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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Double Pom Pom Hat

A quick outfit post update to show you my new super cosy double pom pom beanie hat that I picked up on eBay and also this unreal thick furry jacket from Zara! Yay! I've worn hats forever, and definitely went through a 'beanie' stage where I wore one pretty much every day a few years ago (if you're a long time reader you might remember my full selection) SO when I found this furry friend via eBay I had to click and buy - it's just mega cosy and wintery and lovely - plus when I wore it last weekend I got told I looked like a koala which I think is a definite compliment...This is the jacket I preview posted a few weeks ago, I picked it up in Hong Kong so here it is in all of it's glory, i've been wearing it lots lately as it's been so chilly. The fabric is so soft and thick, and it has a faux fur lining all of the way through so it's the warmest jacket ever, and of course the silver hardware is so classic too!
What cosy things have you been buying this season?

*Zara coat, jeans here*
*Missguided t-shirt*
*Dune boots, here*
*eBay beanie hat*
*Boohoo sunglasses*
*Necklace, gift*
*Bracelet, gift*



  1. Love this cozy winter time look!


  2. I remember your collection beanies! They look good with your hair though. Love those boots! x

    Sick Chick Chic


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