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Saturday, 26 October 2013

What I Wore Today - Choies pink angora jumper

This super soft angora blend jumper from Choies is insanely fluffy and warm, it's like being cuddled! The sugary baby pink colour is so girly which I love, I've worn it with all black and an asymmetric pleather skirt from BANK - though the jumper is long enough to be worn as a little dress on its own but i like to have something underneath as an extra layer. The transparent shoulder detail is all mesh, which makes it feel quite glam and grown up, plus the balloon sleeves add even more quirkiness to it. These Tokyo Jane porcelain bracelets are so lovely to wear, they're really sleek and sit well on my wrists without being too heavy!
I hope you like my outfit :).

*c/o Choies jumper, here*
*c/o BANK skirt, here*
*Riger Island boots*
*c/o The Dressing Room Tokyo Jane bracelets, here*
*Bracelet, gift*



  1. I love your jumper, so unique & such a pretty colour!

    Sophie xox soinspo

  2. I love your jumper, especially the sheer sleeve detail. It also looks so fluffy and warm. Your have to love Choies x

  3. Lovely outfit! I am in love with those boots too! Thankyou for the kind comment on my blog, I was wondering if you wanted to follow each others blogs?

  4. Love the sheer cut out panels on the jumper! Xx

  5. I just love the skirt such a unique design beautiful outfit x

  6. What a lovely outfit! Definitely one of my favorites :)


  7. I really adore your jumper! You're totally right, it looks so snuggly and soft. xxx

  8. Oh wow, that jumper is to die for! I need it haha. Looms super duper comfy like you said! :) x

    Heroine In Heels

  9. such an unusual jumper but its cute x

  10. Pretty skirt.
    Hope you will visit mine too.
    Greetings from Pakistan!

    Maria Speaks Prada

  11. how unusual is that jumper! i love it x

  12. I love this jumper! Really like that the shoulders have a sheer fabric so it's not as cold as the cut out jumpers but still has that look to it :) xx


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