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Monday, 8 April 2013

The Monday Piece - Popin charms

I hope you had a great weekend! Today's Monday Piece is on a brand new brand, Popin Charms; they make the most amazing little charms to go in the headphones hole in your phone/tablet/iPod whatever, as long as your gadget has a hole a Popin Charm can fill it!
They make a whole range of styles, this little teddy bear with jewels in is just the cutest (he's called Mr. Bear Necessities), they also do dogs, skulls, bunny ears - there's SO many to choose from! They even make dangly they all come in a little pouch to keep them safe in the post or whenever you're not using it.

As well as being extremely pretty and shiny, they keep your gadget in tip top condition by preventing dust and dirt getting into the headphone jack, meaning when you pop your headphones in you'll have crystal clear sound - perfect right?! I've had mine in since last week, it's just so nice to look at, loving my little buddy just chilling on the top of my phone.

You can see the full range of Popin Charms here, or on facebook here, which is your favourite?

*c/o Popin Charms phone charm, here*



  1. This is pretty darn cute! x

  2. they are positively adorable! i saw some on ebay that were bows but these are so much cuter!

  3. That's a brilliant idea and they are totally cute.



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