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Thursday, 14 June 2012

What I wore today - Grecian and floaty

Hello beauties, hope you've had a good day. Mine has been a bit crazy today! Am awful day at work but then an amazing evening as...I bought a new handbag from Selfridges in the sale! It's extremely exciting and I'll be showing you tomorrow ;)

As i said yesterday I might choose something girly and floaty to wear today so I did! The skirt is actually a dress that I've folded over and twisted around, it looks a bit bunched up around the middle so I put a belt on to try to pull it all together a bit - but I still like it and think it looks quite sweet. My outfit is a bit topshop overload; boots, skirt and necklace - its not deliberate though! Mixing pastel lilac and royal blue is a bit tricky but I wanted to try something different, I've never worn this outfit before and usually try to mix old stuff with new stuff to make sure I wear the clothes in my wardrobe - I'm a big fan of recycling my wardrobe, otherwise I'd spend hundreds on clothes every week which unfortunately just isn't practical :)

The weather is still rather rubbish in the UK, it's not good for fashion choices as you have to consider your outfit for the day and how it'll last/if you'll be warm enough/if it'll keep you dry...very annoying! From what the weatherman said its going to stay wet :( I guess I'll start to plan my autumn/winter wardrobe!

To be honest I don't often plan my outfits for future days, unless I'm feeling inspired of course. It's usually a case of getting ready in the morning and putting on something I feel comfortable and good in, if I'm uncomfortable or not happy with my outfit I'll throw a strop and it will ruin my day! It's unbelievable how much clothes can change your mindset...

Do you try and dress so your comfy as well as looking good?
What's the weather like where you are?

*Necklace £12.50, wedge boots £65.00, dress worn as skirt £15.00 (sale) all TOPSHOP*
*Top £6.00, belt £3.00 both



  1. you look loveeely! your hair is gorgeous x

  2. i love ur ombre hair!

  3. Love it! Great necklace!

    I'm in California & the weather is cold and windy where I live now. I moved from a super warm and dry part of the state. The recent cold and wind has made it hard for me to know what to wear...I feel out of place wearing pants and sweaters while others around me are wearing shorts and sandals (because they're used to this odd weather).

  4. Loveee your hair! :D

  5. Lovely outfit!!

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    Stephilà Creations-Myfashionblog

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  7. great blog :) Interesting post for sure I'll be checking back here often.

    I also invite you to me and to follow if you wan

  8. Lovely Outfit!!
    Kisses :*

  9. I love this outfit, it looks all fancy like your going to a party and then you've got those adorable boots on with it and its fantastic! It makes it super casual and comfy looking. You look amazing girl!

  10. Just gorgeous and so pretty!


  11. Oh, so great! Love it!

  12. you look amazing!!!
    love your look!!!

  13. Beautifull outfit, great job!


  14. You look gorgeous, i always try and dress for style and comfort. I'm not going to be happy if I'm cold/wet all day!

  15. You are so so beautiful!!! I'm so happy I found your blog!!!!!!!!! And thanks so much for comment on my blog! I’m now following you on GFC and BLOGLOVIN!! If you want to follow each other it would be a pleasure!!!

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  16. I love this outfit and how you've turned the dress into a skirt, looks great with that top. I want your hair so much too, so lovely and long. Hopefully the weather will get better soon :) x

  17. Cute outfit! Your hair is gorgeous! :)

  18. Wow I love the combination, I know you said it can be tricky, but you paired the two colours really well :) I love it! I also love your blog, following :)!

  19. Gorgeous skirt and necklace. Looks pretty.
    xo, petra

  20. You look stunning, Heidi! x

  21. You absolutely nailed the combo!!
    wow, is is that warm in the UK not to wear tights? im looking forward to some summer weather!
    also, i ADORE your hair. like, adore, adore. Did you get the ombre done in a salon? Also, it's your real hair isn't it? stunning!

    1. Thank you, yes it's all real and I get it done in a salon - I'm too scared of ruining it if I did it myself ;) x

  22. I love these kind of skirts! Gorgeous color and cut <3
    Way to style it too, very pretty :)

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  23. i LOVE that pastel skirt!
    & you are just gorgeous! :)

  24. Nice look!
    Follow my blog :D

  25. love the shoes!!


  26. These photo's are so pretty. Love the whole outfit!

    Laura xx


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