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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Best retro-themed birthday party ideas

Best retro-themed birthday party ideas - With fashion and film constantly drawing on retro looks and past events, take your inspiration from the trendsetters and put a spin on your next party with a fabulous vintage theme. From the Big Top to the eighties via the fabulous flappers, these fun and easy ideas will make it a night to remember.
Circus Chic - A circus theme can be styled to suit toddlers, teens and big kids of all ages. Check out the legendary PT Barnum's 'Greatest Show on Earth' for a historic approach, or look up the weird and wonderful contemporary performances of Cirque du Soleil. The drama and glamour of the circus provides plenty of costume opportunities: think suave ringleaders, colourful clowns and glitzy acrobats. If you're going really retro with handwritten invitations, send them in the form of 'Admit One' tickets to get your guests in the mood. When it comes to food, opt for classic fairground treats - we're talking hot dogs, popcorn and candy floss. Pick out an outfit, put up the decorations and wait for your guests to roll up, roll up!
Gorgeous Gatsby - Baz Luhrman's stylish adaptation of the classic novel has seen everyone go gaga for the 1920s. Although serving alcohol was illegal during Prohibition, the era was notorious for wild and boozy parties. Serve your drinks in teacups or brown paper bags, and create the feel of an authentic speakeasy by sending your guests a password on their invite and refusing entry until they come up with it. Glamorous twenties costumes will prove an instant hit with guests who love the chance to get dolled up. Guys will look sharp in spats and suits, while ladies can work fabulous flapper style in long gloves, feathered headbands and lovely party dresses.
Eighties nightmare - Forget neon legwarmers and side ponytails- we're talking about the ugly side of the eighties. Relive the worst looks of the decade with big hair, shoulder pads and plenty of tulle. Create a suitable cheesy playlist with all the classic tunes, and encourage your friends to add their own guilty pleasures. help everyone step back int ime by decorating your house in eighties memorabilia. Dot Rubik's cubes in every room, cover the walls in movie posters and pick up some VHS tapes from charity shops to use as balloon weights.

I've featured below a sassy party outfit with a casual twist, the sparkly brogues are so glam and chic, with a black drop hem dress and a veil beanie hat! What would you wear to a retro inspired birthday party?

Modern Gatsby



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