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Monday, 6 January 2014

The Monday Piece - Tamagotchi

This week's Monday Piece is on Tamagotchi! Tamagotchi's were huge in the 90's, so when i heard they were coming back with new technology and features i wanted one straight away! I popped into town last week on a mission to find one, and was so excited when i did. The new range comes in a  choice of colours and prints, i chose the pink heart leopard print because it's so girly and cute. The egg shape is definitely bigger than before, but still small enough to put in your pocket or handbag. There's no backlight so you need a fair amount of natural light to see it properly, however as it goes to sleep at night it's ok. I love it and am already a little bit addicted - you can do all the usual Tamagotchi things with it like give it food, clear up after it, and play games with it - you can also take it to the Tamagotchi park, go shopping for jewellery, and buy special meals and snacks with points earned. Also, the new range has 'bump' technology, meaning if you and a friend both have a Tamagotchi you can put them together so they become friends, earning extra points and prizes! You can even text message Tamagotchi to Tamagotchi which is crazy!
Would you buy a Tamagotchi?

Tamagotchi's are widely available on the UK high street.



  1. o.m.g! one of the many highlights of my 90's childhood!
    I remember having a few. (i wasn't a bad mummy, they were just from the market and broke a lot!) they're so retro!
    I'd love to get one to see how it is in comparison to my memory..
    This has made me quite excited, yet a feeling of being quite sad. ha!


  2. I REALLY want one of these, gutted no one bought me one for my bday haha! <3

    Tara x

  3. My tamagotchi is out of battery and when I saw your post, I was going to change the battery and replayed it!
    Thanks for sharing and have a nice day ;-)

  4. I remember when I felt like an absolute G when I have a tamagotchi hahaha xx

  5. akjsdnsldkjsldksd Tamagotchi! Ah, I love that you got one. xxx

  6. Oh my I used to have an orange one of these, it was like a cracked egg effect with yellow jagged triangle shapes at the bottom and top. I loved it!
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  7. I used to have one of these!!! It was the massive craze at school- oh the temptation to buy one!

  8. WOW!! I remember these, I used to have a little white tamagotchi with red paw prints on it. I love it, this post has taken me right back to being a little kid xx

  9. I used to have one years ago! I loved playing with it!
    Kamila xx

  10. Lol I remember my tamagotchi - I took it on holiday with me on a road trip in europe and totally neglected it, and when my mother found out she was horrified and refused to let it die - I still have visions of her shaking it whilst sat in the passenger seat of the car in order to exercise it! it totally took over her holiday!

  11. These used to be fun. I am going to grab one now that you have mentioned that they are easily available.

    Warm Regards from your new follower.

  12. Tamagotchis were so addictive in Primary School! We used to have to hand them into the teachers during class, which made me sad because it would come back with a neglected Tamagotchi! I don't think I'll buy one for myself, I remember there being an app on the iPhone for a similar pet thing, I get too addicted to those things! Maybe I'll buy one for my cousins!
    Madeleine || Madeleine in Wonderland

  13. I am totally loving this whole 90's things thats happening right now! Thank you for this! I didn't even know they brought out new ones! Definitely going to have to get one of these bad boys!

    Nick | N.E. Boy

  14. This seems so bulky! I swear my latest one when I was about 12 seemed to be quite small with a bigger screen! xx


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