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Monday, 18 June 2012

The Monday Piece - Vivienne Westwood

Today's Monday Piece is on British iconic fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. I have picked this particular designer as my new handbag is a Westwood design :)
Westwood has been a successful fashion designer since the 1980's where she was famed for entering the 'punk' scene into the fashion world - her outrageous and different designs caught the fashion world by storm and her styles and success have flourished ever since. Her original punk designs featured safety pins, tartan, razor blades and even bondage gear!

Although her style and designs have always been quintessentially British, she is now a prolific and popular wedding dress designer, who can forget the stunning dress that featured in the Sex And The City movie in which Carrie was given a Vivienne Westwood dress to wear to her wedding to Mr. Big (pictured below).

As well as her own successful lines of catwalk, bridal clothing and accessories she has also recently collaborated with Australian shoe designer brand 'Melissa' - the designs feature heeled and Wellington shoes made from a plastic/jelly type material and are affordable priced so they are accessible to everyone. Fans include Leonard Lewis and Katie Perry, pictured below in their gorgeous bright styles! There are some currently in the sale at Selfridges for around £60.00, at full price they start from around £100.00.

Her designs are showcased worldwide on the catwalk and she has stores in England and Milan, you can also buy it from high end retailers such as Selfridges and Net a Porter. She has a large clientele, including celebrities as well as British royalty and of course the great british public. The above emulates her versatility within the fashion world and personally I love her designs as they are different and stand out from the crowd, as well as being beautiful quality.

Do you own any Vivienne Westwood?
Are you a fan of the tartan styles?

All pictures used are from google.


  1. I love this Carrie dress!

  2. The wedding dress in the movie is gorgeouss! xo

  3. hehe funny how I was just watching Sex and the City movie last night and seen the wedding dress.. Love the dress! <3


  4. Amazing pictures. My favorite is the carrie wedding dress.
    xo, Petra

  5. Great photos! Unfortunately, I don't own any of her pieces ((

    Following you on Bloglovin now ;)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  6. What is bloglovin? :P
    Shoes 'melises' alre very cute and comfortable! i lov it ;))

  7. I love those plastic-y heels! They're so cool...I wonder if they hurt your feet. They remind me of something Barbie would wear, which is why I think they're superb!

  8. I love Viv and I think her designs are very British and classic. I've got a few items now, mainly accessories (just got a bargain pair of sunglasses in ASDA for £10) but really want one of the fulfillment dresses. Better start saving!

  9. I love her designs especially the shoes when she collaborated with Melissa!! I badly want one ever since!



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