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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

What I wore today - Zara dragon jumper and ripped jeans

I hope you're having a good week so far. This outfit has Zara written all over know i just can't keep away from that shop, it's almost too good! Picked up this little sweater a few weeks ago for Spring, it's silky on the front with gold embroidery and a dragon...though it creases easily which is annoying as i don't do ironing, i ain't no wifey and all that! I live in these ripped jeans at the moment, so I could do with another pair, i'm so very tempted with the Topshop Joni jeans and they have new pretty colours out too!
In other news whilst writing this my Mum's arrived at the office with a weighted hula hoop for me, so we've put it together (with help from my Mum's boyfriend!) and tested it out, when they left even the other people i work with came in and had a go, so funny. So i'm too excited for that - i do love a fitness craze! Thank you Mum :)

*Zara jumper and jeans, here*
*c/o Bank Fashion spiked Lita boots, here*
*eBay beanie, bracelets*
*H&M gold chain*



  1. Love the jumper with your ripped jeans x

  2. I love your outfit! The jumper is awesome!

    Emma x

  3. I love this outfit, the boots are so cute with the jeans - such an edgy vibe!

  4. I love your jumper Heidi - I also saw your hula hoop earlier! I could never get the hang of them aha. xxx

  5. Such a cute jumper, love that you ain't no wifey! ;)


  6. Seriously in love with those jeans, you look gorgeous Heidi:) x

  7. You look lovely! I tried a hula hooping class a while ago! ended up with bruises, and somehow had forgotten how to hula hoop! What happened?! In primary school i could do it for the whole of lunch.

  8. love the jeans! and the boots are amazing, need a pair in my life!

  9. Love your jeans and the shoes as well, you look lovely!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  10. superb outfit matched with superb high heel shoes.. Looking awesome! XOXO


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