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Friday, 5 April 2013

What I wore today - Zara space t-shirt and disco pants

Another rather emo outfit post for you today, of course I'm not hardcore enough to be a 'proper' scene kid - however my sister did the whole emo thing in her teens, she had manga hair and was really thin and wore the tightest jeans etc. fair play she did look amazing! I could never pull it off though and was never 'daring' enough, so disco pants and a boyfriend style tee will have to do (such a wannabe).
My hairs got a kind of weird brown ombré going on, undecided whether to block dye it darker or just leave it. I had a bit of a mare a few days ago, the ends went all weird and wispy almost overnight, it was driving me nuts and I couldn't get an emergency hair appointment so trimmed it myself with the kitchen scissors - oops, i think it looks ok...please tell me it looks ok?!
I hope you had a lovely week.

*Zara t-shirt*
*c/o Fashion Union disco pants, here*
*Topshop suede wedge boots, necklace*
*eBay bracelet*



  1. Really beautiful outfit. I like it! :D

  2. I'd say, ur hair look nice, I didn't notice that u have trimmed them by yourself:) Lovely pictures as well;)
    Have a great time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  3. You look great I love your heels- don't worry your hair still looks beautiful
    I done the whole emo thing in my teens too- and today I'm reliving it by watching the kerrang top 100 countdown ha ha

  4. Loveee your top so much! :) We have similar booties! :)

    Have a great weekend,

  5. love the t-shirt!

  6. I really love this tee, and seriously need to get myself some disco pants! Yours look amazingg:) x

  7. Your hair looks fine! Don't worry. I got really drunk a few months ago and decided to cut my hair. Oh dear!

    Corinne x

  8. Your hair looks fine and I love this outfit. I need to get over my fear of disco pants- last time I wore mine I got stuck! x

  9. i tried that top on in zara and I looked like a noob haha you look fab. and i really might have to buy those disco pants i love them!! xxx

  10. Your hair looks great! :)
    I really want to try out the fashion union disco pants!

  11. Very interesting post sweety,

    Check my latest post about blogging tips!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


  12. love this outfit hun. and your hair looks lovely, hair envy in fact! you should post a pic of your sister and how she looked :) just discovered ur blog, so going to have a nose lol xx

  13. Awesome, my dear *_*

    U look hot in leggings :*

    Have a lovely weekend,


  14. I reallz like that shoes and Tshirt. Have a great weekend.

  15. Such a gorgeous look. Love the top so much.

  16. Hi dear!! I've just discovered your blog and its so amazing :)
    Beautiful pictures and its indeed an amazing post!! Love your shirt, so cool!!
    Come to my blog too;

  17. Heya! great post i love your boots!!

    come to my blog too :)


  18. Amazing outfit! I love it:)

  19. What a gorgeous outfit you wear it well.

    Lovely blog

    Carrieanne x

  20. Your hair ALWAYS looks reallllly nice. This tee makes me think of Star Wars for some reason, foxy-geek chic.


  21. You pull off disco pants super well.
    & not many can !


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