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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Review - Babyliss porcelain triple barrel waver

I love playing with my hair and creating new styles and looks, i'm a firm believer that hair can be your biggest accessory. The Babyliss triple waver is an easy to use clamping tool, to get the look i have created follow these easy steps;

1. Heat the tool to the highest setting and wait for a minute to ensure it's nice and hot
2. Section hair into two, half up half down
3. Clamp the lower section of the hair in even amounts from top to bottom, hold for a few seconds and release, repeat down the hair and then onto the next section. I used large chunks of hair to create a more 'messy' flowing style
4. Let the other half of your hair down and repeat
5. Go over any parts you've missed and smooth over with fingers.

This styler is perfect for longer hair like mine as the plates are really wide meaning quicker results, it's really easy to use as you literally clamp and hold - it took me roughly 15 minutes to do the whole of my head, the top half i did much more roughly as i wanted to create a natural beachy, wavy kind of look.
The waver is easy to hold and has silky smooth porcelain plates so leaves hair shiny and frizz free - there are 25 heat settings which means it can create a variety of multiple styles from 40's waves to natural tousled curls.

Overall i am so pleased with the results, especially as it was so simple to create!

Are you a fan of beachy waves?

*c/o HQ Hair Babyliss triple waver, here*



  1. I love your hair, it looks great and effortless! xx

  2. I SOOOO need this , I love a mermaid wave xx

  3. love the way your hair looks :D awesome :D

  4. I have the Enrapture one, pretty much identical results to these :) it's such a lovely style xx

  5. Waaah, absolutely love this look! Come do mine?


  6. Wow these look insanely good! X

  7. Your hair looks wonderful like this! xxx

  8. Aw man, basically perfect mermaid hair! I love.

  9. wow, love this look! I need to try!

  10. Amazing! I want this so badly! I've been after something to wave my hair for ages! Damn lack of funds and spending ban!

    I'm a huge fan of beachy waves, if my hair is in the right "mood" I can get it simply by braiding it when wet but it takes so long to dry!

    Amy x

  11. Wow your hair looks stunning! This looks like an amaazing hair curler!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  12. Gorgeous hair! How long did it last and did you put any product on it??

  13. That has left such nice results! Your hair looks lovely with it, don't think I've seen a waver create such beach like waves!x

  14. really nice hair!!
    we like your blog!! we are following you!!


  15. I love this look it looks so pretty and is very suitable for spring/summer!
    Great blog!

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