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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

BassBuds BassBoomz speaker review

I was recently sent this little speaker to review, it's from a brand called BassBuds who make earphones that offer crystal clear sound, and now speakers too. I've not got anything like this so was eager to try it out!
BassBoomz wanted to create the smooth, clear sound you experience through earphones, but in a mobile speaker. The speaker connects to your device via Bluetooth, and is rechargeable so no need to worry about buying batteries. It's universal so as long as you're phone/laptop/tablet has Bluetooth then you can make the most of portable and fantastic sounding music. I've been taking mine everywhere, as it's such a light, handy size and compresses into a little pod, it fits easily in my handbag so is ultra portable and practical. I've tested it in lots of environments; the office, the garden, and in town too - every time the sound has been such great quality and the battery life is long lasting too with up to 6 hours playback, its small in size but BIG in sound. 
If your device doesn't have Bluetooth it's no big deal as BassBuds BassBoomz also comes with a lead that pops into the jack of your device so music can be played through the speaker that way too, this too offers quality sound. It was super easy to set up too; charge it up, switch it on, search the speaker on your Bluetooth device, connect and off you go - simple.
I give this a big thumbs up, I'm loving my boomz and have been recommending it to family and colleagues, it's such a fab little gadget that creates the ultimate social experience!
They retail at £79.95 but are currently available at £49.95 on the online site, here. They come in eight different colours and have a pearly smooth finish, practical and pretty!
Have you tried a BassBoomz speaker before?

*c/o BassBuds BassBoomz speaker, here*



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