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Monday, 13 July 2015

The Monday Piece - KiTTi App Review

This week's Monday Piece is a review of the KiTTi App! Nick and I joined our babe blogging buddy Hayley for a day out in Birmingham, using the KiTTi app - a recent app by banking superstars Santander, the KiTTi app is essentially a jam jar, where you and your buddies put money into the jar, to then split and spend whilst you're out and about. Referred to as a 'kitty', this idea has been around forever, it's a convenient way to share the bill or budget - Santander have simply put this idea into electronic, app form.
It's ideal if you're going into town for drinks with a group of friends, going out for food with family, or shopping for a gift where a few people want to contribute - it also makes budgeting for the day easy. So, the app is straight forward and easy to use - you download the app, invite your friends to join too, then create an amount you want to reach from all of you putting in money, you then add the money and fill the 'jar'. Once filled, a credit card is sent out to you so you can add a pin number, then deposit the money from the app, onto the card. It's a simple concept, and so much easier to slip a card into your pocket, instead of pestering your group of friends for equal amounts of cash (often annoying loose change) it's all in one place, also it's safer!
Hayley, Nick and I set out into town to give the app a go, previously Hayley and I set it up on our phones and added our money, so we were all set on the day to have some fun in Birmingham! We started the day with a bit of browsing and shopping, then quickly decided on a place for lunch, Wagamama. We picked out our food and drinks and had a good catch up and gossip, at the end of the meal we simply split the bill by using the KiTTi card, excellent! After this we did a little more shopping, i was on a strict budget so i used the KiTTi card to assist how much i spent on the day, so proved to be really helpful as when you spend, that amount is removed from the jar on the app. Frozen yoghurt and bubble teas were calling so we also used KiTTi for this, so tasty!
I found the app easy to use, helpful, and just so much more convenient, give it a go next time you and friends or family go for a meal, drinks or whilst shopping. The app is free, and available for iPhone users here, and for Android users here.

*For full details on the KiTTi app click here*


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  1. What an interesting concept! Can you top it up easily once you've been sent it, via the app or something?

    Tara X


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