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Monday, 3 September 2012

The Monday Piece - Nicole Richie

This weeks Monday Piece is on Nicole Richie. Daughter of musician Lionel Richie, Nicole was always going to be a superstar! Nicole is an actress, author, model, musician, fashion designer and mother. Her cool, laid back style is emulated by many of her fans worldwide, especially in the UK and US. She rose to prominence whilst featuring in the Simple Life in 2003 with friend Paris Hilton, the show featured the girls stripped of their credit cards and doing general silly things in places such as funeral directors and farms - it emphasised her ability to perform for the cameras and kept everyone entertained with her comedic approach to life. The show turned Nicole into an American socialite and girl about town, since then she is regularly featured in the tabloids and celebrity gossip magazines. In 2012 she married Joel Madden, a musician in the band Good Charlotte, they have two children together.
Richie has always been interested in fashion, she has her own fashion brands 'Winter Kate' and 'House of Harlow', both of which have been a success - she has also recently launched a fragrance. We usually see Nicole dressed in chic casual outfits, with beautiful accessories such as Balenciaga handbags and Alexander McQueen scarfs, she is a fashion chameleon and looks fabulous in whatever she chooses to wear. As well as this her simple make up is flawless and her skin always glowing. Do you like Nicole's style? Personally she is a fashion icon of mine, and I would love to raid her ever growing wardrobe, in particular the mint green jumper below!

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  1. Love your Blog! (And thanks for your kind comments on mine!)
    I love Nicole Richie, her style is fab. It's hard to believe she is the same woman I saw on Paris and Nicole years ago!


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