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Monday, 19 November 2012

The Monday Piece - Jeffrey Campbell foxy shoes

An exciting Monday Piece today as I get to show off my new Jeffrey Campbell Foxy American flag print shoes that arrived in the post today. I've always loved and coveted a real pair of JC's, and as its my birthday on Saturday I thought now is the time to treat myself. I have a 'faux' pair of Litas so wanted something different and that I've not seen many people wear, so I picked the Foxy American flag print pair. I am SO happy with them, the print is mega bright and pretty, they're comfy, light and easy to walk in, plus they make me look skinny and tall - winner.
I did consider a more 'classic' pair but that's a bit boring really, especially as I buy lots of classic timeless clothes so these silly ones should go with a fair bit of my wardrobe (that's the plan anyway!). I'll be wearing these little beasts in days to come and can't wait to show you what I'm going to wear them with :)
Are you a Jeffrey Campbell fan?


  1. love this for a 4th july party!

  2. Words cannot describe my love for those shoes!!!!
    You were so right getting a unique pair that not many people have.

  3. Jealous!!! Absolutely love them!!! Xx

  4. Love the shoes, Heidi!

    I bought a pair of JC replicas in this American style and spray painted the stripes gold for a starry mystical look!
    Nothing compares to Jeffrey Campbells in terms of comfort though - I've recently invested in 2 pairs and have another on my Christmas wish list so fingers crossed Santa is good to me ;)

    Love your blog posts, your my must-read!
    MairiClaire at SkintStudentStyle


  5. wooooow these are incredible! xx

  6. Gorgeous...I love jeffrey campbells

  7. I am in love with Jeffrey Campbell's and I definitely love these :)

  8. they are fab! can't wait to see how you style them up xx

  9. So fab! Love them. I'd like to see how you're going to style them with.


  10. Those are amazing!!! Looking forward to see what you wear them with!

  11. omg these shoes are amazing!!!!

    It has been awhile since I've posted or done a youtube video so please give me a lovely comment on my blog :) it would mean the world to me

  12. ah these are the JC's you bought! love them the american flag print is bold and different and will really bring something to any outfit :) thanks for checking out my blog xx

  13. AMAZING SHOES!! I love your sense of fashion! I just started blogging today, and im so glad i came accross yours! Now following your blog, hope you follow back! :) xx


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