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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Breath Co. Review

I love keeping my mouth as fresh as can be, whether it's brushing my teeth before running out of the house in the morning, or grabbing a mint after a meal, i like to know that i smell and feel minty fresh as it's a huge confidence thing! The Breath Co. offer an easy solution to bad breath and have a range of products to solve any bad breath or dry mouth issues. I wouldn't say my breath is awful, but i do get paranoid as i eat foods with tonnes of flavour - including garlic, cheese and spices - so i need to know my breath is good to go and that my mouth and teeth feel and look clean.

The Breath Company is founded on the idea that oral care products can be made from pure, natural ingredients that are not only safer to use but also work better, so their products do taste a little different due to the fewer chemicals that we're all used to - the toothpaste is really mild and has a very light minty flavour, the texture is a little more runny compared to other toothpastes i've used but it's easy to get used to. The toothpaste is guaranteed to stop bad breath fast while fighting the germs that cause cavities - use it daily for a healthy mouth, kissably fresh breath and some really impressive dental checkup results. I found the consistency a bit odd as it doesn't really foam up, but after a couple of days i really started to enjoy the neutral taste and sensation - it is mega gentle on the mouth too and left my breath neutralised and fresh.

I've been using the toothpaste in conjunction with the mouthwash which i love! The patented formula uses the natural germ fighting power of oxygen to attack the source of bad breath odour and gum irritation as well as helping to prevent dry mouth symptoms. It tastes so good and is super minty but mild so it doesn't burn or irritate your mouth, it leaves it feeling squeaky clean without being too harsh which is ideal - the two are a great combo and my breath has been notably cleaner, fresher and has given me so much more confidence!

For on the go, emergency bad breath relief i've been using the dry mouth lozenges. The citrus mint formula quickly eliminates any unpleasant flavours and odours in your mouth and the clinical strength powers of zinc, oxygen and xylitol attack the germs that cause bad breath - the proprietary mouth wetting agent stimulates saliva production to eliminate dry mouth. These have been ideal for popping into my handbag and taking them to work or out and about, it's so convenient that they're individually wrapped too! They are so tasty and give you that instant burst of fresh mouth relief, and the pack is big so they last for ages!
I recommend trying out the full range of The Breath Co. products to give you fresh breath and clean, strong teeth, the results are proven and i'm not the only one to give it a rave review!

*c/o The Breath Co. products, here*


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