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Sunday, 5 August 2012

What I'm wearing today - leather and wildfox

Here's my outfit that I'm wearing right now on this miserable Sunday afternoon! It's rather grotty and uninspiring outside do me and my boyfriend are off into town shortly to go to the travel agents to look at possible holidays! It's been a manic year and we've not had a 'proper' holiday in a few years now do we really want to go. Just had some bacon for breakfast which was yummy, and we'll possible have a roast in Wetherspoon's later on. I'm quite easy to please when it comes to food but I've been diagnosed as a Coeliac recently which means after a biopsy of my intestines in a few weeks time I'll have to cut gluten out of my diet completely! It's going to be a challenge as I eat a lot of gluten (bread, pasta, bacon, curry etc) but I'm sure il do it - any tasty gluten free recipes anyone?!
I always forget about this leather jacket as it often gets pushed to the back of my wardrobe, but I do really like it - it's very soft and easy to wear as you can chuck it over anything. I really want a new black biker jacket but can't seem to find the 'one' if you know what I mean - have you seen a nice one recently? I'm excited to start shopping for autumn/winter, I love wrapping up and getting all cosy!
Enjoy your Sunday.

*H&M leather jacket, £39.99 old, trousers £7.99, necklace £3.99*
*Wildfox t-shirt, Selfridges £30.00 sale*
*Faux lita boots, internacionale £20.99*


  1. Great OOTD post :) i've been lusting over some Wildfox Couture for a while now and i had no idea they were sold in Selfridges! Need to head on over to the website now me thinks haha


  2. really really adore this look, especially since its kind of edgy.
    omg I didn't know they had wildfox at selfridges.. def gotta go there soon (:

    also, I have a new blog, would be great if you'd check me out?

    xx Joelle

  3. Really loved this look!:) I've seen cool biker jackets in Zara, but they're kinda expensive...
    I'm sorry for your condition. But I'm pretty sure you'll learn how to deal with it. I knew this girl that had it as well and she managed just fine.;)
    Let us know where you're going on holidays.;)
    Diana from

  4. Love this grungy kind of look, you look fab :) x

  5. I am in love with this biker jacket!!

  6. great jacket! :D

  7. Love this outfit :) Your jacket's so nice!
    Aww, being coeliac's gotta suck :( But I've noticed loads of coeliac-friendly stuff in the "free from" kind of sections in supermarkets so I'm sure you'll soon adjust :)

  8. love those booties!

  9. My kind of outfit! Love your hair too xx

  10. great look! love your shirt!! xo

  11. Booking a holiday sounds like a good thing to do on a gloomy Sunday! This is a great look. I love that top!

  12. I love the leather jacket, it's amazing! Xx

  13. Aw, what a lovely post! You’re blog is so sweet! xx

  14. Looove the leather jacket! <3
    One girl's attempt at creating 365 make-up looks in as many days

  15. Tres jolie, j'adore tout '.. Ta veste est canon !!

    Olivia -------- --------

  16. i love this outfit! the top is so nice!

  17. lovely!

  18. Wildfox has amazing stuff! great shirt!


  19. LOVE your shirt!! cute styling!

    Check out my blog!

  20. Love your leather jacket very much!
    Didn't see it at H&M store!
    By the way, thanks for your following!
    Please keep in touch!
    Amy x

  21. I love the top, must have it in my personal wardrobe!

  22. Very nice outfit, I love your tee :)

  23. I LOVE wildfox - always really edgy!

  24. great outfit! love the shoes so much :)

    your blog is so amazing! i really enjoy reading your posts, so excited to read more posts from you <3

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx
    Chriissydollxo's Blog


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