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Monday, 13 August 2012

The Monday Piece - Miley Cyrus

This weeks piece is on little Miley Cyrus - daughter of legendary country singer Billy Cyrus, Miley shot to fame as the star of Hannah Montana; with her own TV series and her own line of films, as well as acting she's quite the popster - she's had massive hits worldwide with songs such as Party In The USA.
In recent years Miley has shed her little girl Disney image and traded it in for a more grungy, emo look - we now see her in biker boots and black, chained necklaces and tattoos, instead of her long blonde wig and pink dress. She's also tried to shed the Disney, child like image by adopting a more 'cheeky' look and lifestyle, with nude photos leaked and images of Miley smoking a bong her rebellious side has definitely shown through. Although we may see a more conservative side to her yet as she is due to marry her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, do you think we'll see Miley settle down? Judging from her new hair do, last picture below, I think not. Although naughty at times I do like Miley's grungy style, and when she scrubs up I think she looks like a real doll!
What do you think of Miley's new chopped hair?

All images taken from google.


  1. I love Miley's new style but am not a massive lover of the new hair. I loved it when she cut it shorter, into a long bob length recently, it was probably one of my favourite celebrity hair cuts ever! Great post x

  2. miley's style is amazing! i wish she didn't cut off all her hair :( x

  3. I think she looks really cute! She's so annoying though she tries a bit hard to shed the Disney image when she should embrace it all...she'd be nothing without it! xxx

  4. Miley is my idol, i love her so much. Her style is incredible. I don't like her new look at all however i heard she donated the rest of her chopped hair to a cancer charity, so can't fault her for that.

  5. I am such a huge fan of Miley's. She has amazing style and is so talented. However, I'm not into the haircut. I love the idea of it but the cut itself looks really choppy and strange somehow.

  6. Miley loooks really good in these photos... Love the second photo and I think it is a good post.

  7. I don't like her hair at all!! She looked so good with that long bob (which was so Jennifer Aniston and fabulous). I don't know why she cut it off!

  8. I think shes been looking amazing recently but I really don't like her cropped hair!


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