usual taste...although sometimes its good to look a little different and the lady in the shop said there are only a few available in the UK :)

So do you think I should keep it or take it back? What else could I wear it with? HELP! X

PS. Sorry for the gangster pictures with the hood up, I couldn't resist!

Monday, 18 June 2012

What I wore today - silly hat!

Evening lovelies! Happy Monday, hope you've had a great start to the week, mines been ok :). So today I thought is wear a silly beanie hat as I was having a very bad hair day so I had to plait it and wear a hat - I've kept the outfit very casual and easy going as I was in a bit of a rush getting ready today, though I quite like it as my wedge trainers quirk it up a little.

I love these Aztec print shorts and haven't had much chance to wear them, they are from the kids section in new look and were such a bargain at £14.00! They are quite versatile too and are great for summer, they're really colourful too so are easy to match up with other stuff.

We are celebrating my sisters birthday tomorrow , me, my mum, brother and sister are going to do a bit of shopping in town and then we'll have some nice food somewhere do I'm really looking forward to it :) my sisters off to Barcelona for a month at the end of the week, I'm super jealous as she's going to have an awesome time!
Sadly I don't have a holiday planned this year, hopefully me and my boyfriend will get a late deal to somewhere hot in Europe at the end of the summer - any suggestions are welcome!

Do you wear a hat when you have a bad hair day?!
Hope you had a great weekend.

Don't forget my topshop giveaway, scroll to the bottom of the page and see the archive and click TOPSHOP GIVEAWAY :)

*River Island panda hat, old*
*New look shorts, £14.00*
*Topshop top, £14.00, necklace £12.00*
*eBay hi top wedge trainers, £37.00, shamballa bracelet £5.00*

The Monday Piece - Vivienne Westwood

Today's Monday Piece is on British iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. I have picked this particular designer as my new handbag is a Westwood design :)
Westwood has been a successful fashion designer since the 1980's where she was famed for entering the 'punk' scene into the fashion world - her outrageous and different designs caught the fashion world by storm and her styles and success have flourished ever since. Her original punk designs featured safety pins, tartan, razor blades and even bondage gear!

Although her style and designs have always been quintessentially British, she is now a prolific and popular wedding dress designer, who can forget the stunning dress that featured in the Sex And The City movie in which Carrie was given a Vivienne Westwood dress to wear to her wedding to Mr. Big (pictured below).

As well as her own successful lines of catwalk, bridal clothing and accessories she has also recently collaborated with Australian shoe designer brand 'Melissa' - the designs feature heeled and Wellington shoes made from a plastic/jelly type material and are affordable priced so they are accessible to everyone. Fans include Leonard Lewis and Katie Perry, pictured below in their gorgeous bright styles! There are some currently in the sale at Selfridges for around £60.00, at full price they start from around £100.00.

Her designs are showcased worldwide on the catwalk and she has stores in England and Milan, you can also buy it from high end retailers such as Selfridges and Net a Porter. She has a large clientele, including celebrities as well as British royalty and of course the great british public. The above emulates her versatility within the fashion world and personally I love her designs as they are different and stand out from the crowd, as well as being beautiful quality.

Do you own any Vivienne Westwood?
Are you a fan of the tartan styles?

All pictures used are from google.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

What I bought today - baggy jeans

Hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend! Mines been quite chilled and relaxed, my brother and I went to Birmingham today for a little bit of retail therapy and a juicy burger. It's my sisters birthday soon too so we also got her a little prezzie.

I've wanted some baggy boyfriend jeans forever, and today they had the perfect pair in Zara for me so I'm very excited. They're low slung, drop crotch, studded and ripped - I love them! They fit so nice and are ridiculously comfy. I barely ever wear proper jeans but think these are so versatile and look pretty cool. I got a gorgeous black low back top from Zara too, I saw loads in there today but I'm waiting for the sales so I can get more for my money.

I also got some studded canvas pumps from Topshop that I've been listing after for a while, they're very soft and really cute due to the all over studs. These are also really versatile as they can be worn with virtually anything!
Do you like my new things? Did you get anything nice?

*Jeans £29.99, top £15.99, both Zara*
*Studded pumps £28.00, Topshop*

Friday, 15 June 2012

New handbag alert! Vivienne Westwood

As I told you yesterday I went to Selfridges last night after work as the summer sale started yesterday...what can I say apart from I wasn't disappointed! I've been after a new bag for a little while, and I've always lusted after Vivienne Westwood's amazing classic tartan designs, so when I visited the Selfridges website yesterday afternoon and saw there was a sale I squeeled with excitement - however I clicked through all of the sale handbags and they'd all sold out in just a few hours! Luckily my BF was up for going after work, in the rain, on the train so we got there at about 7.45 and I found this little beauty! It was the last one left in this style and it was as if it was meant to be - plus there was a HUGE 50% off. I'd tried this on before and knew I loved it so it wasn't an impulse buy, I just know I'm going to wear this again and again (pound per wear and all that!).

The craftsmanship is perfect, and there's tiny strands of glitter running through it. The main body is fabric and has a small phone pocket at the front in the fold of the fabric, with leather handles, the interior is decorated with the classic orbs too so they've thought of everything. I just love it and am excited to add it to my little designer bag collection - they are investments and I'll keep it forever!

Who's your favourite handbag designer?
Did you get a bargain in the Selfridges sale?

*Vivienne Westwood tartan bag, £175.00 reduced from £350.00*

Thursday, 14 June 2012

What I wore today - Grecian and floaty

Hello beauties, hope you've had a good day. Mine has been a bit crazy today! Am awful day at work but then an amazing evening as...I bought a new handbag from Selfridges in the sale! It's extremely exciting and I'll be showing you tomorrow ;)

As i said yesterday I might choose something girly and floaty to wear today so I did! The skirt is actually a dress that I've folded over and twisted around, it looks a bit bunched up around the middle so I put a belt on to try to pull it all together a bit - but I still like it and think it looks quite sweet. My outfit is a bit topshop overload; boots, skirt and necklace - its not deliberate though! Mixing pastel lilac and royal blue is a bit tricky but I wanted to try something different, I've never worn this outfit before and usually try to mix old stuff with new stuff to make sure I wear the clothes in my wardrobe - I'm a big fan of recycling my wardrobe, otherwise I'd spend hundreds on clothes every week which unfortunately just isn't practical :)

The weather is still rather rubbish in the UK, it's not good for fashion choices as you have to consider your outfit for the day and how it'll last/if you'll be warm enough/if it'll keep you dry...very annoying! From what the weatherman said its going to stay wet :( I guess I'll start to plan my autumn/winter wardrobe!

To be honest I don't often plan my outfits for future days, unless I'm feeling inspired of course. It's usually a case of getting ready in the morning and putting on something I feel comfortable and good in, if I'm uncomfortable or not happy with my outfit I'll throw a strop and it will ruin my day! It's unbelievable how much clothes can change your mindset...

Do you try and dress so your comfy as well as looking good?
What's the weather like where you are?

*Necklace £12.50, wedge boots £65.00, dress worn as skirt £15.00 (sale) all TOPSHOP*
*Top £6.00, belt £3.00 both

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