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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Hawkin's Bazaar Selfie Stick

A bit of a gadget post today, featuring a simple gadget that seems to be taking the social media world by storm - selfie sticks! At first i was a little reluctant to get in on the whole selfie stick action, but thought ya know what lets just go with it and embrace here it is in all of its glory! This one can be found in the men's section from Hawkin's Bazaar has a plug in remote, so there's no need for a self timer - you simply pop your phone into the holder, then plug the lead into the the phone jack, and press the button on the bottom of the stick to take the photo, so easy. It holds the phone tightly, i was shaking it around on the grass to see if it would fall out, but nope, it's super safe. The stick extends up to a metre, meaning you can take all kinds of funny photos at whatever angle you be honest i've not put it down since receiving it, it's definitely my new favourite toy! As well as being extendible it can also be folded up so can fit in your bag or carried on the arm by its loop hole - and at only a tenner it's an absolute bargain and so much fun to play with. It's also ideal if you're going on holiday, off to a festival, or even going out with your pals! Happy snapping!

*c/o Hawkin's Bazaar selfie stick, here*


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  1. I have two selfie sticks... bought for me btw..... I barely use them but they do come in handy :)


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