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Monday, 5 December 2016

The Monday Piece - December Lust List

This week's Monday Piece is on December lust list! With the craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday now behind us, I've been mooching the internet to find a whole plethora of goodness from all of my favourite retailers. Sometimes all of the discounts and sales can be a little overwhelming so I always stay focussed and do my best to search through all of the rubbish that I really don't need to source some great classic pieces! I've been eyeing up a genuine vintage Metallica t-shirt for years, they are so pricey but they are my all time fave band so I can almost justify the splurge, plus they can be worn forever and still look awesome.

Classic pieces like leather jackets and everyday accessories are also fab purchases that can be reworn again and again - I still haven't got my hands on a decent black fedora so this Saint Laurent style is definitely near the top of my lust list. I have a little obsession with fluffy things at the moment, I'm loving it though as a bit of texture is always fun, the pink Barbie esque heels are too cute and I just adore them (also note the furry phone case)!

Also loving any kind of sassy knee high boots as they're super warm and add some glam to a simple outfit - i'm in love with the nude pair! December means wrapping up in all things cosy and cute, I've been spying on woolen Acne scarves as they are a true staple and I love how chic they are, the flute sleeve roll neck is an absolute beauty too, I'm a massive Acne fan! I've also included a pink suede Gucci bag that is beyond stunning, mirrored RayBans and some western style accessories!
December Lust List


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  1. I'm so with you on the hat and the beats, I really want a pair! xx


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