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Monday, 6 July 2015

The Monday Piece - Flying Fashionably

This week's Monday Piece is on Flying Fashionably! When heading off to go on holiday, i often spend a few weeks before hand thinking of what i should take to wear whilst away, then go into panic mode on the day of the holiday as i need to find something comfortable, versatile, and of course fashionable to wear on the plane! My Mum always tells me to wear as much as i can on the plane, especially as i often fly with hand luggage only, so i find myself throwing on layers and wearing my chunkiest stuff. It's always handy to check out all of the baggage allowances, especially when you're only taking hand luggage due to weight and liquid restrictions, to get an idea of all of the restrictions, the Purple Parking website has a full table of details and rules, click here to access all of the handy tips! I've snapped my ideal flying outfit (an outfit wore to town recently) as it's chilled out, comfy and is easy to wear - skinny jeans go everywhere with me, and i always take a pair of boots away just in case it rains! A t-shirt worn underneath a boyfriend shirt is good too as you can take the shirt off if the plane is hot, or even use it as a lap blanket :). My handbag is tiny, but easy to wear on the plane as it takes up no room at all, and of course i'd have my little suitcase with me filled with all of my other stuff. Also i never leave without my watch, because being on time for the flight is fairly essential! I'd love to know what keeps you cool and comfy whilst flying, let me know :).

*Metallica t-shirt, similar here*
*H&M jeans*
*Boyfriend's shirt, similar here*
*Office boots*
*New Look belt*
*Prada bag*
*Baby G watch, here*
*Necklace holiday*
*Bracelet, gift*



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