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Monday, 22 April 2013

The Monday Piece - River Island white cut out boots

This week's monday Piece is on cut out boots. They're white, they're cut out, they're my new love...SO many people have been rocking these cut out boots and I wanted a piece of the action, they're grungy, clumpy, 90's all rolled into one - i can't get enough of them. These cut out boots were first made 'famous' by Balenciaga in 2011, they were spotted on beauts like Nicole Richie and were an instant sell out, however they retailed at a staggering £1200, ouch!
A little while later and there are similar styles available on the high street, hooray, at much more achievable prices. The Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots would have been my first choice, but they've annoyingly sold out in the UK, so i've been keeping my eyes peeled for other high street dupes. Well, luckily, River Island have come to the rescue with these bad boys priced at £65 - I was so very tempted to order the black, as they're probably the safer choice, but i was so drawn to the white pair and eventually chose these (with thanks to people helping on Twitter!). I ordered online with next day delivery and they arrived in time for the weekend, yay. One of the shoes was a little more worn than the other, and the leather was a bit stretched, but as they are leather it's not a massive issue as they'll get scruffy anyway.
But...i love them, and they are so comfy, wore them all day Saturday stomping around Birmingham and no blisters/achy legs. The only thing i would say is that they are quite hard to match up with stuff, i had a bit of a tantrum on Friday night playing around with outfits whilst wearing them, especially because they are properly white (not cream) so they are bright to start with. I think they're great for Summer, and it's nice to have something a bit different as i've not yet seen anyone else with a white pair like these, loving the thick black sole and silver buckles too.
They might sell out, so if you want a pair then be snappy! Are you a fan of cut out boots?

*River Island white cut out leather boots, here*



  1. OMGosh, I want to try them - they're amazing! I officially want them in black.


  2. Love these boots - great pick :) I want some cut out boots but I am a self confessed bargain hunter!

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    Thanks! Charlie xx | UK Fashion Blog

  3. These are beyond cool, good choice! x

  4. love those.. definitely on my wishlist! xx

  5. Ooooo well these are a bit gorgeous aren't they? x

  6. Waaah I love these boots. Yes, I have seen them everywhere but I still want some :D I like that you got the white ones. I shall have to save up, perhaps. :)

  7. beautiful!
    i love them

  8. Wow these boots are incredible :) I might have to get a pair!!


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  9. LOVE! Like you, I'd be drawn to the white, but black for outfit choices is prob more practical.. but the white is so pretty and S/S !!!???!!!

  10. Oh my god I love them! Gorgeous boots x


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