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Monday, 10 February 2014

The Monday Piece - Guest Post, Holly Crouch

This week's Monday Piece is a guest post from the lovely Holly Crouch featuring some amazing Spring pieces from Boohoo , hope you enjoy it :).

Beautiful Boohoo
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with online shopping; I’m finding more and more these days that I can’t find what I’m looking for in actual shops, but I’m always scared about ordering online in case I choose the wrong size and have to go through all the palaver of returning (which I’m never entirely sure how to do!!). Boohoo has become one of my favourite online clothing sites and I’m always amazed at the massive selection and variety they offer. I particularly love Boohoo clothes in the spring and summer with their beautiful prints and selection of sundresses and playsuits, but from what I’ve seen of their spring collection so far they seem to have pulled it out of the bag even more than usual this year. I’ve seen a few hauls circling around on Instagram and Youtube and have found my wish list getting a little out of control so I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces with you that my wardrobe is crying out for (honestly it is!!)

Tapestry Smock Dress
Smock dresses are popping up all over the place at the moment and they seem to be fast overtaking the much beloved skater dress. I love smock dresses because they suit pretty much any shape and are so easy to just throw on without needing much styling (not to mention they comfortably conceal any food babies going on!) I’ve seen a few pretty ones in Primark but this little Tapestry number has really stolen my heart. I love the different colours it uses and how it looks like Tapestry but isn’t actually Tapestry fabric. I think the appearance of different textures really adds a bit of va-va-voom to basic outfits and I think this would look lovely paired with a cropped denim jacket and chunky wedge sandals. Of course it could be a little while still until we reach bare legs weather, so I think this would also look stunning with black tights, a cropped biker jacket and Chelsea boots. I like to wear smock dresses with cropped jackets as I think they really pull the outfit together and prevent you from looking swamped as well as showing off your figure a little bit. I do think £18 is quite steep for a dress, but this is such a versatile number that you’d be able to get lots of wear out of so I think the price tag can be justified.

Cream Coatigan
What I love most about Coatigans is the comfortable and simple way they sit because they don’t have any buttons. They’re perfect to wear over a pretty top because they show plenty of the top detail whilst keeping you nice and snug. I love this cream Boohoo coatigan because it looks like a lovely knit that’s going to keep you warm without making you break out in a sweat and it’s also the perfect length that can be worn over a dress or a top and jeans. There’s something so fresh about wearing cream with pastel and I literally cannot wait until it’s warm enough to wear a coatigan without a winter coat and scarf! (Anyone else seriously had enough of winter now?!)

Chiffon Swing Dress
This is one of those dresses that as soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine. I love everything about it; the colour, the fabric, the length, the sequin detail…Boohoo have really ticked every box in the spring checklist with this beauty. I personally love peach but they also have it in mint; I personally think that peach looks best with brunette hair and mint looks best with blonde hair, but I also think if you love a colour you can find a way of making it work for you! I’m incredibly pale so I will need to whack out some fake tan to be able to wear this peach shade, but I particularly love this dress because of the subtle yellow detail on the top panel which I think breaks it up nicely and stops it from looking like a naked skin colour. Whilst I do think this needs to be worn with bare legs, it’s a versatile little number that will be both day and night time appropriate and the chiffon fabric means it’ll be perfect for taking on summer holidays.

Fluffy Crop Jumper
Mohair style fabric was one of the most popular fabric textures for AW13 and I’m super excited to see it’s going to continue into SS14. I really love long sleeved cropped jumpers as they’re suitable for different weathers and can be styled in lots of different ways. This little lilac option just looks so soft and amazing I want to snuggle up in it and IT’S SO FLUFFY I WANNA DIE (name that movie :P) I think this will look stunning either tucked into or worn over a skater skirt, worn over a skater/swing dress or worn under a dungaree or pinafore dress. I love how you can play around with crops to either show a little strip of flesh or style them so you can’t see any flesh and I think £20 is pretty reasonable for a good quality knitted jumper. I find Lilac a bit of a difficult colour to wear, but they also have this in pink and lemon which is another thing I love about Boohoo; they nearly always offer things in different colours so you can find the one that’s perfect for you.
Love Holly x


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  1. To be honest I always look on Boohoo but I've never actually ordered off there before, I'm a little reluctant due to not knowing what the quality or sizing is like and I begrudge having to pay delivery or returns on something I might not keep. I love all the items you've picked here, especially the smock dress :) xx


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